Dual Cultivation

Chapter 358 One-Sided Fight Between Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivators

Chapter 358 One-Sided Fight Between Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivators

Feeling Great Elder Ren's Cultivation base bearing down on his body like an invisible mountain, Su Yang calmly spoke, \"Why are you acting so arrogant when you are merely at the first level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm? Looking at your aura, I can tell that you barely made it to the Heavenly Spirit Realm.\"

He then raised a finger and continued, \"All I need is but a single finger to destroy you.\"

\"Hahaha!\" Great Elder Ren burst out laughing. \"To be able to act as though you are untouchable even in this situation, I cannot help but admire that part of you! Unfortunately, obtaining my admiration won't save your life today.\"

He then continued to speak, \"However, if the Immortal that is guarding the Profound Blossom Sect was here right now, he might be able to save that worthless life of yours. Oh, right. There is also that little girl who killed our disciples. Why don't you call her here so I can see for myself if she's as powerful as Elder Wan said?\"

\"I'm afraid that won't be possible since she's not here right now.\" Su Yang shook his head.

\"She's not? And here I thought she's the reason for your arrogance.\" Great Elder Ren raised an eyebrow. \"But this will make things even easier.\"

\"Hmm… you think so?\" Su Yang suddenly removed the seal that was hiding his Cultivation base and allowed its heavenly aura to explode everywhere.

When Great Elder Ren saw this, his eyes widened with shock, and his body trembled upon feeling the pressure that overwhelmed his own.

\"T-T-This is impossible! Impossible, impossible, impossible! There's no possible way that you are at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, much less at the second level!\" Great Elder Ren unconsciously stepped backward, feeling threatened by Su Yang's pressuring aura.

\"What's the matter, little boy? You mentioned something about an Immortal guarding the Profound Blossom Sect, right? Well, he's standing before you right now. Do you think I will be able to survive now?\" Su Yang began approaching Great Elder Ren.

However, Great Elder Ren took a step back every time Su Yang stepped forward.

\"Why are you running away? How are you going to capture me if you don't approach me?\"

\"T-This is a lie! This must be one of your tricks! I do not believe that you are actually above me in Cultivation! Take this — Summon Thousand Snakes!\" Great Elder Ren suddenly used a martial technique to summon thousands of snakes from thin air.

Each of the snakes had the aura of a Cultivator at the True Spirit Realm, and there were thousands of them. If Su Yang was lying about his Cultivation base, then he will not be able to survive this deadly technique.

Unfortunately for Great Elder Ren, that was not the case, and the profound aura surrounding Su Yang only grew more unbearable as time passed, crushing all of the snakes with just the pressure from his Cultivation base alone.


When Great Elder Ren realized that all of his snakes had been killed by Su Yang in an instant, his heart dropped a little bit from shock.

\"Is that all you got? If that is your strongest technique, I'm afraid that you'll never be able to capture me.\" Su Yang continued to approach him with a calm expression and gentle steps.

\"Million Snakes Array!\"

Great Elder Ren suddenly shouted, causing the place to be filled with a massive amount of Profound Qi.

A moment later, hundreds of thousands of snakes appeared from thin air, covering miles of land with snakes.

\"Oh?\" Su Yang watched as countless snakes rained on him, burying his entire body in a sea of snakes.

\"Hahaha! What are you going to do now?!\" Great Elder Ren laughed while he stood on the snakes.

However, Su Yang's voice quickly responded to him a moment later.

\"What kind of trash technique is this? You can't even fool a child with this kind of illusion.\"


The energy surrounding Su Yang suddenly exploded outwards, causing all of the snakes around him to fly away by a powerful force.

Once he was no longer buried in the snakes, the illusion quickly disappeared along with the snakes.


Great Elder Ren looked at Su Yang with a baffled expression. Even if Su Yang is really a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert, he shouldn't have been able to escape from the illusion with such ease. After all, Great Elder Ren had Fu Kuan, Million Snakes Sect's Sect Master, use the same technique on him before and it took him nearly an entire day to escape! It's the Million Snakes Sect's most powerful technique!

\"T-The Sect's most powerful illusion technique… broken within seconds… how is that even possible?\" Great Elder Ren trembled in shock.

\"Do you have anything else to entertain me with? If not, I will swiftly deal with you and go back to sleep.\" Su Yang casually yawned.

Hearing Su Yang's words, Great Elder Ren gnashed his teeth until it cracked and mumbled, \"Since it has come to this point, I have no choice but to kill him!\"

He then retrieved a silver ring from his storage ring.

When Su Yang saw the silver ring, he raised his eyebrows and spoke, \"The Ring of Thunder, huh? Your Sect Master is quite generous to let you hold it.\"

\"The Sect Master gave the Ring of Thunder to me just in case the little girl showed up. But since she's not here, I will use it on you instead!\" Great Elder Ren spoke as he charged the Ring of Thunder with his Profound Qi, causing it to crackle with lightning.

\"Then let's see which is stronger — some Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure or Asura God Clan's ultimate technique that even gods fear — shall we?\" Su Yang smiled as he retrieved a Spirit-grade sword from his storage ring.

\"This sword should be enough to withstand the power of a single strike.\"

When Great Elder Ren saw the Spirit-grade sword in Su Yang's hands, he burst out laughing like a maniac.

\"Hahaha! What the hell are you going to do with that toy? Do you really think it'll save you from my Ring of Thunder!?\"

\"Whether it'll work or not, we'll find out in a moment.\" Su Yang smiled as he filled the sword with a massive amount of Profound Qi.

Meanwhile, inside Snowfall City, all of the Cultivators in cultivation suddenly stopped cultivating due to an abnormal change in the Qi in the air. It was an unnatural phenomenon that would only occur when two powerful figures at the Heavenly Spirit Realm are clashing against each other with everything that they've got.

\"What's going on? Who's causing this commotion?\"

\"There are two insanely powerful experts fighting right now! But I cannot feel their location despite the crazy Profound Qi that they are releasing!\"

Not just the Cultivators in Snowfall City but even the Xie Family was alerted by the unnatural flow of Qi.

\"This feeling… Senior brother Su Yang…?\" Xie Xingfang noticed a familiar feeling in the air and immediately thought of Su Yang.

\"Your Majesty, there are two experts fighting somewhere near Snowfall City but we are unable to locate them!\"

The guards reported to Lord Xie, who was also forced to stop his cultivation by the change.

\"I will personally look into this myself. Don't make any movements yet and wait for my order!\" Lord Xie commanded his people before heading outside Snowfall City to investigate.

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