Dual Cultivation

Chapter 355 Even Better Than the Earth Advancement Pill

Chapter 355 Even Better Than the Earth Advancement Pill

\"Then who are you going to meet? The Elite Sects? The Elite Families? The wealthy ones? The powerful ones? Any of these categories will bring a massive amount of people to you.\" Wang Shuren asked him.

After a moment of silence, Su Yang spoke, \"I will meet anyone who wishes to see me. Even if they do not have an impressive background, it'll still be beneficial to have more people on my side.\"

\"A meeting of that scale… where are you going to do it?\"

\"I'll let you figure that out.\"

\"Okay. But what about the Million Snakes Sect? Will you be willing to meet them too?\"

Su Yang smiled and nodded. \"Of course.\"

\"Even if they didn't ask for my audience, I would seek them myself…\"

Wang Shuren nodded, and she continued, \"By the way, speaking of the Million Snakes Sect, they were acting weird during the auction. I'm afraid that they'll try to do something to the Profound Blossom Sect and you while you guys are still here.\"

\"I hope they do, as that'll give me an excuse to get rid of them once and for all…\"


Wang Shuren was speechless. If she didn't know of his capabilities, she would have laughed at him for being silly.

\"The Million Snakes Sect were too arrogant and greedy this time. They have offended someone they should never have for a Guardian Spirit, and they didn't even get it in the end. If I didn't shake his hand on that day, perhaps our Burning Lotus Sect would also be in a similar position right now.\" Wang Shuren recalled their first encounter in Swift Feather City.

\"Are we done with this topic?\" Su Yang suddenly asked her.

\"Yes… do you have something else for me?\"

Su Yang nodded and said, \"The Profound Blossom Sect and the Heavenly Swan Sect have formed an Alliance.\"

\"What?!\" Wang Shuren exclaimed in a shocked voice. \"W-When did that happen?\"

\"Just now. I was speaking with the Heavenly Swan Sect before this.\"

\"Umm… should I be congratulating you right now?\" Wang Shuren asked, feeling slightly worried because the Heavenly Swan Sect has suddenly surpassed the Burning Lotus Sect in being the first to form an Alliance with the Profound Blossom Sect.

However, because the Burning Lotus Sect is not the one in a good relationship with Su Yang but Wang Shuren herself, it might be a bit difficult for the Burning Lotus Sect to accept the Profound Blossom Sect. Not to mention that they still hold a grudge with Su Yang for the chaos he'd caused before.

\"I know what you are thinking,\" Su Yang suddenly said, \"hence why I am going to give you the same offer.\"

\"R-Really?! You are willing to form an Alliance with the Burning Lotus Sect?\" Wang Shuren's expression instantly became brighter.

\"No, I am not doing this for the Burning Lotus Sect.\" Su Yang shook his head. \"I am asking you, Wang Shuren, to form an Alliance with my Profound Blossom Sect. The Burning Lotus Sect is just a bonus since you are with them. And your status within the Sect should be above even the Sect Master by now.\"

\"Do you accept this Alliance?\" Su Yang asked her again.


After a moment of silence, the dazed Wang Shuren nodded. \"Ye…Yes! I want to form an Alliance!\"

\"Good, then you can have these.\"

Su Yang retrieved 5 scrolls from his storage ring and placed them right beside the tea.

\"This is…\" Wang Shuren looked at the scrolls but was too nervous to see its content.

\"Don't be afraid — it won't bite.\" Su Yang smiled.

Wang Shuren nodded and grabbed one of them and opened it.

A moment later, her entire body trembled from shock.

\"I-I-Immortal-grade technique!\" she exclaimed.

\"It's 3 Immortal-grade techniques and 2 Heaven-grade techniques, to be precise.\" Su Yang said to her as he calmly sipped on the tea.

\"That many?!\" Wang Shuren could feel her heart trying to jump out of her throat from shock.

\"The one currently in your hands will be given to your disciple, Zhang Xiu Ying and nobody else. You can tell her it came from me if you'd like. As for the other four techniques, if the Burning Lotus Sect is willing to form an Alliance with the Profound Blossom Sect, then they can use it to train their disciples. However, if they dare betray us, I will give them another visit — and it won't be peaceful like the previous visit.\"

\"What if they refuse?\"

Even though the Burning Lotus Sect is almost certain to form the Alliance once they see the Immortal-grade techniques. However, if in the slightest chance they refuse, what should she do with these techniques?

\"If they refuse… just burn them.\" Su Yang casually said.

\"You want me to burn 2 Immortal-grade and Heaven-grade techniques…? That's blasphemy for Cultivators!\" Wang Shuren cried inwardly after hearing his words.

\"I also have another job for you.\" Su Yang pulled another scroll from his storage ring and handed it to Wang Shuren.

\"Can you help me get the ingredients on this list?\"

Wang Shuren looked at the contents of the scroll.

\"Although there are some incredibly rare herbs on this list, it's not impossible to obtain them… The problem is the quantity. That'll be quite troublesome even with money. Are these, by any chance, the ingredients for the Earth Advancement Pill?\"

\"No, it's something even better than those pills.\"

\"Even better than the Earth Advancement Pill?\" Wang Shuren raised her eyebrows. She simply cannot imagine what kind of pill could exceed the Earth Advancement Pill that has taken the Cultivation world by storm.

\"If you can gather the ingredients, I will give you one of the pills after I am finished with them,\" said Su Yang. \"As for the money… just use what you obtained from selling the Earth Advancement Pills and keep the change for yourself.\"

\"Really? You promise that you'll give me one pill?\" Wang Shuren's eyes began flickering with excitement.

\"Why would I lie to you?\"

\"Thank you, Su Yang!\" Wang Shuren nearly hugged him from pure joy. \"By the way, since I am already here, why don't we have some fun before I leave? It's been a while since we last did it!\"

Su Yang placed the cup of tea down with a smile and said, \"It's only been a few weeks, though. But since you insist, I won't turn down your offer.\"

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