Dual Cultivation

Chapter 341 Purple Poison Bell

Chapter 341 Purple Poison Bell

After announcing the name of the first item for auction, Wang Shuren removed the veil that covered the red cart, revealing to the guests a small purple-colored bell.

"This Purple Poison Bell will be an excellent life-saving treasure for your loved ones. Once activated, it will create a shield around your body that will not only negate damage but inflict poison to those who strike it. Furthermore, unless they are at least within the Heavenly Spirit Realm, they shouldn't even think about breaking its defense."

"I will now demonstrate it."

Wang Shuren carefully picked up the purple bell and gently rang it.

The next second, a purple-colored barrier circled around Wang Shuren's body with dangerous-looking spikes covering the entire barrier.

"What a good treasure!"

"I must have this Spiritual Treasure! Having this item is akin to having a second life!"

"I will definitely get this treasure for my daughter even if I have to spend a fortune on it!"

The guests in the room immediately became rowdy, as many of them desired for this defensive item that could block any attack below the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

"This Purple Poison Bell, our Million Snakes Sect must obtain it!" Fu Kuan exclaimed with excitement.

After putting the Purple Poison Bell back onto the cart, Wang Shuren raised all ten of her fingers and spoke, "The starting bid for the Purple Poison Bell will be 10,000 Spirit Stones!"

"10,000 Spirit Stones?!"

The Junior Disciples were shocked by the astronomical price. This is their first time being so close to something worth so much money.

"The Jiang Family bids 11,000 Spirit Stones!"

"The Wu Family bids 11,500 Spirit Stones!"

"The Lightning Rod Sect bids 13,000 Spirit Stones!"

The guests bid fiercely, and within seconds, the highest bid became 20,000 Spirit Stones.

"The Million Snakes Sect bids 30,000 Spirit Stones!"

Fu Kuan used his Profound Qi to transfer his voice from the VIP Room to the bidding room.

"The Million Snakes Sect is also here!" Liu Lanzhi frowned. She should've known that they would also be here.

"Oh my god... it's the Million Snakes Sect! They must have already recognized us!"

The Junior Disciples began trembling in fear.

"Brother, if I recall correctly, the Million Snakes Sect had chased most of the Profound Blossom Sect's disciple away. Are you worried about them?" Su Yin asked him.

"In my eyes, the Million Snakes Sect is no different than the Wang Family." Su Yang smiled.

He then raised his hands and spoke loudly, "40,000 Spirit Stones!"


Liu Lanzhi and the Junior Disciples snapped their heads to look at Su Yang with shocked expressions on their faces. Since when did he become so rich?!

"It's that young man again... He even dared to bid against the Million Snakes Sect."

Meanwhile, inside the VIP Room, Fu Kuan stared at Su Yang with a slightly red face and tightly grasped fists.

"So you want to fight with my Million Snakes Sect to the end, huh?! Good! This Senior will play with you! Let's see how much resources a Sect that's on the brink of destruction could afford to waste!"

"50,000 Spirit Stones!" Fu Kuan's voice resounded again within the bidding room.

"60,000 Spirit Stones." Su Yang's voice immediately followed the second Fu Kuan's voice ended.

"T-This bastard!" Fu Kuan's body trembled in anger.

A normal Earth-grade Spiritual Weapon would usually go for around 25,000 Spirit Stones, but since it's a defensive treasure, it's price will fluctuate depending on the effects. In this case, a defensive treasure that can defend against any attacks below the Heavenly Spirit Realm, paying 40,000 Spirit Stones for it would not be outrageous.

However, paying over 60,000 Spirit Stones is another story. It's simply too wasteful even for a place like the Million Snakes Sect.

"60,000 Spirit Stones going once..."

"Going twice..."

"And it's sold to this young man from the Profound Blossom Sect!"

"Senior apprentice-brother, you are so rich..." The Junior Disciples stared at him with wide mouths.

After the first bid ended, Wang Shuren personally handed Su Yang the Purple Poison Bell.

"Here's the 60,000 Spirit Stones." Su Yang nonchalantly handed her a storage pouch.

Wang Shuren took a second to confirm the amount and transferred the 60,000 Spirit Stones to her own storage pouch, before returning to Su Yang his empty pouch.

After accepting Purple Poison Bell, Su Yang turned to look at Liu Lanzhi and spoke, "Sect Master, keep this for the Sect. You can give it to a disciple in the future or use it for yourself."

He then tossed the Purple Poison Bell into her hands without any hesitation, treating it as though it was an ordinary bell.

Liu Lanzhi caught the purple bell with trembling hands and stared at him with a dazed face afterward. "Are... Are you sure? But you used your own money..."

"If you don't want it, I can give it to someone else." Su Yang quickly responded.

"N-Nonsense! Who said that I don't want it?" Afraid that he might suddenly change his mind, Liu Lanzhi swiftly tossed the Purple Poison Bell into her storage ring.

"Thank you, Su Yang..." she thanked him afterward. "I will reward you for your contribution later..."

Su Yang did not say anything and merely smiled.

Meanwhile, nearly every pair of eyes in the room looked at Liu Lanzhi with envious gazes.

"To have such a generous disciple, she must be laughing even in her sleep..."

"Haaa…Why don't I have rich disciples like him? Even if I do, none of them would even be one-tenth as generous as him."

You guys should learn from him — not that I am expecting any of you to spend tens of thousands of Spirit Stones..."

After Wang Shuren returned to the stage, she immediately announced the second item for the auction.

"The second item today will be another Spiritual Treasure. However, instead of defense, it dominates with sheer strength! Allow me to introduce this Earth-grade Spiritual Treasure — the Fiery Fairy Sword!"

"It's another Earth-grade Spiritual Treasure!"

"This year's auction is already much better than any of the previous ones! And we are only at the second item!"

The crowd cheered loudly.

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