Dual Cultivation

Chapter 347 Immortal-grade Martial Technique

Chapter 347 Immortal-grade Martial Technique

When the Million Snakes Sect bid 3 million Spirit Stones, a mysterious smile appeared on Su Yang's face, and he spoke, "3,500,000 Spirit Stones."

"This fucking brat! If I don't kill you, I am not a Cultivator!" Fu Kuan gritted his teeth.

"4 million Spirit Stones!"

Su Yang raised his hands again. "4,500,000 Spirit Stones."

He then turned to look at the VIP Room, exactly where Fu Kuan was sitting, almost like he could see him through the black glass and showed him a menacing smile.


Su Yang's menacing smile that looked as though it was filled with scheming sent chills down Fu Kuan's spin.

"This bastard is really trying to use the Ring of Thunder on me! Like I would allow that to happen!"

Fu Kuan tightly grasped his hands into fists, his fingernails digging into the skin and causing it to bleed.

"The Million Snakes Sect bids 6,000,000 Spirit Stones!" he spoke loudly, shocking not just the people in the regular room but also the people within the VIP Room.

Even the Elders standing beside him showed a shocked face.

"S-Sect Master! That's much more than the spending limit we decided! We only retrieved 5 million Spirit Stones for the auction today! And that's counting the emergency funds!"

Fu Kuan growled, "I know that! I had retrieved another million from my own wallet right before we left the Sect just in case, so there's no problem!"

This is 6,000,000 Spirit Stones we are talking about, Sect Master! It'll definitely affect our Sect and its disciples for the next few years!"

"Please think this thoroughly, Sect Master!"

"Even if the Profound Blossom Sect obtains the Ring of Thunder, they only have at most two or three experts within the Earth Spirit Realm! A single Ring of Thunder won't harm us too much! The 6,000,000 Spirit Stones will definitely affect us more!"

After a moment of pondering, Fu Kuan nodded. "However, I have already bid on the item. His Majesty is also here, so I cannot make a fool out of myself by recalling my offer, or else we'll be laughingstocks."

"Don't worry, Sect Master. That brat will definitely try to buy the Ring of Thunder. He's the type that hates to lose." "That's right. He hasn't lost a single bid today. I doubt he'll let this one go either."

However, Su Yang will be disappointing the Million Snakes Sect's expectations, as he purposefully raised the price just so the Million Snakes Sect would waste all of their money. He even tossed a threatening gaze at Fu Kuan just to scare him.

"6,000,000 Spirit Stones going once!" Wang Shuren began counting down.

"What's going on? Why isn't he bidding?"

"Is he really going to let us have this one?"

"What if he's out of money?"

"Shit! This is 6,000,000 Spirit Stones we are talking about!"

"6 million going twice..."

"Shit! Shit! Shit! He's really going to let us have it!"

"That bastard! He's made us waste 6 million Spirit Stones!"

"And sold! The Ring of Thunder shall belong to the Million Snakes Sect!" Wang Shuren handed the Ring of Thunder to one of her assistants to deliver it to them in the VIP Room.

"Hahaha! Congratulations! A powerful Sect such as the Million Snakes Sect truly deserves a good treasure! Treasure it well! You had spent a fortune on it, after all!" Su Yang congratulated them while clapping his hands, dumbfounding everybody there.

After hearing Su Yang's words, everyone from the Million Snakes Sect could feel their blood boiling in anger.

"Sect Master, allow me to take revenge! I want to personally chop him into pieces and feed it to the dogs!"

"No! Let me handle this! I will tear his limbs and drain his blood!"

"Shut up! Great Elder Ren will deal with this!" Fu Kuan growled in a low voice.

He then turned to look at Great Elder Ren and said, "You can kill everyone but him! I want to personally torture him!" "Yes, Sect Master..."

A few minutes later, once the Million Snakes Sect reluctantly paid the 6,000,000 Spirit Stones, emptying their wallets at the same time, Wang Shuren proceeded with the auction.

"There are two more things left in today's auction! Allow me to introduce the next one!"

Wang Shuren retrieved a scroll and showed it to the crowd.

"This is an Immortal-grade Martial Technique! It is called the Ten Thousand Heavenly Needles Technique! There are nine stages to this technique, and each stage will increase the number of needles you can summon by one thousand! As for the power of each needle... it can rival someone at the early stages of the Earth Spirit Realm! Mastering this technique is akin to obtaining the strength often thousand Earth Spirit Realm Cultivators!"

"What a terrifying technique!"

"This world finally has another Immortal-grade technique! It has been 100 years since the last one appeared!"

"Even though it's an incredibly powerful technique, it will probably be incredibly hard to cultivate it, as well."

"As much as I want it for my Sect, I doubt there will be anybody that can cultivate it properly."

"Wow... it's an Immortal-grade technique! This is my first time seeing one! Senior apprentice-brother, will you also be buying that?"

The Junior Disciples asked Su Yang. Even Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but look at him.

Su Yang merely shook his head and said, "It's just an Immortal-grade technique."

If he wanted to, he could bring out over a dozen Immortal-grade techniques for the Profound Blossom Sect.

"What's more, even if we obtain it, we won't be able to cultivate it. Unlike Cultivation Techniques, Martial Techniques require a large amount of power to cultivate it properly. You will need to be at least a Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivator to learn this Ten Thousand Heavenly Needle Technique."

"Heavenly Spirit Realm... Even the Sect Master is only at the Earth Spirit Realm..." The Junior Disciples sighed.

“The starting price for the Ten Thousand Heavenly Needle Technique will be 2,000,000 Spirit Stones!" Wang Shuren announced.

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