Dual Cultivation

Chapter 376 You Killed My Disciple!

Chapter 376 You Killed My Disciple!

'Damn it! Damn it all! Why am I unable to catch up with her?! I should have prowess comparable to someone at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm right now, yet I cannot catch someone who is at the True Spirit Realm?!' Mao Yijun cried inwardly as he continuously chased Hong Yu'er around the stage as though it was a game of cat and mouse.

\"Is Sister Yu'er trying to stall time and let the pill kill him?\" Su Yin mumbled loudly.

\"Not only that, but when he dies, she will not be blamed for his death, as we have all witnessed that she hasn't touched him at all,\" he said.

\"How long do you think it will take before the pill takes that disciple's life?\" Liu Lanzhi asked him.

Su Yang narrowed his eyes at the Mao Yijun for a moment before speaking, \"His eyes are already bloodshot. I will give him 10 more minutes before his life runs out. Of course, that is if they only run around. If that disciple starts using techniques, it will shorten that time.\"

Indeed, after 5 more minutes of running around, Mao Yijun noticed that there was blood coming from his nose, and he stopped chasing Hong Yu'er for a moment.

\"Do you dare to fight me?!\" Realizing that he might not catch Hong Yu'er, Mao Yijun shouted at her out of desperation. \"Or are you going to continue evading me like an insect?! The Azure Cloud Sect is only at this level!\"

\"Are you trying to provoke a baby with those words?\"

Hong Yu'er did not fall for his provocation and continued to remain a certain distance away from him.

\"You are at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm right now whilst I am only at the True Spirit Realm. Only an idiot with an early death wish would fight you under such unfavorable conditions.\"

\"Then don't blame me if I accidentally kill you!\" Mao Yijun roared as his body suddenly exploded with an enormous amount of Profound Qi, shocking the spectators.

\"Father, this is…\" Xie Xingfang turned to look at Lord Xie, who was staring at Mao Yijun with a frown.

\"Something isn't right. He's clearly only at the first level of the Earth Spirit Realm, yet he's exuding power that far exceeds that.\"

Xie Xingfang nodded and said, \"Fourth… no, it is comparable to the fifth level right now.\"

After a moment of silence, she asked him, \"Are you going to stop the fight?\"

He shook his head. \"No, I want to see what the Million Snakes Sect is trying to do.\"

\"But if there's an accident…\" Xie Xingfang showed a worried expression. Although she might not like Hong Yu'er, she did not want Su Yang's fiancee to die while in their presence.

\"Don't worry, I am watching closely. If I sense even the slightest sign that she might be in danger, I will personally protect her.\" Lord Xie said.

Even if he doesn't do anything, he was confident that Su Yang would not let his fiancee die before him.

\"Let's see if you can dodge these attacks!\" Mao Yijun shouted.

\"Thousand Snakes Strike!\"

\"Flying Purple Serpent!\"

Mao Yijun tossed one technique after another at Hong Yu'er, hoping it would hit her. But alas, Hong Yu'er gracefully dodged all of his technique with ease.

\"Is this all the Million Snakes Sect has to offer? It's a miracle that you guys managed to become an Elite Sect at your level.\" Hong Yu'er casually scoffed at him.

'How can this be?! None of my attacks are hitting her still! I need to use more strength!'

Thinking that, Mao Yijun released even more Profound Qi.


However, a few moments later, he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. A few more seconds later, blood also flowed from his ears.

\"It looks like your time is almost up.\" Hong Yu'er stopped moving after noticing Mao Yijun's state.

\"What did you do to me?!\" Mao Yijun looked at her with bloodshot eyes. He was convinced that Hong Yu'er did something to his body without him noticing.

\"Me? I didn't do anything to you. You did this to yourself.\"


\"Devil's Empowerment, that was the medicine you took before our fight even began. It will significantly increase your strength for a short time but at the same time poison your body. After consuming the pill, you are fated to die.\"

\"Y-You are lying! Why would my Sect Master feed me poison?!\" Mao Yijun refused to believe her words — that his own Sect Master would harm him.

\"Why would I lie to you? There's no reason for me to do that. In fact, I can sense another poison in your body besides the Devil's Empowerment. If I recall correctly, it should be the Spirit Conversion Poison.\"

Hong Yu'er shook her head and continued, \"If only you stopped after consuming the Spirit Conversion Poison, you would not have to lose your life but only your future as a Cultivator. Not even an Immortal can save you now.\"

Mao Yijun turned to look at Fu Kuan with a devastated expression. However, before he could even open his mouth to ask questions, his body began falling, losing his life before it even touched the floor.

Mao Yijun's sudden collapse surprised many people, and Zi Dong quickly shouted, \"Doctor!\"

Sometime later, after checking Mao Yijun's pulse, the doctor spoke while shaking his head, \"His Dantian is cracked and empty, almost like a dried-up well, and his Spiritual Veins are snapped. It's unfortunate, but he's dead.\"


Not just the spectators but even Fu Kuan was shocked by Mao Yijun's death.

'Was it the pill?!' Fu Kuan cried inwardly.

Since there are only a few Devil's Empowerment available, he did not properly test the pill, hence why he couldn't have known all of its effects.

'This is not good! They cannot know that I was the one who gave him the pill!'

Thinking this, Fu Kuan immediately went onto the stage with an enraged face and pointed at Hong Yu'er while shouting, \"You! You killed my disciple! How dare you kill him! What did he do to you to deserve this?!\"

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