Dual Cultivation

Chapter 356 I Am Afraid That Your Body Won’t Be Able to Handle I

Chapter 356 I Am Afraid That Your Body Won’t Be Able to Handle I

\"Haaa… haaa… haaa…\" Wang Shuren laid on the bed while taking deep and heavy breaths.

\"No matter how many times we do it, your technique always leaves me speechless,\" she said to him with her body covered in sweat.

\"That's because I am always increasing the intensity slightly every time we do it.\" Su Yang said with a smile.

\"What? Are you saying that you have been going easy on me?\" Wang Shuren looked at him with wide eyes. \"Now that you've said it, I want to experience what it feels like if you do not hold back.\"

\"I'm afraid that your body won't be able to handle it.\"

\"Isn't it just sex? At most, my body would be unable to walk for some time.\" Wang Shuren raised an eyebrow.

\"What do you think will happen if a Cultivator consumes a treasure with a large amount of Qi that they cannot control?\" Su Yang suddenly asked her.

\"The Cultivator will explode to death,\" she quickly answered.

\"That's right. Dual cultivation works the same way, but your body will not explode. Instead, the body will no longer be able to live without its partner, which can lead to mental problems.\"

\"It's that serious?\" Wang Shuren swallowed nervously.

\"Just like normal Cultivation, Dual Cultivation can be beneficial or harmful to another depending on how you exploit it. Although you may not be aware of it, by stimulating your body with so much pleasure that you almost pass out, your endurance and mental strength grows stronger, hence why I push my partner's body to its limits every time.\"

\"Now that you mention it, every time I cultivate with you, my alchemy skills also improve, especially my endurance. I thought it was the effects of the Immortal-grade technique, but it seems like you were the cause all along…\" Wang Shuren said with a face of realization.

And she continued while gracefully chuckling, \"Since that's the case, I must cultivate with you more often! Now that we are in an Alliance, I will have a much better excuse to look for you!\"

After taking a few minutes to clean up and dress up, Wang Shuren left the hotel and returned to the Burning Lotus Sect to speak with the Sect Elders and Sect Master about forming an Alliance with the Profound Blossom Sect.

As for Su Yang, he went to find Liu Lanzhi, who was speaking with the other Sect Elders in another room.

\"Su Yang, you are finally here.\" Liu Lanzhi beckoned him to their meeting circle.

\"Greetings, Sect Master…\"

Although it felt somewhat awkward to lower their heads to a mere junior, the Sect Elders in the room bowed to Su Yang once he approached them.

Liu Lanzhi had explained the situation to them while Su Yang was with the Heavenly Swan Sect, so they had plenty of time to prepare their mind.

Su Yang looked at the Sect Elders, especially Elder Sun, and spoke, \"Do any of you have a problem with me being the Sect Master?\"

The Sect Elders did not immediately respond.

\"We do not reject making you the Sect Master. In fact, we have been expecting this for a long time now.\" One of them finally spoke up.

\"Indeed. Although you are still young, it won't change the fact that you are capable enough to become the Sect Master.\"

\"We have already spoken on this topic before we even left the Profound Blossom Sect. After accounting for all of your achievements to the Sect, it'll be weird if we did not agree.\"

\"Do you have any opinions, Elder Sun?\" Su Yang looked straight at him.

Elder Sun smiled bitterly and said, \"I also have no objections. After all, it'll be much easier to convince the Sun Family to accept your relationship with my granddaughter now that you have the position of Sect Master behind your back.\"

Elder Sun did not hide anything and revealed to Su Yang his true thoughts. Ever since Sun Jingjing mentioned continuing their family's legacy with Su Yang, he has been thinking of ways to convince the Sun Family to accept Sun Jingjing's wishes.

Now that Su Yang is a Sect Master of the Profound Blossom Sect, the Sun Family will not be as opposed to their relationship.

\"Why don't you also say something to them, Su Yang.\" Liu Lanzhi suddenly said to him.

Su Yang nodded and spoke, \"Then let me start by saying that it is only a matter of time before the Profound Blossom Sect stands at the top of the Cultivation. Once that happens, all of you will need to stand tall no matter the adversary we might face.\"

\"And in order to assist you in that, I will be parting this Earth Advancement Pill to you.\"

Su Yang retrieved five Earth Advancement Pills from his storage ring and handed them to the dumbfounded Sect Elders.

\"T-This is…\"

The Sect Elders were also told about the existence of Earth Advancement Pills, so they knew exactly just how precious this gift was.

\"Once you are at the peak of the True Spirit Realm, just consume one of them before attempting to breakthrough to the Earth Spirit Realm,\" he explained to them.

However, before they could even respond, Su Yang continued, \"Not only will we have more Earth Spirit Realm experts now but we will also have the backing of the Heavenly Swan Sect and Wang Shuren.\"

\"Eh? What do you mean by that?\" Liu Lanzhi showed a puzzled face.

\"The Heavenly Swan Sect and I had a conversation not long ago, and they have agreed to form an Alliance with our Profound Blossom Sect. Starting today, if someone causes trouble for us, the Heavenly Swan Sect will come to our aid and vice-versa.\"

\"N-No way…\"

Not just Liu Lanzhi but the Sect Elders were shocked stupid by his words.

\"The same goes for Wang Shuren, who also agreed to form an Alliance with us. As for the Burning Lotus Sect, they should also be joining us later.\" Su Yang said with a calm expression.

After receiving no responses from them, Su Yang continued with a smile, \"If you don't believe me, you can find Wang Shuren or the Heavenly Swan Sect and confirm it yourself. That's all I have to say to all of you for now.\"

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