Dual Cultivation

Chapter 353 Enticemen

Chapter 353 Enticemen

\"Y-You… T-This… Where did you get this Earth Advancement Pill?\" Bai Lihua was certain that the Profound Blossom Sect did not obtain it from the auction, as they did not bid for one.

Su Yang smiled and said, \"As you should already know by now, I have a pretty good relationship with Wang Shuren.\"

\"Are you telling me that she'd given you an Earth Advancement Pill when the rest of us had to pay a fortune for one? Even the Xie Family had to pay for it! Do you really expect me to believe that you'd received one for free?\"

\"Not only did I receive it for free, but I also know the Alchemist behind these pills,\" said Su Yang.

When Bai Lihua heard his words, her eyes widened with shock, and she stood up. \"You know the Alchemist who concocted these pills?! Who is it?!\"

\"Why would I tell you that when even Wang Shuren is not willing to reveal it?\" Su Yang shook his head. \"However, I am willing to give you an opportunity to meet him — maybe even form a friendly relationship with him.\"

\"Really? What do you want from me?\"

\"It's simple, really. I want your Heavenly Swan Sect and my Profound Blossom Sect to form an Alliance.\"


Bai Lihua quickly frowned upon hearing his words.

\"Are you serious? You want my Heavenly Swan Sect, an Elite Sect to form an Alliance with your Profound Blossom Sect that is already on the verge of destruction?\"

\"Hahaha…\" Su Yang suddenly burst out laughing. \"Who is on the verge of destruction, again? I will let you know that my Profound Blossom Sect is currently in a state that's stronger than ever before.\"

\"Although it's true that we only have around 100 disciples, it is only a matter of time before we become an Elite Sect and stand at the top of the Cultivation world.\"

After a moment of silence, Bai Lihua spoke, \"Ignoring your arrogance and impossible dream for now, what does forming an Alliance have anything to do with this Alchemist?\"

\"Everything.\" Su Yang smiled, and continued, \"Do you know why the Profound Blossom Sect is still standing despite being targeted by the Million Snakes Sect? It's because of the Immortal Cultivator that is currently guarding our Sect.\"

Bai Lihua's eyes widened, seemingly in disbelief.

\"Y-You have an Immortal protecting the Profound Blossom Sect? And he's even the Alchemist behind the Earth Advancement Pills?\" she asked with a trembling voice.

\"That's right. This Immortal came from a faraway place and has long surpassed the Heavenly Spirit Realm — even the legendary Sovereign Spirit Realm that is said to be unattainable!\"

\"I-I-Impossible!\" Bai Lihua fell onto the chair behind her with a baffled expression.

\"Whether it is possible or not — you will find out once you form an Alliance with us!\"


Bai Lihua gritted her teeth and spoke, \"Why would an Immortal be at a place such as the Profound Blossom Sect when there are many more fitting places? What if you are only lying to me to form the Alliance and there is actually no Immortal?\"

\"Although we might not be the most impressive Sect out there, something only unique to us must be what attracted the Immortal's attention. And why would I even fart in this situation? It would not benefit either of us. After all, you can still break the Alliance after learning the truth.\"

After a moment of pondering, Bai Lihua asked, \"Can I meet the Immortal Alchemist before I decide?\"

Su Yang nodded. \"The Immortal is currently residing within the Profound Blossom Sect. If you want to meet him, you will have to wait until after the Regional Tournament.\"

\"By the way, if you form an Alliance with us, Su Yin will be able to remain a disciple at your Heavenly Swan Sect whilst being a disciple at my Profound Blossom Sect. She won't have to leave anymore.\"

Bai Lihua narrowed her eyes, as she also realized this point.

\"Oh, one more thing.\" Su Yang suddenly said, \"As long as you are in an Alliance with our Profound Blossom Sect, we will provide your Heavenly Swan Sect with one Earth Advancement Pill per month!\"

\"What?!\" Bai Lihua exclaimed loudly.

\"This is something that the Immortal have already decided, so I am letting you know right now.\"

\"One Earth Advancement Pill every month…\" Bai Lihua couldn't believe her ears.

It would be extremely good if they could buy one Earth Advancement Pill every year — even every ten years — yet they could have the luxury of obtaining one Earth Advancement Pill every month? And all they have to do is form an Alliance with the Profound Blossom Sect? Even if they have to offend the Million Snakes Sect and other powerhouses, it would still be worth it!

\"And as a way to express my sincerity, I shall leave behind this Earth Advancement Pill for you,\" said Su Yang as he pushed the pill bottle towards Bai Lihua, who was barely able to contain her excitement.

\"Of course, if you are willing to form an Alliance with the Profound Blossom Sect right now, then I will give you two Earth Advancement Pills instead of one and another next month.\"

\"...You are really something to try and entice me like this.\" Bai Lihua didn't know whether to laugh at his efforts or be angry that he's looking down on her.

A moment of staring at the Earth Advancement Pill later, Bai Lihua spoke, \"Step outside for a few minutes while I speak with the Sect Elders. Although I am the Sect Master, this decision is too big to decide for myself.\"

Su Yang nodded. \"Take your time,\" he said as he left the room.

\"Sect Elders! Come to my room right now!\" Bai Lihua shouted once Su Yang was gone.

A few moments later, all of the Sect Elders gathered in the room.

Of course, they all stared at Su Yang as they passed him, their gaze saying: \"What did you do this time?!\"

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