Dual Cultivation

Chapter 370 Peerless Genius Su Yin

Chapter 370 Peerless Genius Su Yin

\"The Golden Eagle Sect has sent out Yao Chang, who is at the 5th level of the True Spirit Realm!\" Zi Dong announced.

A few moments later, a small figure could be seen walking onto the stage, and Zi Dong spoke with excitement, \"The Heavenly Swan Sect has decided to send out their youngest disciple, Su Yin, who is also a part of the one of the four Great Families! Whilst being at the young age of 15, she has achieved the peak of the True Spirit Realm! Truly a genius of the famous Su Family!\"

\"Su Yin of the Su Family…?\" Xie Xingfang raised her eyebrows. \"She's Su Yang's younger sister? As expected of someone related to him. Her talent is quite frightening, even surpassing mine if not for my Heavenly Constitution!\"

\"What kind of divine medicine did they feed this young girl? She was barely at the True Spirit Realm one year ago!\" Lord Xie also expressed his surprise.

However, after looking at Su Yin for a few more moments, Lord Xie noticed a hint of power within her that belonged to the Earth Spirit Realm.

\"She's already entered the Earth Spirit Realm and is only suppressing her cultivation to the True Spirit Realm!\"

'I entered the Earth Spirit Realm when I was 16 years old, and that is mostly because of my Heavenly Constitution that allows me to absorb Profound Qi much faster than average Cultivators. For her to achieve this feat without a divine body, not to mention her relationship with him, I can't help but envy her slightly…' Xie Xingfang sighed inwardly as she watched Su Yin's body explode with power and easily knock her opponent unconscious.

\"What a powerful technique executed by Su Yin just now! It's explosive power instantly knocked Yao Chang unconscious despite the defensive technique he'd used! If I had to take a guess, that was a Heaven-grade technique!\" Zi Dong shouted with excitement.

\"To perform a Heaven-grade technique so flawlessly at such a young age, her future is limitless!\"

\"What is the name of that technique? It's so devastating!\"

\"As expected of the Su Family's number one genius! As long as they have her in their family, they will become the best of the four Great Families with ease!\"

The spectators exploded with praises for Su Yin and the Su Family after witnessing Su Yin's astonishing talent and display of skills.

After winning her first match, Su Yin turned to Su Yang's direction and waved at him with a bright smile on her face.

\"What do you think? It only took her a single week to master the second form of the Seven Heavenly Forms to that degree.\" Bai Lihua looked at him from the stage with a smug look on her face and spoke to him using Spiritual Sense, acting like it was her own achievement.

\"It's decent, I guess.\" Su Yang responded with a nonchalant expression.

\"Hmph. Keep acting like everything is not worth mentioning in your eyes.\" Bai Lihua coldly snorted before ignoring him.

While Su Yin's progress may appear astonishing in the eyes of the Cultivators in this world, it could only be considered mediocre in the Four Divine Heavens.

After defeating her first opponent, Su Yin decided to remain on the stage and continued to fight the following rounds.

\"Second Heavenly Form — Heavenly Spiral Fist!\"

Su Yin punched her first outward, sending an enormous amount of Profound Qi at her terrified opponent while twisting the air around him.

And unfortunately for Su Yin's opponent, who was only at the 7th level of the True Spirit Realm, he was helpless against her strike and flew out of the stage after being struck while spinning in the air uncontrollably.

\"Who's next?!\" Su Yin proudly stood on the stage and shouted. Although she just fought her 8th fight in a row, she was still breathing calmly.

\"At this rate, none of us will have a turn…\"

The other Heavenly Swan Sect disciples sighed.

\"The disparity between the participants for this year's Regional Tournament is as wide as Heaven and Earth. In the previous years, we would have at most 1 or 2 participants that are at the Earth Spirit Realm. However, there are over a dozen of them this year, and most of them are from the same place.\" Xie Xingfang showed a bitter smile underneath her veil.

Although she was happy for these talented disciples' achievements, it made this year's tournament a little bit too one-sided and boring for her.

\"And this is all caused by the Earth Advancement Pill. It's almost cheating — no, it's basically cheating.\"

\"Indeed. However, there is nothing we can do about it as the Earth Advancement Pill had appeared at the wrong time. Perhaps the next Regional Tournament will be more competitive when everyone has access to the Earth Advancement Pills.\" Lord Xie said to her.

\"The Burning Lotus Sect has 15 participants at the Earth Spirit Realm. Unless another Sect has the equal prowess or some unforeseen event occurs, they are pretty much guaranteed second place in this tournament.\"

\"Only second? Who would be first then?\" Lord Xie asked her.

\"The Profound Blossom Sect, of course.\" Xie Xingfang immediately answered with a smile on her face.


Lord Xie merely shook his head with a bitter smile on his face. Although he did not want to admit it, the Profound Blossom Sect is almost guaranteed to win first place for this Regional Tournament.

Sometime later, Su Yin walked off the stage after defeating her 10th opponent, beating an entire Sect by herself, which has only been achieved two other times ever since the tournament first began, and each time it was achieved by a peerless genius that would become a famous expert in the future.

\"Wow… Senior apprentice-brother's younger sister is really amazing…\"

\"It's hard to believe that she's at the same age as some of us…\"

The Junior Disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect showed astonishment on their faces after witnessing Su Yin's domination on the stage.

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