Dual Cultivation

Chapter 342 Openly Challenging the Million Snakes Sec

Chapter 342 Openly Challenging the Million Snakes Sec


Wang Shuren held a long sword with a red blade in her hands, showing the crowd the elegance of the Fiery Fairy Sword.

"This beauty in my hands is not only sharp but it also contains a skill that is comparable to a strike from someone at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm inside! Although I would love to demonstrate the skill, it'll blow away this auction house, so I'll refrain from it."

"Good lord! It's a Spiritual Treasure with a technique inside!"

The guests were shocked.

Spiritual Treasures with skills are incredibly rare and sought after by almost every cultivator, as it allows them to use strengths that go beyond their normal capability and defeat enemies that are above their current realm.

For example, if a cultivator at the True Spirit Realm were to wield the Fiery Fairy Sword, that person would have a good chance of beating someone in the Earth Spirit Realm because of the power stored inside the treasure.

In terms of value, the Fiery Fairy Sword would definitely be more valuable than the Purple Poison Bell in some people's eyes.

"The starting bid for the Fiery Fairy Sword will be 15,000 Spirit Stones!" Wang Shuren said.

"The Kang Family bids 17,000 Spirit Stones!"

"The Heavenly Swan Sect bids 30,000 Spirit Stones!"

The auction house turned quiet for a moment after the Heavenly Swan Sect instantly doubled its price.

"31... 31,000 Spirit Stones!"

"The Ye Family bids 32,000 Spirit Stones!"

"The Million Snakes Sect bids 40,000 Spirit Stones!"

"50,000 Spirit Stones!"

Although he remained silent at first, the moment the Million Snakes Sect made their bid, Su Yang raised his hand and instantly outbid them.

By now, it was clear to the guests that he is purposefully outbidding against the Million Snakes Sect and slapping their faces in public.

"Why would he purposefully try and offend the Million Snakes Sect?"

"Ah, if I recall correctly, the Million Snakes Sect had chased away many disciples from their place, bringing them to the brink of destruction. However, that only makes his efforts to slap their face even more foolish. What are they going to do if the Million Snakes Sect decides to raid their place?"

"So they have that kind of relationship, huh... But how does such a weak Sect have so many resources? That young man alone has bid over 100,000 Spirit Stones now! And we are only at the second item!"

"Perhaps all that money was supposed to be given to the disciples that left, who knows."

Meanwhile, inside the VIP Room, Fu Kuan was gnashing his teeth in anger.

"A mere disciple from that weak place dares to challenge my Million Snakes Sect?! If not for that Immortal, I could easily destroy that place with just my fingers!"

"55,000 Spirit Stones!" Fu Kuan continued to bid.

"60,000 Spirit Stones." Su Yang casually outbid him again.

"Great Elder, I want him to die a slow and painful death!" Fu Kuan growled in a vengeful voice.

A moment later, Fu Kuan laughed inwardly, "Go ahead and buy everything from the auction for me, you little bastard! Once we take care of you, I'll just take it from your dead bodies!"

Thinking this, Fu Kuan no longer bidded for the item.

In another corner inside the VIP Room, Lord Xie glanced at Fu Kuan with the comer of his eyes. After investigating Su Yang, he became aware of their feud.

"Should I stop them, or should I let him handle it?" he silently pondered.

"The Fiery Fairy Sword will be sold for 60,000 Spirit Stones!"

Once again, Wang Shuren delivered the item to Su Yang after he paid the Spirit Stones.

"Sect Master, this sword is a little bit too elegant for me. You can take it." Su Yang casually handed her the Fiery Fairy Sword.

Liu Lanzhi's jaw dropped to the floor upon hearing his words. "W-What are you trying to do, Su Yang?"

She immediately became suspicious of his actions.

"Contributing to the Sect," he calmly responded.

"Do you really think that I will believe that?"

Su Yang shook his head and turned to look at Su Yin, who was glaring at him with a dazed face.

"Here, you can have it."

Since she was sitting right beside him, Su Yang handed the Fiery Fairy Sword to her, or more precisely, he pushed it into her grasp.

"T-Thank you, Elder Brother! I will treasure this forever!" Su Yin felt the urge to cry as the natural heat from the Fiery Fairy Sword filled her body with warmth.

"What the fuck? How rich is this bastard? Which family is he from?"

"That young lady beside him is the Su Family's princess, Su Yin, and she just called him Elder Brother, so maybe he's from the Su Family?"

"Even the Su Family cannot afford to spend money like this!"

The people there became increasingly interested in Su Yang's background. If they can befriend someone as rich and generous as him...

"I would love to befriend him, even give my daughter to him, but alas, he has offended the Million Snakes Sect. It's not worth dragging my family into their problem."

"You have a point. It's truly a pity..."

Once Wang Shuren returned to the stage, she immediately introduced the next item.

"If there are any Alchemy Masters in this place, the next item is a must-have." Wang Shuren revealed to the guests a black cauldron that was half her height and as wide as two adults.

When the Alchemy Masters saw the black cauldron, their eyes immediately lit up with excitement.

"That's the Shapeless Cauldron!"

Some of the people in the room recognized the black cauldron.

"That's right. This is indeed the Shapeless Cauldron. If you concoct pills using this profound cauldron, the quality of the pill will automatically increase by 10%! What's more, you can change its size at will and carry it with you wherever you go!"

After saying those words, Wang Shuren used her Profound Qi to shrink the Shapeless Cauldron until it was the size of a teacup, before reverting it back to its normal size.

"I must get this Shapeless Cauldron even if I have to spend a fortune!"

"Such a treasure will only be wasted in your hands, old man! Let this revered master take it off your hands!"

The Alchemy Masters there glared at each other with fierce eyes.

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