Dual Cultivation

Chapter 354 Forming an Alliance

Chapter 354 Forming an Alliance

\"So? What are your thoughts on this situation?\" Bai Lihua asked the Sect Elders after spending a few minutes explaining the situation to them.

\"Although we might offend many backgrounds from forming an Alliance with the Profound Blossom Sect, it's all worth it if we can be a step ahead of everyone else in meeting this Alchemy Master. It'll be even better if we can create a friendly relationship with each other.\"

\"I also support the idea of forming an Alliance with them. As long as they have this Immortal Alchemist standing behind them, they are nearly invincible.\"

\"Hmph. It's no wonder why that little brat dared to act so arrogantly during the auction. Turns out he had the backing of an Immortal — and the one who discovered the Earth Advancement Pills at that.\"

\"So everybody here supports the Alliance with the Profound Blossom Sect, correct?\" Bai Lihua asked them again.

The Sect Elders nodded their heads.

Bai Lihua called Su Yang back into the room a few moments later.

\"After speaking to some of my Sect Elders, we have come to the decision to form an Alliance with the Profound Blossom Sect. However, this Alliance will only last if the Immortal is real. If you are bold enough to trick us, I will personally handle you — and the Profound Blossom Sect myself.\"

Su Yang remained a calm expression and spoke, \"You have made the correct decision, Sect Master Bai.\"

He proceeded to retrieve three scrolls from his storage ring and placed them onto the desk.

\"What are those?\" Bai Lihua quickly asked.

\"Cultivation Techniques. Since we basically wear the same shoes now, it's only natural that I will help you. You can open them once I leave,\" he said with a mysterious smile on his face.

\"By the way, if the Heavenly Swan Sect shares these techniques or dares to betray my Profound Blossom Sect, I will personally deal with you.\"

After saying those words, Su Yang began walking towards the exit.

Right before leaving, he said, \"Don't forget about that girl sleeping behind you.\"


Once she could no longer feel Su Yang's presence, Bai Lihua opened one of the three scrolls to look at it.

However, after reading a small part of its content, her eyes widened with shock, and she exclaimed loudly, \"Heaven-grade Cultivation Technique!\"

Not daring to believe her eyes, she re-read it again — only to be dazed by the reality.

A few seconds later, Bai Lihua placed the Heaven-grade technique back down on the desk without finishing its contents and picked up the second scroll.

\"T-This… This is…\" Bai Lihua's hands trembled violently while looking at the scroll.

A few minutes later, she placed it back down and picked up the last scroll.


Sometime later, Bai Lihua stored all three techniques in her storage ring and began laughing like a maniac afterward.

\"One Heaven-grade Cultivation Technique and two Immortal-grade Martial Technique! Haha… hahahahaha!!!\"

The Sect Elders waiting outside the room thought that their Sect Master had turned crazy after they were forced to listen to her laugh crazily for many minutes without stopping.

In fact, Bai Lihua was laughing so loud that it'd startled Su Yin awake.

\"S-Sect Master…?\" Su Yin looked at her with wide eyes.

\"You are finally awake, Su Yin! I apologize for losing my temper and knocking you out with my Cultivation. It was an accident.\" Bai Lihua stopped laughing to speak with her.

\"It's fine…\" Su Yin shook her head. \"By the way… about my decision to leave the Sect…\"

\"You don't have to say anything else!\" Bai Lihua quickly interrupted her. \"While you were asleep, I had a conversation with your Elder Brother, and we came to the conclusion that our Heavenly Swan Sect and their Profound Blossom Sect will form an Alliance with each other. You can now be a disciple at the Profound Blossom Sect whilst remaining a disciple at our Heavenly Swan Sect.\"

\"W-What…?\" Su Yin showed a dumbfounded expression, as there was too much shocking information for her to digest properly.




After leaving the Heavenly Swan Sect's place, Su Yang returned to the Snow Crystal Hotel, where Liu Lanzhi and the disciples were anxiously waiting for his return.

\"You are finally back! Did you run into any trouble?\" Liu Lanzhi asked him the moment she saw him.

\"Calm down, nothing's happened to me.\" Su Yang smiled.

\"Thank god…\" Liu Lanzhi sighed in relief.

\"By the way, there's someone looking for you. Wang Shuren... she came here not too long ago and is currently waiting in your room.\"

\"Then I will go speak to her now.\"

\"Once you are done with her, we will also have a conversation.\"

Su Yang nodded and went to his room.

Upon entering the room, Wang Shuren, who was casually sleeping on his bed, sat up and said to him, \"Su Yang! You are finally here! Please take a seat. I have just boiled some tea.\"

Su Yang walked to the couch while Wang Shuren poured him the tea.

After sitting down and taking a sip of the tea, Su Yang spoke, \"So? Why are you here?\"

Wang Shuren responded with a pitiful voice, \"Are you seriously asking me that now? I knew this would happen when you gave me the Earth Advancement Pills, but do you have any idea how much I have suffered ever since I revealed them at the auction? Even though I keep telling them to wait, these greedy bastards keep bothering me! Even His Majesty, Lord Xie, tried pressuring me to reveal your identity!\"

\"Su Yang, you were also at the auction, so you should know why I am here. Are you going to set up an audience with them? After all, you are the Alchemist they are seeking.\"


He did not immediately respond and took a few more sips of tea before speaking, \"Of course. That's why I wanted you to sell the pills.\"

\"Are you sure about that? The people you will be meeting are all powerhouses in the Cultivation world with at least a peak Earth Spirit Realm Cultivation. Even I would not be able to protect you if they try something funny.\"

\"It'll be fine,\" he calmly replied.

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