Dual Cultivation

Chapter 360 Do Not Offend Him

Chapter 360 Do Not Offend Him

\"Have you forgotten about who I am, Su Yang? Then allow me to help you recall that I am Xie Yimu, King of the Eastern Continent!\" Lord Xie exclaimed with an overwhelming aura surrounding him. \"Although you may be powerful, are you powerful enough to fight against an entire Continent?!\"


After a moment of silence, Su Yang spoke with a smile on his face, \"Whether or not I can fight an entire Continent… Do you want to test it?\"

\"Su Yang… you bastard! Are you going to betray my daughter, Xie Xingfang?!\" Lord Xie roared in anger.

\"Why would I do that? I don't recall ever threatening you that I will let her die. I am a man of my words, especially when the words are given to a woman. Even if the entire Xie Family is my enemy, I will still heal her condition.\" Su Yang said in a calm voice.

\"However, that does not mean I will not fight you just because you are her family. No matter who they are, if they are my enemy, I will slay them!\" Su Yang gazed at Lord Xie with sharp eyes that radiated killing intent.

\"This is between the Million Snakes Sect and me! If you want to protect them after what they did to the Profound Blossom Sect, then draw your weapon right here and now!\" Su Yang retrieved the Black Scorpion and pointed it at Lord Xie's face that was fuming with anger.

\"If you turn back now, I will forgive you for pointing a weapon to my face! If you still want to fight with the Million Snakes Sect, then I will punish you for treason!\"

\"What a pity…\" Su Yang's eyes flashed with a dangerous glint.

\"You dare?!\" Lord Xie immediately retrieved his weapon.

However, before either of them could move, a figure appeared in-between them like a ghost.

\"Stop this foolishness right now,\" said the figure.

\"You are…\" Su Yang narrowed his eyes at the old man standing before him.

\"F-Father!\" Lord Xie showed a surprised face after seeing his father appear out of thin air. \"W-What are you doing here?!\"

\"I am here to save my stubborn son's life,\" said the old man as he looked at Lord Xie with eyes that seemed disappointed in him. \"Although you may be one of the strongest individuals on this continent, you are not this young man's match.\"

\"W-What?!\" Lord Xie's eyes widened with shock, as he did not expect his father to be this blunt, even saying this before a stranger.

\"Looks like you can still see clearly despite your age, old man.\" Su Yang said to him with a smile.

\"Hmmm…\" The old man turned to look at Su Yang with a profound feeling in his gaze. \"Are you someone from the Holy Central Continent? I cannot imagine this place making a monster like you.\"

\"I was born on this continent without doubt,\" he replied.

And he continued, \"I'm sure that you've already researched my background, so why are you acting so unfamiliar with me?\"

\"If you are not someone from the Holy Central Continent, then you must have a Master from that place. Is he perhaps the Immortal guarding the Profound Blossom Sect right now?\"

\"Who knows.\" Su Yang casually shrugged.


After a moment of silence, the old man turned to look at Lord Xie and spoke, \"Do not intervene in his matter with the Million Snakes Sect.\"

\"W-What?! I cannot do that, Father! All Elite Sects are protected by the Xie Family! If we allow one of them to be destroyed without doing anything and the other sees that, we will face backlashes that will harm our Xie Family indefinitely!\" Lord Xie said.

After all, if the Xie Family does not protect the Million Snakes Sect, the other Elite Sects will lose their trust and faith in the Xie Family. When that happens, the Elite Sects might come together for a rebellion, and as strong as the Xie Family might be, they cannot fight against so many powerhouses and win.

Even if they happen to win against the Elite Sects, they will be incredibly weak and vulnerable afterward. At that time, even a decently sized family will be able to overwhelm them, much less their enemies with unknown power.

\"Then just strip the Million Snakes Sect of their status as an Elite Sect.\" The old man casually said.

\"What kind of answer is that?! I cannot just simply strip away their status without any reason!\" Lord Xie frowned.

\"If you need a reason, there's one right before your eyes.\" The old man pointed to the headless corpse on the floor and spoke, \"The Million Snakes Sect had ignored the rules of the city by sending a Heavenly Spirit Realm assassin to kill the Sect Master of the Profound Blossom Sect in the middle of the night.\"

\"But that's…\"

\"If anyone has a problem, I will personally speak with them.\" The old man turned to look at Su Yang and continued, \"What do you think? My Xie Family will not interfere with your drama.\"

\"It should've been like that from the start,\" said Su Yang as he stored the Black Scorpion in his grasp back into the storage ring.

\"If you want to blame somebody for this, you can blame the Million Snakes Sect for poking at the wrong snake,\" said Su Yang as he disappeared from the place like a ghost.

Once Su Yang was gone, Lord Xie said to his father.

\"Why did you side with him, Father? Now I look like a pushover!\" he complained.

\"You foolish boy. Did you not witness that black arc of light just minutes ago? Do you really think you can fight something like that? Even I would not dare to take that strike head-on.\"

\"What?! Are you saying that the black arc of light that sliced the heavens in half is actually a technique used by him?! I thought it was caused by that black dagger in his hands!\" Lord Xie cried out loud.

After all, no human should be able to exert that kind of monstrous power.

\"I have been watching him since the beginning. Do not offend him. He's not someone we can handle — not to mention he still has to heal Xing'er.\"


Lord Xie immediately became speechless. To think his father, who does not know the definition of fear would be afraid to offend Su Yang. It's simply too shocking.

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