Dual Cultivation

Chapter 359 Are You Threatening Me?

Chapter 359 Are You Threatening Me?

After spending many minutes trying to locate the source of the disturbance, Lord Xie frowned, \"Why can't I find them despite the powerful qi they are emitting? Are they currently protected by a concealment array or something that hides their location? Who could possibly set up such a profound array that even I cannot find it?\"

\"Perhaps this phenomenon is not caused by people but nature instead. It could very well be the birth of a very powerful divine treasure.\" With that in mind, Lord Xie decided to seek help from his father, who should be powerful enough to locate the source.

However, just as he turned around, the Profound Qi in the air suddenly spiked. In the eyes of the Cultivators in the city, it felt as though they were drowning after being hit by a wave of water, but instead of water, the wave was made of a tremendous amount of Qi.

\"T-T-This tremendous amount of Profound Qi that can suffocate even a powerhouse such as myself from so far away! Not even my father, who is a Sovereign, could emit such power! What the hell is going on?!\" Lord Xie could feel cold sweat soaking into his robes every second.


A few seconds after the sudden change, Lord Xie could see a humongous black arc of light sweeping everything in its way towards the Heaven that was also releasing a powerful lightning strike that resembled lightning during Heavenly Tribulations.

However, as powerful as the lightning strike seemed, it stood no chance against the black ark of light that swallowed everything in its path, disappearing the moment it touched the arc of light.

After consuming the lightning strike, the black arc of light continued to fly towards the sky, almost as if it wanted to tear the sky into two pieces, before blending in with the starry sky and disappearing entirely.

Lord Xie stood there for a good moment with his eyes wide open and jaw touching the ground, as were many people at this moment. They couldn't help but think what would have happened if that arc of light were directed in the city's direction instead. Would the city split in half like the sky, or would it disappear completely, consumed by the darkness?

Once he calmed down slightly, Lord Xie could finally sense what he wasn't able to just moments ago.

\"I can suddenly sense them! Two people a dozen miles away from here!\"

Lord Xie immediately rushed towards their direction after sensing their qi.

Meanwhile, at the location of the fight, Great Elder Ren had his butt kissing the ground after he witnessed Su Yang's sword technique overwhelm the Ring of Thunder with ease.

\"P-P-Please spare my life! I will do anything!\" Great Elder Ren quickly began begging for his life without a care for his face or pride, as he did not want to die in vain after spending so much time and effort getting to where he is today.

However, Su Yang was not even paying attention to him, as he was busy looking in a certain direction after sensing a presence quickly approaching their location.

\"The concealment array was broken by my attack just now, so we are no longer hidden.\" Su Yang could guess who was coming, so he wasn't too worried about it.

He then turned to look at Great Elder Ren, who was still begging for his life.

\"You can consider yourself fortunate!\" he said with a smile.

\"T-T-Thank you! Thank you, my savior!\" Great Elder Ren, who thought Su Yang was actually letting him go began crying tears of joy, feeling relieved.

\"No problem. I will make sure that it'll be a painless death since I don't have the time to torture you.\"

\"W-What?! You are not letting me go?!\" Great Elder Ren felt his heart skipping a beat after hearing Su Yang's words.

\"Are you insulting me? Only an idiot would let you go in this situation,\" said Su Yang as he pulled out another sword since the last one turned into dust after his previous attack.

\"But don't worry, because I will ensure that your corpse will return to the Million Snakes Sect. Though it won't be a full body.\"


Su Yang suddenly waved his arm, causing a beautiful silver light to appear and fly straight past Great Elder Ren's neck, severing his head from his body in one swift movement.

A moment later, Su Yang tossed Great Elder Ren's head that still wore a terrified expression into his own storage ring alongside all of the valuables left behind.

However, he did not leave immediately and decided to stay around for a little bit longer — until he could see Lord Xie's figure in the distance.

\"Su Yang… you…\" Lord Xie looked at the scene before him with wide eyes. \"What happened here? Who is that corpse over there?\"

\"Him? Someone from the Million Snakes Sect.\" Su Yang calmly responded.

\"I felt his presence before he died and there are only two people in that place who could emit such an aura — the Sect Master and Great Elder Ren, and this corpse is too old to belong to Fu Kuan, so…\" Lord Xie quickly deducted the identity of the corpse.

\"You actually killed Great Elder Ren? Are you trying to start an all-out war with the Million Snakes Sect?\" Lord Xie spoke with a frown on his face.

\"Start a war? It's a little bit too late for that since the war has long begun — when they tried to eradicate us half a year ago.\" Su Yang shrugged. \"By the way, he tried to assassinate me in my room. If I did not stop him, the Profound Blossom Sect would no longer be able to participate in the tournament due to being wiped out.\"

\"Then what are you going to do next?\" Lord Xie asked him.

\"Isn't that obvious? Just like the Million Snakes Sect that wants to destroy us, I want them gone.\"

\"I'm sorry but I cannot allow you to do that, Su Yang.\" Lord Xie said with a serious expression, and he continued, \"They were bestowed the title of Elite Sect by me, so I have an obligation to protect them.\"

\"So you are willing to protect the Million Snakes Sect no matter what? I will give you three seconds to rethink your decision.\" Su Yang stared at him in the eyes with a sharp gaze.

\"Are you threatening me, Su Yang?\" Lord Xie narrowed his eyes, causing the atmosphere to become heavier.

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