Dual Cultivation

Chapter 346 Ring of Thunder

Chapter 346 Ring of Thunder

"The Divine Sword Sect is finally joining the auction. It'll be hard to win against them."

The people there shook their heads in regret. If only they were as wealthy as the Divine Sword Sect. "550,000 Spirit Stones." Su Yang casually raised his hands, dumbfounding everyone there.

"He's trying to offend the Divine Sword Sect, too?"

"More importantly, how does he still have money to bid? Where are his resources coming from?" The guests sighed at his unfathomable wealth.

"600,000 Spirit Stones."

The Divine Sword Sect continued to bid.

"650,000." Su Yang raised his hands again.

"700,000 Spirit Stones."

By now, they were the only ones bidding for the Hellfire Seeds.

The Divine Sword Sect did not immediately bid and remained silent for a moment.

"Youngster, why don't you save some face for this old man? This Hellfire Seeds is an important resource for our disciples. 710,000 Spirit Stones."

The voice of an old man suddenly resounded in Su Yang's ears, and it carried the Cultivation from someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

"What a coincidence, the Hellfire Seed is also an important resource for me," said Su Yang without glancing at the VIP Room. "720,000 Spirit Stones."

"So you refuse to give me face despite asking respectfully, huh? Very well. You may have this Hellfire Seed. I hope it was worth it."

"It's really over for him! He's offended even the Divine Sword Sect!"

The people watching silently prayed for Su Yang. It'd be a miracle if he manages to survive even a single day after leaving this city.

Su Yang handed Wang Shuren the Spirit Stones and accepted the Hellfire Seed.

He looked at it with a slight smile on his face.

"This Hellfire Seed is much better in quality than I'd expected. It'll definitely boost my Cultivation by at least three levels once I consume it. However, I need to find more partners before I consume it. Just the disciples at the Profound Blossom Sect will not be enough to deal with me after I consume it."

Once he consumes the Hellfire Seeds, he will be in a situation where he'll need to release the Yang Qi in his body just like when he needed Lan Liqing's help for the Pure Yang Flower. However, the Hellfire Seed is at least one hundred times stronger than the Pure Yang Flower. Even if he has every female disciple in the Profound Blossom Sect to help him, they will surely be exhausted before his body.

Therefore, he will need to find many more people that will be willing to cultivate with him before consuming the Hellfire Seed.

"I guess I will consume the Hellfire Seed after the Regional Tournament and after I find more partners," he pondered to himself as he tossed the Hellfire Seed into his storage ring.

"So he's not going to be giving that away this time..." The people watching him thought to themselves.

Once Wang Shuren returned to the stage, she announced the second item for the second half of the auction.

"The second item will be a Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure — Ring of Thunder — which has the ability to summon a lightning strike from the Heavens to smite your enemies! Each lightning strike has overwhelming power that is devastating enough to kill someone even at the Heavenly Spirit Realm if they are caught off guard! However, you can only use this ability once before needing to recharge it during a thunderstorm to use it again, and your Cultivation needs to be at least within the Earth Spirit Realm to activate it!"

"Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure?! And it can even kill someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm! What a horrifying item!"

Despite the requirements and restrictions for it, everybody in the room wanted to get their hands on this Ring of Thunder.

Even if the Ring of Thunder can only be used once in its lifetime and breaks afterward, these people would still be willing to pay a fortune for its ability that can decide whether a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert lives or dies.

How many Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivators are there in this world? One can even count all of them with just their two hands. What's more, every Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivator has enormous influence around the world no matter where they go. To have an item with the ability to kill someone so profound and powerful is priceless!

Wang Shuren revealed the Ring of Thunder to the crowd. It had the appearance of an ordinary silver ring but covered with purple lines that resembled lightning streaks.

"Besides its powerful ability, this Ring of Thunder also has an impressive background, as it was found within the Divine Doors that has since disappeared almost a year ago! Hence it is very likely that it used to belong to an Immortal!"

"The starting price for the Ring of Thunder will be 500,000 Spirit Stones!" Wang Shuren then announced.

"I am glad that I didn't waste my money before seeing this Ring of Thunder! I will buy it even if I empty my entire wallet today! The Li Family bids 600,000 Spirit Stones!"

"This Ring of Thunder is mine! The Huo Family bids 1,000,000 Spirit Stones!"

The Divine Sword Sect bids 1,200,000 Spirit Stones!"

"1,500,000 Spirit Stones from the Heavenly Swan Sect!"

Su Yang also raised his hands and spoke, "2,000,000 Spirit Stones."

Inside the VIP Room, Fu Kuan stared at the Ring of Thunder with a frown on his face.

"I had planned on letting that brat from the Profound Blossom Sect buy everything and steal it afterward. However, if he obtains this Ring of Thunder, it can threaten even my life! I cannot let him obtain it!"

Thinking this, Fu Kuan began bidding once again, "Million Snakes Sect bids 3,000,000 Spirit Stones!"

The sudden spike in price shocked the people that were bidding for it. To think it would suddenly increase by one million Spirit Stones in the blink of an eye!

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