Dual Cultivation

Chapter 350 Leaving With the Heavenly Swan Sec

Chapter 350 Leaving With the Heavenly Swan Sec


"That was the last item for today. Thank you for coming to our Burning Lotus Sect's auction house. We hope to see you again in the future, too." Wang Shuren bowed to the guests after selling the last Earth Advancement Pill.

However, the guests were not willing to let her leave so quickly and bombarded her with questions.

"Senior Wang, can you pass this to your friend for me? Tell him that the Huo Family would like to create a friendly relationship with him!"

"Me too! Please let your friend know that our Gu Family's doors are always open for him!"

Wang Shuren shook her head and said, "Do I look like an errand girl? If you want to give him something, you will have the chance if he agrees to meet with all of you."

"W-What if he refuses?" Someone asked.

"Then you will have to wait until he agrees." Wang Shuren shrugged before leaving the stage.

The people there sighed. It doesn't take a genius to realize just how important this Alchemy Master is to the Cultivation world. If they befriend him like Wang Shuren, this Alchemy Master might concoct Earth Advancement Pills for them and greatly increase their overall strength.

"The auction is finished. Let's return to the hotel." Liu Lanzhi said to them.

Since Su Yang offended many figures in this place, it would only be more dangerous for them the longer they stay here.

"I will see you later, Su Yang. Stay safe." Zhang Xiu Ying hugged Su Yang before leaving them alone.

However, because they were in a large group and stuck out like a sore thumb, everybody noticed their movements.

"They think that they can just leave after offending so many people? I won't be surprised if the Million Snakes Sect blocks their exit!"

"Even if they manage to leave here today, they won't be able to leave this city without being killed. It's over for them." Liu Lanzhi ignored the people trying to scare them and led the disciples outside.

"Please wait a moment."

Just as the Profound Blossom Sect stepped outside of the auction house, a group of individuals blocked their path, just like the others had predicted.

"M-Master..." Su Yin frowned after realizing their identity.

"Did the Profound Blossom Sect also offend the Heavenly Swan Sect? They are as good as dead now!"

The people were amused by the situation and watched them from the sides.

"Su Yin, it's about time you return to us," said Bai Lihua, Sect Master of Heavenly Swan Sect. "You too, Yao Ning."

Yao Ning, who has been quietly following Su Yin and the Profound Blossom Sect nodded, and she went to stand beside the Heavenly Swan Sect a moment later.

"I want to stay with my Elder Brother a little bit longer," said Su Yin.

"I would not have refused that if he didn't offend so many people during the auction house. It'll be dangerous for you to stay by his side any longer, so I will need you to come back." Bai Lihua then turned to look at Su Yang and continued, "You are too arrogant for someone your age. Even if you are a member of the Su Family, you have offended too many powerhouses this time. If you want to live past 20, you will have to remain in this city forever. But even the city rules cannot guarantee your safety."

"Disciple Su, why are you still over there? Did you not hear the Sect Master? Come to us already!" One of the Sect Elders said to her.

"I don't want to!" Su Yin responded.

You!!! Are you disobeying your own Master?!" The Sect Elder said in a displeased tone.

Su Yang turned to look at Liu Lanzhi and said, "You can bring the disciples back to the hotel first."

"What about you?" she asked.

"I have some business with them."

"But I cannot leave you here by yourself... What if something happens to you?" Liu Lanzhi frowned.

"Don't worry, nobody will try anything funny when 'that' person is still around," said Su Yang with a mysterious smile on his face.

"That person...?" Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow.

"Fine. But if you do not return by tonight, I will forfeit the regional tournament and return to the Sect with the other disciples."

"That's fine. It won't take that long." Su Yang nodded.

A few moments later, Liu Lanzhi and the other disciples left the scene.

"This boy..." Bai Lihua frowned after hearing Su Yang's words. "Is he aware that Lord Xie is here? No, that's impossible..." "Brother, are you really going to follow us? I can persuade my Master by myself..." she whispered to him.

"I have some other business with your Sect Master," said Su Yang.

"Oh? You have business with me? But I don't have any business with you!" Bai Lihua overheard their words and spoke loudly.

"Of course you don't right now. However, you won't be thinking that after you hear what my little sister has to say." Su Yang smiled.

"Su Yin, what is he talking about?" Bai Lihua looked at Su Yin with an ominous feeling around her.

"Master, this is not the right place. Let us return to the hotel first," said Su Yin.

Bai Lihua nodded. "We are departing!"

"Are they going to leave just like that? How boring."

The spectators shook their heads, as they expected at least some conflict between the two powers.

Sometime later, the Heavenly Swan Sect returned to their hotel, Silver Frost Hotel.

"The Sect Master and the Elders have returned!"

"Welcome back, Sect Master, Sect Elders!"

Over fifty female disciples greeted them at the door.

"Junior Sister Su is also back!"

"Who's that handsome young man?"

"I don't recognize him, either."

"It's him! He's Junior Sister Su's Elder Brother!" One of the people there recognized him and revealed his identity to the other disciples.

"He's the one who dared to argue with our Elder Mai? He certainly has this fierce aura around him, almost like an untamable lion."

The disciples there were quite interested in Su Yang as Su Yin's Elder Brother, and his handsome face made it hard for them to look away as females, causing some of them to even blush.

"I am going to have a private conversation with my disciple now. I don't want anyone to disturb us," said Bai Lihua.

"You can wait here until we are done. If you dare to cause any trouble, we will kick you out without any hesitation," she said to Su Yang before she dragged Su Yin into a room.

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