Dual Cultivation

Chapter 371 Unfaithful Bastard

Chapter 371 Unfaithful Bastard

\"Your little sister… what terrifying talents…\" Liu Lanzhi mumbled with wide eyes. Even though she already knew that Su Yin was a talented individual, it was still surprising to witness the extent of her talents in person.

A few minutes later, the Heavenly Swan Sect returned to their seats.

\"What do you think of my performance just now, brother?\" Su Yin asked him with a cheeky smile on her face.

\"It was pretty decent,\" he calmly responded, somewhat praising her.

\"Good job, Su Yin.\" Bai Lihua suddenly appeared behind her with a satisfied expression. \"I knew you would not waste the Earth Advancement Pill. However, even without the pill, I am confident that you would've displayed similar brilliance on the stage.\"

Because Su Yin is the Heavenly Swan Sect's most talented disciple, it was only natural that Bai Lihua would have given Su Yin the only Earth Advancement Pill they had at that moment. 

\"By the way, where is the Burning Lotus Sect? I thought they would come here after winning their match.\" Liu Lanzhi suddenly asked.

\"They returned to their hotel immediately after their match to prepare for their next match. They seem pretty serious about winning this year's Regional Tournament. I don't blame them. Considering their current position, they have the highest chance of taking first place this year.\" Bai Lihua said.

\"If I had a dozen more Earth Spirit Realm participants than my competitors, I wouldn't be able to take this tournament as seriously as the Burning Lotus Sect.\" Liu Lanzhi could not understand why the Burning Lotus Sect was being so cautious despite being miles ahead of everyone else in the tournament.

\"They have their own worries,\" said Su Yang with a mysterious smile on his face.

After the Heavenly Swan Sect's match, there were only a few more matches remaining for that day.

A few hours later, it was time for the last match.

\"For the final match of the day, we have the Million Snakes Sect and their opponents, the Azure Cloud Sect!\"

\"The Azure Cloud Sect, huh? Although they are not an Elite Sect yet, they have some talented disciples that rival even top geniuses from an Elite Sect.\" Bai Lihua said. \"They're not bad, but unfortunately for them, the Million Snakes Sect is their opponent.\"

When the disciples from the Million Snakes Sect walked onto the stage, Su Yang narrowed his eyes.

\"These bastards…\" he mumbled with a hint of anger in his eyes.

\"What's the matter, Su Yang?\" Liu Lanzhi asked him after noticing his unpleasant expression.

\"They are all poisoned,\" he quickly responded.


Liu Lanzhi and Bai Lihua turned to look at him with wide eyes.

\"What do you mean by that? They look perfectly healthy to me.\" Bai Lihua said to him after taking a look at the Million Snakes Sects' disciples.

\"Have you ever heard of the Spirit Conversion Poison?\" he asked them.

They quickly shook their heads.

\"It's a unique type of medicine that allows one to obtain enormous strength by sacrificing their own cultivation. Once someone consumes this type of medicine, their prowess will rise to a new height for the next few days, but their cultivation base will slowly dissipate. Additionally, their lost cultivation base can never be restored even after the medicine loses its effects.\"

\"What? Won't they become crippled if their cultivation cannot be restored?\" Liu Lanzhi covered her mouth from shock.

\"If what you say is true, they are breaking the rules by using external help for strength and will be disqualified. However, if you can tell, surely Lord Xie can see it too. If that's that case, why is he not saying anything?\" Bai Lihua expressed her doubts.

\"He's not saying anything because he is just like you — unaware of it. By the way, it's not something you can see with your eyes.\" Su Yang shook his head.

\"Then how can you tell?\" Bai Lihua frowned.

\"Simple. I smelled it.\"


Bai Lihua lifted her eyebrows. How can he possibly smell their bodies from so far away? Not even dogs can do that.

\"Albeit faint, when someone consumes the Spirit Conversion Poison, their body will emit a unique odor that is a little sweet and flowery. Of course, if you are not experienced with the poison, you will not recognize it.\" Su Yang explained.

\"If that's the case, why don't you report it to the Xie Family and have them disqualified?\" Bai Lihua said.

\"Because it'll be more entertaining to see them lose even with their little tactic.\" Su Yang said with a mysterious smile on his face.

\"Lose? You actually think the Million Snakes Sect will lose to the Azure Cloud Sect? Even without the support of this 'poison', the Million Snakes Sect can easily win this match.\"

However, Su Yang did not respond and merely continued to smile.

\"Hmm?\" Su Yin suddenly noticed a familiar-looking figure on the stage and immediately pointed to her. \"Elder Brother, look over there! That girl standing behind the Sect Master of the Azure Cloud Sect! It's Sister Yu'er, your fiancee!\"


Everybody from the Profound Blossom Sect turned to look at Su Yang and the beautiful girl on the stage with a shocked face when they heard the word 'fiancee'.

\"Oh? Is that why her face seemed so familiar when I first saw her?\" Su Yang was pleasantly surprised to learn that his fiancee was also participating in this tournament. If Su Yin did not remind him, he would never have realized it.

\"S-Su Yang… you had a fiancee?\" Liu Lanzhi was shocked to the core to learn this information. To think she'd slept with a man who already has a fiancee and enjoyed it.

\"Apparently.\" He shrugged.

\"You joined the Profound Blossom Sect when you already have a fiancee? You unfaithful bastard…\" Bai Lihua was speechless.

\"Calm down. Don't look at me like I am a villain without knowing the full story.\" Su Yang frowned after seeing Bai Lihua look at him with a disgusted expression.

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