Dual Cultivation

Chapter 357 The Million Snakes Sect Strikes Again!

Chapter 357 The Million Snakes Sect Strikes Again!

\"It's… it's not that we don't believe you. It's just too shocking for us to comprehend instantly,\" said Liu Lanzhi after a moment of silence.

\"I am more interested in how you managed such a feat. Ignoring Wang Shuren, who is our business partner, the Heavenly Swan Sect has no relationships with us…\" Elder Sun said with an amazed expression.

\"Does it matter how I did it? All that matters is they have agreed to form an Alliance with us.\" Su Yang said. \"If there isn't anything else, I would like to excuse myself for now.\"

\"Are you going somewhere?\" Liu Lanzhi asked him.

\"No, but I have preparations to make.\"

\"Preparations? I guess you'll be quite busy with all of the Alliance stuff, after all.\"

Although it had nothing to do with the Alliances, Su Yang did not bother to correct her and merely nodded.

After he left the room, Liu Lanzhi and the Sect Elders returned to their conversation.

\"I still cannot believe it. The Heavenly Swan Sect and the Burning Lotus Sect will form an Alliance with us? This is simply too good to be true.\"

\"Why would Su Yang lie to us about something this serious?\"

\"I'm not doubting his words, but it feels like a dream, especially after struggling for so long.\"

\"I knew it was a good idea to give Su Yang the position of Sect Master. Who knows what our Profound Blossom Sect will look like a year from now if he's already managed to achieve something this massive not even a day after he's been promoted.\" Liu Lanzhi resisted the urge to laugh out loud from sheer joy.

Meanwhile, Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan congratulated Su Yang after seeing him.

\"Congratulations on your promotion to Sect Master, Sect Master!\" Sun Jingjing clapped with excitement.

\"You can continue calling me Su Yang,\" he said with a smile.

\"Su Yang, now that you are a Sect Master, does this mean that you will no longer be able to cultivate with us disciples?\" Fang Zhelan asked him with a worried frown.

Sun Jingjing's eyes widened with shock after she recalled this rule.

\"That's right! Sect Masters are only allowed to cultivate with the other Sect Master and the Sect Elders!\" Sun Jingjing cried out loud.

\"Relax, both of you. I won't stop cultivating with you girls just because of an old rule. Now that I am the Sect Master, there will be new rules.\"

\"Really? What kind of rules?\" Sun Jingjing couldn't help but ask him.

\"You don't need to be concerned with it, as it will mostly apply to the future disciples,\" said Su Yang.

\"Hmm… if you say so.\" Sun Jingjing nodded, and she continued sometime later, \"By the way, are we going to start cultivation now?\"

Su Yang shook his head and said, \"I won't be cultivating today, as there are some problems I have to deal with.\"

When he said those words, his eyes were glinting a cold feeling.

\"Oh, can the two of you also sleep in another room for a few days? I need some time alone.\"

\"That's fine.\" They both nodded.

\"Thank you.\"

After Fang Zhelan and Sun Jingjing left the room, Su Yang placed a sign on the door outside of his room, warning people to not disturb him.




When night came, Liu Lanzhi went to look for Su Yang.

\"Since he's also a Sect Master like me now, I can find him for cultivation without needing to feel guilty anymore, as it is our obligation to cultivate together.\"

However, after seeing the sign on his door, she gave up and returned to her own room with a disappointed expression.

A few hours later, when it was past midnight, a figure shrouded in black robes approached the Snow Crystal Hotel without making the slightest of noise.

Once this figure reached the Snow Crystal Hotel, he immediately used some kind of shadow technique that allowed him to enter the place without alerting anyone.

A few moments later, the shrouded figure used the exact same shadow technique to enter Su Yang's room that was pitch dark.

\"I can sense his presence and hear his soft breathing. This bastard is definitely asleep right now.\"

Feeling a presence sleeping on one of the beds, the figure appeared beside the bed like a ghost.

\"You can only blame yourself for offending the Million Snakes Sect and being so helpless! Die for me!\"

The shrouded figure raised his hands before striking the bed in front of him with a mysterious but deadly aura in his palms.

\"Silent Poison Palm Strike!\"

However, the instant he moved, a strange feeling disturbed the atmosphere in the room, and the figure realized that he was no longer inside Su Yang's room but in the middle of an empty plain a second later.

\"What the?! Where am I?! How did I get here?!\"

The shrouded figure looked around while filled with bewilderment.

\"Are you perhaps wondering how this happened?\"

A calm voice suddenly resounded behind the figure, causing him to swiftly turn around.

\"Y-You are Su Yang!\" The figure exclaimed in a shocked voice after seeing Su Yang stand behind him.

\"How is this possible?! What did you do?! Where did you take us?!\"

\"It's nothing too complicated, really. I simply placed a Transportation Array inside the room and waited for you to come. And we are only a few miles away from Snowfall City.\" Su Yang calmly explained.

\"As for why I did all of this… well, I wouldn't be able to play with you properly inside that cramped place.\"


The figure did not respond even after many moments, clearly dazed by the situation.

A few more moments later, the figure burst out laughing. \"Hahaha! I am speechless! I didn't expect that an arrogant brat like you to prepare for this, much less anticipate it! But you want to play with me? Unfortunately for you, not only am I lacking the time to play with you but you are also not qualified!\"

\"Once I capture you, I will return to the hotel and kill the rest of your people! Don't worry, I won't kill you yet, but you will wish for death once a certain individual starts torturing you!\"

\"Hmmm… that individual… could he be the Sect Master of the Million Snakes Sect?\" Su Yang asked him with a calm smile on his face.

And he continued, \"To send someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm to capture a mere youngster such as myself, I must applaud your dedication. However, if you want to even have a chance to capture me alive, you should've bought the entire Million Snakes Sect with you here. What a pity. Now the Million Snakes Sect will lose a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert.\"


The figure turned quiet again, but his gaze was filled with killing intent as he stared at Su Yang, who was casually standing there without any guard as though he was only taking a stroll at the park right now.

\"Since you already seem to know everything, there's no longer a need to hide my face.\"

The figure removed his face mask and revealed his face to Su Yang.

\"By the way, as long as I don't kill you, I can still tear a limb or two from your body!\" Great Elder Ren said to him with a malicious grin on his face before releasing his cultivation base.

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