Dual Cultivation

Chapter 345 Considering Engagemen

Chapter 345 Considering Engagemen


"Has she gone mad? How could she give such an exalted position to someone so young and arrogant, not to mention his crazy spending habits? He'll definitely be the final nail for their coffin."

"Even though the Profound Blossom Sect is a minor Sect, he is one of if not the youngest individual to ever become a Sect Master..."

The people there were mostly baffled by Liu Lanzhi's decision to make someone as young and arrogant as Su Yang to become a Sect Master, as they believe that he will only bring their Sect closer to destruction and at a faster rate.

In fact, most of them were already guessing how quickly he would ruin them.

"As expected of my Elder Brother... to become a Sect Master already..." Su Yin chuckled.

"Umm... how should I address you now that you've become a Sect Master?" Zhang Xiu Ying asked with an awkward expression.

"Just use whatever you feel more comfortable," said Su Yang. "That goes for the little ones, too. If it makes you feel more comfortable, just call me senior apprentice-brother like always."

Meanwhile, inside the VIP Room, Lord Xie was deep in his pondering.

"Does he really plan on making the Profound Blossom Sect one of the most powerful backgrounds in the Eastern Continent? That will, without a doubt, throw the power balance in this world all over the place!"

Lord Xie did not doubt that Su Yang wouldn't be able to achieve his seemingly impossible ambition. In fact, he believed that even if Su Yang doesn't actively do anything, as long as he remains in that place, the Profound Blossom Sect is destined to become the carp that leaps over dragon's gate.

"Where did he achieve such strength in such a short amount of time? According to the reports, he just reached 17 years old! What will become of this world ten years from now? Does he have a true Immortal as his Master?"

Lord Xie couldn't even imagine Su Yang's future one year from now when he's already at the Heavenly Spirit Realm at such a young age, much less ten years later.

"The disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect have also undergone heaven-defying changes this year! To think that they'd have two disciples that have reached the Earth Spirit Realm! Is everything about Su Yang related to the mysterious Immortal that is currently protecting the Profound Blossom Sect from the Million Snakes Sect? Maybe I should visit him after the Regional Tournament."

Lord Xie was beginning to believe that giving his daughter's hand to Su Yang, who has an unparalleled talent and a truly limitless future, might not seem like a bad idea, after all.

"If he can really heal my daughter's condition and stay alive even after offending so many people, I'll consider engaging the two seriously then..." Lord Xie silently nodded to himself.

A few minutes later, Wang Shuren returned to the stage with her two beautiful assistants.

"Thank you all for the wait. We will now begin the second and last part of the auction," she said loudly, and continued,

"If you were surprised by the treasures auctioned in the first half, then you should prepare yourselves for what we have in store for you in just a few moments!"

"Before we start, I have an announcement to make. The Three Seasons Snake's Blood that was supposed to be auctioned in the second half will no longer be available, as His Majesty had personally requested for it. I apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused."

Some people shook their heads in regret after hearing the news, as they were looking forward to buying the Three Seasons Snake's Blood that can be refined into a powerful pill. However, since His Majesty, Lord Xie, also had his eyes on it, it would be pointless to auction it since nobody would even dare to challenge him for it.

"Since it's His Majesty, there's no reason for Fairy Wang to apologize!"

"Don't worry, Senior Wang. We are not unreasonable people. You are not to be blamed."

The guests were understanding of the situation and did not make it difficult for her.

Wang Shuren nodded and continued, "Then without further ado, allow me to announce the next treasure!"

The two assistants removed the cover on the cart and revealed a wooden box that was slightly larger than an adult's hand.

"Inside this wooden box is the Hellfire Seed that is overflowing with Yang Qi! Legend has it that if swallowed, even someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm could breakthrough three levels with ease! However, because the Yang Qi is too violent and uncontrollable, even those at the Heavenly Spirit Realm cannot consume it without exploding to death! Instead of consumption, Hellfire Seeds are most commonly used to increase the Profound Qi in an enclosed room. If placed inside a room, the Profound Qi within the room will become at least twice as plentiful and dense, greatly increasing your cultivation rate while inside that room!"

"It's finally the Hellfire Seed's turn to be auctioned!"

"I have been waiting for this!"

Pretty much everybody in the room became excited for the Hellfire Seeds, as it can turn even an ordinary room into a divine area filled with rich Qi for cultivators!

In other words, the Hellfire Seed will greatly increase the overall strength of one's Family or Sect, hence why everybody there has their eyes on it.

“The starting price for the Hellfire Seed will be 100,000 Spirit Stones!"

Immediately after Wang Shuren announced the price, dozens of hands went into the air, and the price for the Hellfire Seed skyrocketed within moments.

"The Wu Family bids 150,000 Spirit Stones!"

The Huo Family bids 180,000 Spirit Stones!"

"The Heavenly Swan Sect bids 250,000 Spirit Stones!"

"The Wang Family bids 255,000 Spirit Stones!"

"The Dragon Fists Sect bids 270,000 Spirit Stones!"

"...300,000 Spirit Stones!"

"...375,000 Spirit Stones!"

"...390,000 Spirit Stones!"

"The Divine Sword Sect bids 500,000 Spirit Stones!"

The Divine Sword Sect, one of if not the strongest Elite Sect, suddenly joined the battle for the first time today, surprising many people there.

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