Dual Cultivation

Chapter 369 First Match

Chapter 369 First Match

After the Burning Lotus Sect and the Golden Altar Sect stepped onto the stage, their disciples stared at each other with a fierce gaze, and their aura was emitting a profound feeling that seemed as though they were ready to fight at any second.

Each side had a total of twenty disciples, the maximum amount one Sect can bring.

However, there was a clear distinction between the disciples of each Sect.

Although the disciples of the Golden Altar Sect were emitting an impressive aura that made them seem powerful and profound, the disciples of the Burning Lotus Sect emitted a domineering pressure that made the spectators feel as though they were ants looking at real mountains — huge and impossible to dominate.

\"As expected of the Burning Lotus Sect and their disciples. 15 out of their 20 participants are at the Earth Spirit Realm. It must be the Earth Advancement Pills.\" Lord Xie looked at the Burning Lotus Sect with narrowed eyes, feeling as though they have been growing too powerful too quickly.

If the Burning Lotus Sect continues to grow at this rate, they may surpass the Xie Family in a few decades if not years.

\"Father, were the Burning Lotus Sect always this powerful? As far as I was aware, they are only wealthy. But now they have so many disciples at the Earth Spirit Realm!\" Xie Xingfang expressed her astonishment after seeing their line-up.

\"I wouldn't be surprised if most of their disciples are already at the Earth Spirit Realm by now because of the Earth Advancement Pills.\" Lord Xie shook his head.

\"Earth Advancement Pills? What's that?\" Xie Xingfang asked.

\"You were in seclusion during the last few weeks so it's not surprising that you don't know about the Earth Advancement Pills that have the ability to help a Cultivator at the peak of the True Spirit Realm reach the Earth Spirit Realm with guaranteed success.\" Lord Xie casually explained it to her.

\"A mythical pill like that exists?!\" Xie Xingfang's eyes widened from shock behind her veil.

\"Apparently.\" Lord Xie shrugged. \"It was only discovered some time ago.\"

As Lord Xie and Xie Xingfang chatted with each other, they watched the disciples from the Burning Lotus Sect and the Golden Altar Sect fight each other.

\"Damnit! Why have we encountered so much misfortunate as of lately?! Not only was one of our Sect Elders slaughtered by someone, we got matched with the Burning Lotus Sect in the first round?!\"

The Sect Master of the Golden Altar Sect cursed inwardly as he watched his disciples lose to the disciples from the Burning Lotus Sect.

In fact, with the vast disparity between their cultivation bases, it was not even a decent competition between the two Sects — it was pure domination.

\"Holy shit! The Burning Lotus Sect has only sent out 3 people so far but the Golden Altar Sect is already on their 9th disciple! One more and the Burning Lotus Sect wins this round!\"

The spectators roared with excitement as the Burning Lotus Sect dominates the Golden Altar Sect with ease.

\"The Golden Altar Sect has just lost their 10th disciple on the stage! It's the Burning Lotus Sect's victory in the first match today!\" Zi Dong announced the results after the Golden Altar Sect's last disciple fell to the arena floor unconscious.

\"This is weird… although it's not weird for the Burning Lotus Sect to have so many Earth Spirit Realm Cultivators because of the Earth Advancement Pills, where did they obtain those Martial Techniques? I know most of their Martial Techniques but I did not recognize some of the Martial Techniques they have displayed today!\" Lord Xie narrowed his eyes with a pondering expression.

\"What's wrong with that? There are new Martial Techniques discovered every year.\" Xie Xingfang said to him.

\"Yes… but… those techniques fit their style perfectly. It's almost like these techniques were created specifically for them.\"

It was not just Lord Xie who noticed this. Bai Lihua turned to look at Su Yang with suspicious eyes and asked, \"Those Martial Techniques used by the disciples of the Burning Lotus Sect were at least of the Earth-grade. Did you give the techniques to them?\"

\"Maybe.\" Su Yang said with a slight smile. \"However, they were barely able to control the techniques.\"

\"What about your disciples? How's their progress with the techniques?\"

Hearing his question, Bai Lihua spoke with a smile on her face, \"The Heavenly Swan Sect is not one of the top Elite Sects without a reason.\"

After the Burning Lotus Sect finished their match, the next match immediately began. However, unlike the Burning Lotus Sect that swept through their opponents with ease, it took twice as long for the others to end their match, and this continued for the next ten matches.

Sometime later, Bai Lihua suddenly stood up and spoke, \"Get ready. We are next.\"

The twenty participants immediately stood up before being led away by Bai Lihua.

\"Don't forget to watch me closely when I am on stage. I will see you later, Brother.\" Su Yin waved at him as she left with Bai Lihua, and surrounding her was a feeling of confidence.

A few minutes later, Zi Dong announced the next match.

\"For the next match, we have the Heavenly Swan Sect and the Golden Eagle Sect!\"

\"The Golden Eagle Sect is truly unlucky to have matched up with one of the top Elite Sects in their first match.\"

\"I would give the Golden Eagle Sect ten minutes before they lose.\"

\"I am willing to bet 10 Spirit Stones that they won't last five minutes!\"

The spectators began betting on the results.

\"Who wants to go first?\" Bai Lihua asked her disciples.


Pretty much all of the disciples raised their hands simultaneously.

\"Me! Me! Me! Sect Master, let me fight first!\" Su Yin shouted, showing her enthusiasm to fight.

Hell, maybe she just can't wait to show off her abilities to Su Yang.

Bai Lihua couldn't help but smile after seeing Su Yin's enthusiasm and bright expression. \"Okay, you can go first.\"

\"Thank you, Sect Master!\" Su Yin quickly bowed to her before running towards the stage.

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