Dual Cultivation

Chapter 348 Mysterious Alchemy Master

Chapter 348 Mysterious Alchemy Master

After announcing the price for the Immortal-grade Martial Technique, people began bidding on it.

However, there were not as many bidders as one would have expected, mostly because the majority of people in the room would not be able to Cultivate it even if they bought it.

In fact, only the Elite Sects were bidding for the Martial Technique.

"The Heavenly Swan Sect bids 2,050,000 Spirit Stones."

"The Divine Sword Sect bids 2,300,000 Spirit Stones."

"...2,400,000 Spirit Stones."

"...2,500,000 Spirit Stones."

Sometime later, Lord Xie spoke, "5,000,000 Spirit Stones."

"His Majesty just bid! Looks like the Xie Family will obtain another Immortal-grade technique after today.

The others no longer dared to bid after Lord Xie spoke.

"There's no need to hesitate. If you want it, bid for it. Don't feel like you cannot bid just because I bid for it. We are in the auction house, after all," said Lord Xie after nobody continued bidding.

"It has nothing to do with His Majesty's presence. Although this is a good Martial Technique, it doesn't suit my style. I only wanted to test my luck and see if I could get it for cheap," said the Sect Master of the Heavenly Swan Sect.

"What a coincidence. This old man also had the same idea," said the Divine Sword Sect.

"Since nobody here wants it, then I shall take it." Lord Xie nodded.

"The Ten Thousand Heavenly Needles Technique is sold for 5,000,000 Spirit Stones to the Xie Family! Congratulations!" Wang Shuren announced a moment later.

"The Xie Family is also here this year..."

They have been so quiet today that I thought they weren't here."

"Right? They are usually very aggressive with the bidding and would often buy at least 10 items every time."

After the Xie Family received the Immortal-grade Martial Technique, Wang Shuren immediately announced the next item, which also happened to be the last one for today's auction.

"I will now reveal the final item for today's auction."

Wang Shuren clapped her hands, and her assistants brought out a new cart that carried ten pill bottles with a single pill in each bottle.

"What kind of pill is that? I have never seen such pills before!"

The Alchemy Masters were immediately intrigued when they saw the unfamiliar pills, even feeling an urge to jump onto the stage just to take a closer look.

"Before I tell what kind of pills they are, allow me to tell you that these are newly discovered pills that were concocted by a very close friend of mine. In fact, these pills are so profound that even I cannot hope to concoct them anytime soon." Wang Shuren said.

"What? Even a master like Senior Wang cannot hope to concoct these pills? Who is her friend? I don't recall there being another Alchemy Master as great as Senior Wang, much less better than her."

The Alchemy Masters there expressed surprise.

Wang Shuren continued to speak, "Once I reveal these pills today, the entire Cultivation world will surely enter a new age! And to preserve the current power balance, I will limit the amount of pill each background can buy to one!"

"These pills are that powerful? I cannot wait to hear its effects!"

"A new Cultivation age? That must be an exaggeration, right?"

Lord Xie narrowed his eyes at the pills on the cart while pondering, "Even I don't know what kind of pills they are... As for her friend, if this person is truly more powerful than her in Alchemy, how am I not aware of this individual's identity?"

"As you all know, my Burning Lotus Sect has the Burning Lotus Pills, which will greatly increase one's chances to advance to the Profound Spirit Realm from the Elementary Spirit Realm, 100% chance to be precise," said Wang Shuren, and she continued, "These pills are basically the same as the Burning Lotus Pills, except it will help those at the peak of the True Spirit Realm to breakthrough to the Earth Spirit Realm without fail!"


Once Wang Shuren revealed the effects, everybody in the room stood up from their seat from shock.

Even Lord Xie couldn't help but stand up and stare at the pills in shock.

"Impossible! These pills will help someone at the True Spirit Realm breakthrough to the Earth Spirit Realm without fail?! Have you tested them?!"

"If these pills are real and work as described, the Cultivation world will without a doubt enter a new age where Earth Spirit Realm Cultivators will be more common!"

"Senior Wang, can you please answer us? Have you tested these pills yet?"

Bombarded by questions, Wang Shuren cleared her throat loudly, silencing them.

"I understand your suspicions, as these pills are simply too heaven-defying. However, I have already tested these pills on our own disciples, and out of the ten disciples at the peak of the True Spirit Realm that consumed these pills, ten of them have successfully entered the Earth Spirit Realm!"

"Oh my god! If what she said is true, the Burning Lotus Sect will have experts at the Earth Spirit Realm in every comer very soon!"

Wang Shuren smiled and said, "I will place my reputation as an Alchemy Master on these pills! If they do not work, I will not concoct another pill in my life!"

The people in the room were truly shocked now.

"If she's this confident in these pills, it must be real!"

"Senior Wang's reputation alone is enough to validate the pills!"

"With these pills, the Burning Lotus Sect will become the number one Sect very soon!"

"Senior Wang, if you don't mind answering, which esteemed Alchemy Master concocted these pills, and will we have a chance to greet this individual?" One of the Alchemy Masters there asked.

Wang Shuren shook her head, "I'm sorry but my friend wishes to remain anonymous for now. If you want to greet him, it might be possible. However, it definitely won't be free."

"If there's even a small chance to give my respects to this Master, I'm willing to give up anything!"

"Since you are all so sincere and eager to meet him, I will speak to him about setting up a meeting in the future. If he agrees, I will send a letter to everyone who wishes to attend." Wang Shuren said with a smile on her face.

"Thank you, Senior Wang!"

The people there bowed to her.

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