Dual Cultivation

Chapter 374 Not Only Beautiful but Also Dangerous

Chapter 374 Not Only Beautiful but Also Dangerous

\"What is the meaning of this, Gu Guanting?!\" Fu Kuan pointed at the Azure Cloud Sect's Master with a fuming expression and trembling fingers. \"When did my Million Snakes Sect offend you to deserve this brutality?! Or are you trying to start a war with us?!\"

However, Gu Guanting acted as though he did not notice Fu Kuan and said to Hong Yu'er, \"I hope you know what you said is true, or this will trouble not just us but your fellow disciples, too.\"

\"Gu Guanting! Are you ignoring me?! How dare you!\" Fu Kuan continued shouting at him, who eventually responded.

\"Calm down, Fu Kuan. It was only an accident, and I have already reprimanded my disciple for it.\"

\"Accidents?! Are you telling me to believe that she accidentally crippled not just one but two of my disciples in a row?!\"

\"Although my disciple is slightly more talented than the others, she has trouble controlling her strength. I will compensate for your losses later.\" Gu Guanting spoke calmly.

\"I don't want—\"

\"Sect Master Fu Kuan, please send out your next disciple.\" Zi Dong quickly interrupted him, as he did not want to delay the tournament any further.

Fu Kuan gnashed his teeth and turned to look at his disciples. \"Who wants to go next?\" he asked them.


However, none of them raised their hands even many seconds later, it was almost like they were afraid to face Hong Yu'er after witnessing her brutal performance.

Seeing this, Fu Kuan's body trembled in anger.

But before he could speak, somebody finally raised his hand.

\"I will enter the stage.\"

Fu Kuan frowned when he realized who just spoke and said, \"You are the only one here that has reached the Earth Spirit Realm. Are you sure that you want to waste your strength right now?\"

\"That young lady is more than meets the eye. I have a feeling that nobody else here will be able to defeat her.\"

\"I can also tell that she's hiding more power than she's showing. However, that makes it more important for you to save your strength for the time being. Even if the others cannot defeat her, they can at least exhaust her.\" Fu Kuan said to him. \"We still have a few disciples left. If they cannot defeat her by then, I will let you enter the stage.\"

The disciple nodded and took a step back.

Fu Kuan then pointed to one of the disciples and said, \"Get on the stage.\"

\"Yes, Sect Master…\" Although he was feeling bitter, the disciple reluctantly stepped into the arena.


Zi Dong started the match a few moments later.

The second the match started, Hong Yu'er rushed towards the disciple, who did not expect her sudden movements and tripped backward.

And since she was prohibited from crippling them, Hong Yu'er did not use her sword for this round, using only her bare hands.

Of course, despite using no weapons, Hong Yu'er easily overpowered the poor disciple from the Million Snakes Sect, beating him until he cried for mercy.

\"Please! Have mercy!\"

\"If you have the energy to speak, you should give up!\" Hong Yu'er spoke as she punched the disciple a few more times.

\"My Sect Master will kill me if I do that! I'd rather let you beat me until I am unconscious than give up!\" The disciple said.

\"Then I will beat you up until you give up or fall asleep!\" Hong Yu'er began beating him even harder after saying those words.

\"Ah! Have I done something to have offended this fairy?! Why are you treating me like this?\"

The disciple asked her with a crying face.


However, Hong Yu'er merely snorted in response and continued beating the disciple from the Million Snakes Sect.


The spectators were shocked by Hong Yu'er brutality, and some of them even turned their eyes away from the stage. Of course, while some people are scared of Hong Yu'er, there were many more that admire her strength at this moment, even finding it dazzling.

\"Good heavens, this fairy is not only beautiful but also dangerous as hell! What did the Million Snakes Sect do to offend her?\"

\"Whatever it was they did, it is safe to say that they have touched her reverse scale!\"

\"She's just like a god of war! Fierce and merciless!\"

Not just the spectators but even Su Yang and the people around him were dumbfounded by Hong Yu'er.

\"Senior apprentice-brother… your fiancee… is kind of scary…\" Sun Jingjing said to him with wide eyes.

Su Yang smiled bitterly and said, \"I also didn't know that she would be like this… but she reminds me of someone.\"

If he had married to this brutal beauty, who knows if he would even survive their first night together.

\"But the Sister Yu'er I know isn't normally like this…\" Su Yin suddenly said with a worried expression on her face. \"She seems to be angry at something, and she's taking it out on the Million Snakes Sect.\"

Meanwhile, near the stage, Fu Kuan was staring at Hong Yu'er with red veins in his eyes.

He then turned to look at his disciples and said, \"I don't care about the one million Spirit Stones penalty! I want her to become a cripple starting today! Do you hear me?!\"

\"Yes, Sect Master!\"

Although most of the disciples knew that it was impossible for them to harm Hong Yu'er, much less cripple her, they nodded their heads regardless.

Sometime later, another disciple from the Million Snakes Sect falls unconscious after receiving a beating from Hong Yu'er.

\"This Hong Yu'er… she's too cruel of a person to be with someone as gentle as Su Yang. I'm afraid that she might kill him in his sleep if he annoys her even slightly.\" Xie Xingfang shook her head.

Lord Xie only looked at her with raised eyebrows and remained silent. But in his head, he thought the two of them would actually make a good pair. Of course, he was afraid that Xie Xingfang might beat him up like Hong Yu'er beating her opponents if he'd said that out loud.

'If only you were there to witness him decapitating Great Elder Ren,' he sighed inwardly.

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