Dual Cultivation

Chapter 351 Pressured to Reveal Information

Chapter 351 Pressured to Reveal Information

While Su Yang and the Heavenly Swan Sect left the auction house early, the other Elite Sects stayed behind for Wang Shuren, or more precisely, for the Earth Advancement Pills, hence why the Million Snakes Sect did not bother with Su Yang for the time being.

\"As I've already stated, I will not reveal any information regarding my friend, who wishes to stay anonymous for now.\" Wang Shuren refused to reveal anything despite the constant pressure.

\"What if I want to know about this friend of yours?\" Lord Xie asked her with a serious expression.

Wang Shuren forcefully swallowed her saliva and spoke, \"Even if it's His Majesty, this subordinate cannot reveal anything. If His Majesty does not mind offending him and risking the Earth Advancement Pills forever, then…\"

When Wang Shuren basically threatened them with her words, everybody in the room frowned.

However, none of them dared to speak up, as it would be disastrous for any of them to offend this mysterious Alchemy Master that has what feels like unlimited power in his grasp at this moment.

\"Then allow me to ask a different question,\" said Lord Xie after a moment of silence. \"How will future Earth Advancement Pills be distributed? Since it can have a major effect on the Cultivation world, it would not be wise to sell it without any regulation. My Xie Family will volunteer to manage them.\"

The people in the room glanced at Lord Xie with the corner of their eyes and snorted inwardly, \"How sly… The Xie Family wants to have a monopoly on the Earth Advancement Pills, or manage their flow at least…\"

Since the Xie Family is already the strongest powerhouse in this continent and also its ruler, it is not unreasonable for them to want to manage the Earth Advancement Pills and balance the power of the Cultivation world.

However, if that happened, then the Xie Family will surely become way too powerful, as they would have the ability to dictate which Sect can have Earth Spirit Realm Cultivators.

For example, the Xie Family could give 10 Earth Advancement Pills to a Sect of his choosing and drastically improve their standing in the Cultivation world whilst gaining their loyalty at the same time.

If the Xie Family does this to multiple backgrounds, then the Xie Family would become so powerful that even if all of the Elite Sects in this world come together to fight the Xie Family, the Elite Sects would lose to the Xie Family's army of Earth Spirit Realm Cultivators.

Wang Shuren immediately realized Lord Xie's intentions and spoke, \"Your Majesty, this is not something a mere subordinate such as myself can decide.\"

\"What do you mean by that?\" Lord Xie frowned.

\"Although the Earth Advancement Pills were indeed given to me, it's not as though I own them. In fact, I was merely selling them for my friend. If more Earth Advancement Pills appear in the future, it won't be my decision on how they are handled,\" said Wang Shuren.

Of course, what she said just now was nothing but a big fat lie, as the Earth Advancement Pills were given to her as a gift, so she had every right to manage them. However, she did not want to deal with the Xie Family, nor does she have the power to.

\"Is that so…\" Lord Xie closed his eyes to ponder.

A moment later, he spoke, \"I would like to formally invite this friend of yours to drink tea with me. The location and time will be at his discretion. If he agrees, let me know.\"

After saying those words, Lord Xie turned around and started walking towards the door.

\"By the way, thank you for the Three Season Snake's Blood. My Xie Family owes the Burning Lotus Sect if you need anything,\" said Lord Xie before leaving the auction house.

Wang Shuren then spoke to the rest of the people there, \"It is about time I take my leave, too. If you'll excuse me.\"

Once Wang Shuren was gone, the people there spoke to each other with contempt, \"The Burning Lotus Sect has really lucked out to have someone like her! Although they were just promoted to an Elite Sect, it won't take long before they surpass us with these Earth Advancement Pills!\"

\"Her friend is a male, right? I won't be surprised if she'd sold her body for these pills!\"

\"Does anybody want to follow her? We might learn the identity of this Alchemist this way.\"

\"Since you brought it up, why don't you follow her? I don't want to be dragged down by your silly ideas if you are caught by the Alchemist and offend him.\"

\"Then are we really going to sit around and do nothing while the Burning Lotus Sect quickly surpasses us?\"

\"Until we figure out the identity of this mysterious Alchemist, there is nothing that we can do! Once we do, there will be plenty of methods to handle this situation!\"

After standing around for a few more minutes, the remaining Elite Sects also left the auction house and returned to their own places.

Once the Million Snakes Sect returned to their hotel, the Sect Master immediately called for a meeting with the Sect Elders.

\"The Profound Blossom Sect is also in this city, and I plan on dealing with them before they can return to their Sect,\" Fu Kuan announced his plans to the Sect Elders.

\"What?! Have you forgotten about the Immortal, Sect Master?!\" Elder Wan reminded him of Su Yang's warning.

\"Elder Wan, do you believe that they would bring that Immortal with them to this city and leave their Sect vulnerable? If we deal with them now, they will have no proof!\"

Elder Wan shook his head and sighed, \"Although the Immortal might still be at the Sect, what about that little girl that did the killing?! What if she's with them?!\"

Elder Wan could still recall Xiao Rong's grand entrance and peerless face as though it was just yesterday.

\"Elder Wan is right. Although the Immortal might not be here, there is a chance that his partner might be in this city and silently protecting the Profound Blossom Sect.\"

The other Sect Elders also gave their opinions.

\"Hmm…\" Fu Kuan had forgotten about the silver-haired girl and began pondering in silence.

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