Dual Cultivation

Chapter 372 Impossible!

Chapter 372 Impossible!

\"Due to some circumstances, I lost all of my memories before becoming a disciple at the Profound Blossom Sect, and only recently did I recover these memories. And while I indeed have a fiancee, it was all decided by my family, which I am no longer a part of, so we no longer have any relationships. In fact, we have never really spoken to each other before.\" Su Yang calmly explained the situation to the people around him, who showed a variety of expressions from doubt to surprise.

\"Oh, right… I nearly forgot about that…\" Liu Lanzhi showed a bitter smile after recalling that she was supposed to hide that fact.

\"To think our senior apprentice-brother has been suffering from anemia before he even became a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect. If he didn't tell us that, I wouldn't have realized that myself even in a hundred years.\" Sun Jingjing showed a dumbfounded expression.

Fang Zhenlan nodded and spoke, \"He sure doesn't act like someone who is anemic.\"

\"Right? Just his techniques in bed screams decades of experience.\" Sun Jingjing mumbled out loud.


Her words immediately caused the people around her to look at her with wide eyes, seemingly in disbelief of her shamelessness.

\"Still, the girl that is currently on the stage seems a bit different than how I remember her, almost like I am looking at a different person. Even her cultivation base is...\" Su Yang voiced his puzzlement.

\"It's been over a year since you last saw her, it's normal for her to look different,\" said Su Yin.

\"Hmmm…\" After a moment of pondering, Su Yang said, \"Anyway, that's my story. We used to be engaged with each other, but that is no longer the case. I'm sure that she also feels the same way.\"

\"I am not so sure about that, Elder Brother.\" Su Yin suddenly said.

\"What do you mean by that?\" Su Yang raised his eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

\"Ever since the last time you visited us, Sister Yu'er started coming to our place frequently, and she would always ask us if there is any news of you. If I have to take a guess, I think she's worried about you.\"

\"How is that possible? We have barely exchanged words, and in my memories, she would always look at me with a disgusted expression, almost like the idea of being with me would make her puke!\"

\"I don't know what else to say, Elder Brother. Why don't you speak to her yourself?\" Su Yin asked him.

\"I have already abandoned the life I had before the Profound Blossom Sect. Anything that has happened before then… I have nothing to do with it anymore.\" Su Yang shook his head.

A life that he did not personally lead, he would rather leave it behind. And luckily for him, he has no real attachments in that life.

\"However, if she approaches me, that will be a different story,\" he continued.

While Su Yang explained his story, the last match of the day has already begun.

After he was finished with his explanation, the Azure Cloud Sect was already on the verge of losing with only two participants left.

\"Oh! And that's another disciple down for the Azure Cloud Sect! Meanwhile, the Million Snakes Sect still has 7 disciples that can participate! Although I hate to announce the results before the very end, the chances of the Azure Cloud Sect coming back at this rate is near impossible!\" Zi Dong expressed his thoughts to the spectators.

\"However, looking at the Azure Cloud Sect's side, none of them look defeated! In fact, they are actually smiling! Have they already given up, or is there another reason why they are all smiling right now?!\"

Although the Azure Cloud Sect is down to one disciple whilst their opponent still has 7 disciples that can enter the arena, none of the disciples were disheartened. They were all smiling, almost like they were confident that they would win!

\"Disciple Hong, it's your turn.\" The Sect Master of the Azure Cloud Sect turned to look at her beautiful face and said.

Hong Yu'er nodded and approached the stage.

\"You can do this, Senior apprentice-sister Hong!\"

\"Beat them up for us!\"

Her fellow disciples cheered for her.

Before entering the fighting zone, Hong Yu'er grabbed an ordinary sword from Zi Dong.

A few moments later, Hong Yu'er calmly stood before her opponent, who was at the peak of the True Spirit Realm.

\"Hey, beauty. Why don't we make a deal? If you promise to have some fun with me after this, I will let you beat me up and earn some face for yourself,\" said the disciple from the Million Snakes Sect.


However, Hong Yu'er remained nonchalant even after hearing his words.

\"Then don't blame me for whatever is about to happen!\"

The disciple's face immediately fumed after being ignored by her.

\"Begin!\" Zi Dong started the match a few seconds later.

The moment the match started, a profound yet cold light flashed within Hong Yu'er's eyes, and the sword in her grasp disappeared for an instant.


Her opponent that was standing a dozen meters away suddenly collapsed on the floor while clutching the area that was between his legs.

\"Eh? Are you okay?\" Zi Dong was puzzled at first.

It was not until he noticed that his pants getting soaked in blood did he realize the situation.

\"Doctor! Get me a doctor!\" Zi Dong shouted loudly.

A few moments later, two doctors appeared on the stage and checked on the young man's condition.

When the doctors realized the problem, their bodies trembled in fear.

\"What happened to him?\" Zi Dong asked them.

\"C-Castrated! He's been castrated!\" The doctor exclaimed in a horrified voice.

\"What?!\" Zi Dong immediately turned to look at Hong Yu'er, who was calmly standing there like it was none of her business.

'If I recall correctly, this young lady should only be at the peak of the True Spirit Realm! There's no way that someone at that Cultivation level would be able to cut flesh while inside the defensive array that is surrounding this arena, much less castrate that young man! What did she just do?!' Zi Dong pondered with a serious expression.

Meanwhile, Su Yang was standing up at this moment with a shocked expression on his face as his eyes stared at Hong Yu'er's beautiful face.

\"That sword technique! Impossible!\"

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