Dual Cultivation

Chapter 349 Earth Advancement Pills

Chapter 349 Earth Advancement Pills

"Senior Wang, what are these pills called, by the way?" Someone asked her.

Wang Shuren pondered for a moment and said, "My friend didn't give me a name for these pills when I received them, so I will call them Earth Advancement Pills for now."

And she continued, "Now that I have introduced these Earth Advancement Pills, we can finally begin the final auction for today. The beginning price for the first pill shall be 100,000 Spirit Stones!"

Although 100,000 Spirit Stones may seem like a lot for a single pill, these pills will help any Cultivator reach the Earth Spirit Realm and become a powerhouse in the Cultivation world.

In the current Cultivation world, the reason it lacks Cultivators at the Earth Spirit Realm is simply because of the insufficient Profound Qi in this world, not because they lacked the talent. Many talented individuals usually stop advancing after they reach the peak of the True Spirit Realm because of this bottleneck that can only be bypassed with a large amount of Spiritual Medicine, but even with such a method, the chances for success were very low.

However, the Earth Advancement Pill has the ability to help these Cultivators breakthrough that bottleneck and reach the Earth Spirit Realm with guaranteed success. If the Earth Advancement Pill can be mass-produced, even if it's just ten pills every year, the world will see drastic changes in its power balance, and every Cultivator will have a new limit in the Cultivation world.

"If the Profound Blossom Sect had these pills, the Sect Elders stuck at the peak of the True Spirit Realm will finally be able to reach the Earth Spirit Realm! But alas, even if we want to buy it, we cannot win against the powerhouses in this place! And even if Su Yang is willing to buy them for the Sect, we can only buy one of them!" Liu Lanzhi sighed inwardly.

Although the Profound Blossom Sect became extremely wealthy after receiving many treasures and cultivation techniques from the disguised Su Yang, it cannot be considered money until they sell them. What's more, Cultivation techniques will be more beneficial to the Sect in the long run.

"Sect Master, do you want some of these Earth Advancement Pills?" Su Yang read her expression like an open book and asked.

"There's no need to be so formal now that you are also a Sect Master, Su Yang. Just call me Elder Sister or Senior Lanzhi," she said.

"Then I shall address you as Sister Lanzhi."

"A bit too formal, but if it makes you feel more comfortable..." she shook her head with a smile. "So? Are you going to buy one for the Sect? It can be your first contribution as a Sect Master."

Su Yang smiled and said, "There's no need to waste my money buying something I can get for free."

Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow and asked, "Free? Even if you are very close to Wang Shuren, this is not something you can obtain by asking, you know? Who knows when she will be able to obtain the next batch from her friend."

"Have you forgotten about a certain individual from our Sect, or two? How did you think they achieved the Earth Spirit Realm with such speed?"

After hearing Su Yang's words and coming to a realization, Liu Lanzhi's eyes widened with shock.

"Fang Zhelan and Sun Jingjing! So that's how you helped them achieve the Earth Spirit Realm!"

"If the other girls have reached the peak of the True Spirit Realm, they would also be at the Earth Spirit Realm by now," said Su Yang.

"You... you... you... just how many Earth Advancement Pills do you have?!"

"About a dozen or so," he chuckled.

After all, he was the true identity of this mysterious Alchemy Master and also Wang Shuren's close 'friend'.

Liu Lanzhi's mouth dropped to the floor. "If you have so many, why didn't you share some of them with the Sect Elders? Besides Elder Zhao, they have all been stuck at the peak of the True Spirit Realm for many years! If they reach the Earth Spirit Realm, it would also benefit our Sect greatly!"

"Relax," Su Yang casually said, "It's a given that they will also receive one. However, it's still better if they obtain the pills after it makes its first appearance in this world. Unlike the disciples, they will definitely question something so suspicious, and I don't want to deal with that."

"I guess it does make sense if you put it that way..." Liu Lanzhi nodded.

If she was suddenly given a mysterious pill with miraculous effects that have never existed in the world before, she would definitely have many questions about it.

"Congratulations to the Xie Family for obtaining the first Earth Advancement Pill!" Wang Shuren announced after many minutes of fierce bidding.

"500,000 Spirit Stones for a single pill... this is definitely the most expensive pill in this world that could be purchased at the moment." Liu Lanzhi trembled just at the thought of trying to buy one.

Even if Su Yang suddenly changes his mind and refuses to share his Earth Advancement Pills with the Sect Elders, she would not complain about it and even understand his feelings.

For the next thirty minutes, the entire auction house became chaotic as people battled against each other for the remaining 9 Earth Advancement Pills, especially when only one pill remained.

"By the way, I don't know when there will be more of these Earth Advancement Pills, and even if I ask him for more, it will be up to him whether there will be more or not."

When Wang Shuren said those words, it ignited something within the people that did not obtain the first 9 Earth Advancement Pill, causing them to bid as though they were possessed.

In the end, the very last Earth Advancement Pill sold for a whopping 2,000,000 Spirit Stones, and every Elite Sect there managed to secure one Earth Advancement Pill.

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