Dual Cultivation

Chapter 352 Blinded by Anger

Chapter 352 Blinded by Anger

\"Sect Master, please allow me to deal with the Profound Blossom Sect! They killed my disciple and your cousin — we cannot let them get away with this!\" Great Elder Ren suddenly spoke.

\"G-Great Elder, are you serious? Even Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivators are like ants in the eyes of a true Immortal! You're just getting yourself killed!\" Elder Wan said to him with a shocked voice.

\"Hmph! What Immortal?! I will not believe it until I see it for myself! Even if they have an Immortal, I am confident in my ability to retreat with my life intact, especially when I have that life-saving treasure!\"

After a moment of silence. Fu Kuan nodded and spoke, \"Great Elder Ren, if you sense even the slightest danger, I want you to run away as fast as possible, even if you have to use your treasure. Although we can afford to lose a few Earth Spirit Realm Masters, losing someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm will greatly cripple our Million Snakes Sect's prowess!\"

\"Yes, Sect Master!\" Great Elder Ren couldn't help but grin after getting the Sect Master's approval.

Seeing this, Elder Wan inwardly shook his head, \"It's over. Both the Sect Master and Great Elder Ren are blinded by anger and cannot think straight. They are determined to deal with the Profound Blossom Sect even if it might invite a calamity to the Million Snakes Sect!\"

\"Tonight — I will deal with the Profound Blossom Sect when the sun is out!\" said Great Elder Ren.

Fu Kuan nodded.




Meanwhile, Su Yang was casually sipping tea before the Heavenly Swan Sect's presence.

\"Although the Cultivation world is underdeveloped in this world, the tea is quite delightful…\" he thought to himself while over a dozen people were staring at him from the side.

\"I have never seen a man like him before. He's surrounded by so many beauties yet he acts as though we are invisible…\"

\"Look at his appearance. With his handsome looks, it wouldn't be weird if he's surrounded by beauties every day. Perhaps we really aren't worth mentioning in his eyes...\"

\"He's Su Yin's Elder Brother, right? I wonder how capable he is.\"

\"Why don't one of you go over there and speak with him?\"

\"Are you crazy? Don't you see Elder Mai standing over there and glaring daggers at him as though he's killed her family? I don't want to offend Elder Mai by speaking to him!\"

The Heavenly Swan Sect disciples mumbled to each other while staring at Su Yang.

\"What do you think the Sect Master and Su Yin is talking about? It's been nearly half an hour and they are still inside.\"

The Sect Elders wondered.

A few more minutes later, the entire hotel suddenly shook violently, and the power of a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert filled the place.

\"W-What is happening?!\"

\"Are we being attacked?!\"

The disciples and Sect Elders looked around with a panicking face.

\"W-Wait! This pressure — it's the Sect Master!\"

Just as they began realizing this fact, a loud voice resounded in the place: \"Su Yang! Come over here!\"

Hearing Bai Lihua's furious voice calling for him, Su Yang gently placed the tea down and walked to their room with a calm expression on his face.

Once he was inside the room and noticed the situation, Su Yang spoke, \"Is that how you treat your own disciples? It's no wonder why she wants to leave.\"

He pointed to Su Yin, who was seemingly unconscious on the floor.

\"Don't worry, she's not hurt. She got knocked out after I unintentionally released my full Cultivation base due to anger,\" said Bai Lihua.

Su Yang shook his head and carried the unconscious Su Yin to the bed before sitting down in front of the Sect Master of the Heavenly Swan Sect.

\"So? Do you have any business with me?\" Su Yang asked her with a smile.

\"You little bastard… What did you say to Su Yin?\"

\"I don't understand your question. I didn't tell her anything.\"

\"How dare you still play dumb?! If you didn't tell her to leave the Heavenly Swan Sect to go to your Profound Blossom Sect, would she have asked me to let her leave?! You knew she would leave, hence why you followed us!\" Bai Lihua slammed the desk before her, nearly breaking it into two pieces.

\"That was her own decision. I played no part in it.\" Su Yang shrugged his shoulders. \"And I have different business with your Heavenly Swan Sect.\"

\"Whether you said anything or not, I will not allow her to join a place like the Profound Blossom Sect! That would be no different than supporting her to be a slut!\" Bai Lihua said with a frown.

\"A slut? That's a bit harsh to my Profound Blossom Sect, Sect Master. Is it a crime to want to indulge in sexual desire? I understand that you are still a maiden and have no experience in that kind of thing, but to curse those who enjoy it… you are still too immature…\"

\"H-How dare you, a mere Junior, speak such nonsense!\" Bai Lihua was speechless, as she did not expect Su Yang to say such things to her.

\"Junior or not, we are both Sect Masters, and most importantly, adults. If you curse my Profound Blossom Sect, I will not sit here and silently take it.\" Su Yang shook his head, and he continued, \"The disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect are not forced to Cultivate, nor will they ever be in such a situation. Some disciples have only one partner in their life, whilst others may have more than one. However, this also applies to everyone else — including you.\"

\"What are you trying to say? No matter how you twist your words, the Profound Blossom Sect is regarded as a place for perverts by many people!\"

\"While I won't deny that most of us are perverts, it doesn't give you any right to treat my disciples as sluts.\"


After a moment of awkward silence, Su Yang continued, \"Anyway, let us discuss why I am here today.\"

Su Yang retrieved a glass bottle from his storage ring and placed it on the desk.

When Bai Lihua saw the pill in the bottle, her eyes widened with shock.

\"E-Earth Advancement Pill!\" she exclaimed loudly.

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