Dual Cultivation

Chapter 373 Vanishing Sword Dance

Chapter 373 Vanishing Sword Dance

\"What's the matter, Elder Brother? Is there something wrong with Sister Yu'er's sword technique?\" Yu Qin was startled when Su Yang suddenly stood up and shouted.

Even the disciples at the Profound Blossom Sect were dumbfounded to see Su Yang acting so surprised, something they've never seen before.

\"Her sword technique… it's called Vanishing Sword Dance; it's a sword technique meant for war-like situations.\" Su Yang mumbled.

\"Vanishing Sword Dance? I have never heard of it before.\" Su Yin said.

It is only natural that Su Yin does not know about the Vanishing Sword Dance as it is a technique that did not originate in this world. As a matter of fact, besides Su Yang, there are only 2 other individuals who know of this sword technique, but neither of them have the capability to pass this technique down, since they have long passed away.

\"Although it's not exactly the same technique, it was definitely created from it, almost like a modified version...\" Su Yang pondered how Hong Yu'er obtained the Vanishing Sword Dance technique.

\"Is there something special about this sword technique? Judging from your reaction, it's not something simple.\" Liu Lanzhi asked him with an intrigued expression. She wanted to know what could possibly cause Su Yang to make such an expression.

\"It's… It's a fascinating sword technique — so much so that I was mesmerized by it.\" Su Yang said with a smile that was filled with a solemn feeling.

Meanwhile, near the stage, Zi Dong explained the situation to Lord Xie and Xie Xingfang, who was surprised after hearing her name.

\"Hong… Did you just say Hong Yu'er?\" Xie Xingfang asked. \"That Hong Family?\"

\"That's right. She's the daughter of 'that' Hong Family.\" Zi Dong nodded nervously after feeling an unpleasant feeling coming from Xie Xingfang.

Lord Xie looked at Xie Xingfang at the corner of his eyes and sighed inwardly.

'Hong Yu'er… Su Yang's fiancee before he joined the Profound Blossom Sect…' he thought inwardly.

Since they researched Su Yang's life, it was only natural for them to know of her existence.

\"So what should we do about this incident, Your Majesty?\" Zi Dong asked him a moment later. \"The Million Snakes Sect is asking for an explanation.\"


After a few moments of silence, Lord Xie spoke, \"It is indeed an unfortunate event, but accidents are bound to happen. It's not like she killed him — he'll be fine.\"

\"He'll be fine?\" Zi Dong raised an eyebrow. He cannot imagine how any man can be fine after losing their manhood that makes them a man.

Sometime later, after Zi Dong explained the situation to the Sect Master of the Million Snakes Sect, they continued on with the tournament.

\"I apologize for the delay, but the tournament shall be resumed now.\" Zi Dong announced to the spectators.

\"Don't kill her, but I want an arm or leg from her.\" Fu Kuan said to the next participant with an angry face.

\"Don't worry, Sect Master. I will avenge my fellow disciple.\"

A few moments later, a tall man with a domineering pressure and a long spear stood before Hong Yu'er.

\"You did a good one to my junior just now, you little bitch.\" He glared at her.

\"Are you also asking for the same treatment?\" Hong Yu'er spoke in a calm yet cold voice.

\"You can try it. But just know that it might cost you an arm or leg.\" The disciple said with a frown on his face.

\"The match starts now!\" Zi Dong announced a few moments later.

\"Purple Snake Strike!\" The disciple thrusts his spear the second the match starts, and an image of a giant purple snake flies towards Hong Yu'er at a quick speed.

\"How boring.\"

A cold glint flashes in Hong Yu'er's eyes, and the sword by her side trembles.

\"Vanishing Sword Dance, First Dance; Cleaving Strike.\"

The next second, the giant purple snake that was flying towards her splits in half.

\"Impossible!\" The disciple's eyes widened with shock as he watched his Earth-grade technique disappear.

However, Hong Yu'er was not finished.

\"Vanishing Sword Dance, Second Dance; Flickering Strike.\"

The sword by her side disappears for an instant, and a near-invisible sword strike flies at the disciple at the speed of light.


The Million Snakes Sect's disciple immediately fell to the floor like the previous disciple and screamed in pain as one of his arms lay a few feets away from him.

\"This bitch! Who is she?!\" Fu Kuan gritted his teeth as he watched his own disciple writhing in pain on the stage.

However, no matter how much he pondered, he cannot imagine why Hong Yu'er was being so brutal and merciless to their disciples. It was almost like she had a grudge with them.

\"D-Doctor!\" Zi Dong stood there staring in silence for a moment before shouting for the doctors again.

\"Holy shit! This beautiful fairy is a brutal one!\" The spectators were shocked by Hong Yu'er's decisive strikes.

\"As long as she doesn't kill them, they won't have to pay the Spirit Stones! What a genius idea!\"

\"But her actions will surely offend the Million Snakes Sect. What is she thinking? Why is she doing this?\"

While the spectators speculated, Zi Dong silently waited for Lord Xie's response to the situation.

\"Do you think she's doing this for Su Yang because of his feud with the Million Snakes Sect?\" Xie Xingfang mumbled.

\"It will be problematic if she is…\"

Lord Xie rubbed his temples and spoke, \"Losing a limb is akin to dying to some Cultivators, I cannot allow her to offend the Million Snakes Sect like this, especially since she's related to Su Yang.\"

After a moment of silence, he continued to speak, \"One million Spirit Stones. That will be the punishment for inflicting crippling injuries starting now.\"

Zi Dong nodded and proceeded to announce this new rule to everybody.

\"D-Disciple Hong! What do you think you are doing? Aren't you being a little bit too cruel to them? Even if they roughed our disciples up a little bit, crippling them is a bit…\" The Sect Master of the Azure Cloud Sect couldn't help but worry for her and the Sect.

\"Even if you are from the Hong Family, we cannot afford to offend the Million Snakes Sect!\"

\"Don't worry, Sect Master. I know what I am doing.\" Hong Yu'er calmly said to him before returning to the stage for her next match.

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