Dual Cultivation

Chapter 340 A Cunning Snake

Chapter 340 A Cunning Snake

After returning to the VIP Room, Wang Fuzhi was approached by Wang Shuren, who held a deep frown on her face. "S-Sister? I know that you are angry about Wang Shichong but—"

You think I give a damn about that useless son of yours?" Wang Shuren quickly interrupted.

"Because you are my brother by blood, I will warn you right now that if you offend Su Yang, even I will not be able to help you!"

S-Su Yang? Are you talking about that insolent brat down there? What can he..."


Wang Shuren swung her palm across Wang Fuzhi's face without holding back, causing a sharp sound to resound within the room.

The other people there looked at them with a slightly dumbfounded expression. None of them expected Wang Shuren to be so merciless against even her own family.

"I will not warn you again."

Wang Shuren turned around and approached Lord Xie, who was looking at her with an interested gaze.

Your Majesty, if you'll excuse me, I will leave now."

"Before you leave, I would like to ask if you know that young man down there," said Lord Xie. "You seem to know him very well."

After a moment of silence, Wang Shuren said, "Yes, Your Majesty."

"Do you mind telling me a little about it?"

"We have done some business in the past, and even now, we are supplying their Sect with our medicine pills," she said.

Lord Xie noticed that Wang Shuren was being vague with her responses, but he did not want to probe any further and nodded.

You may leave," he said a moment later.

Wang Shuren bowed before leaving.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the VIP room, two figures were staring at the Profound Blossom Sect with narrowed eyes.

"They are the Profound Blossom Sect?"

"That is correct, Sect Master."

"Hmph! How could such a weak-looking bunch receive protection from someone so almighty? What does that Senior even see in them that's worth protecting?"

The Sect Master of the Million Snakes Sect, Fu Kuan, coldly snorted as he gazed at the Profound Blossom Sect with killing intent in his eyes.

"Sect Master, although we couldn't act before due to that Immortal mentioned by Elder Wan, we can still deal with them before they return to that place. After all, I doubt that the Immortal would follow them all the way here," said the figure beside Fu Kuan. "What's more, their Sect Master is also here. If we get rid of her, the Profound Blossom Sect will collapse by itself."

"That's not a bad idea, but what if that Immortal decides to avenge their deaths and cause trouble for us?" Fu Kuan asked.

"We can just push the blame to someone else. Without proof, even an Immortal cannot touch us without tarnishing their reputation. And in perfect timing, that young man just offended the Wang Family. We can use them as a cover."

"Hahaha..." Fu Kuan laughed in a low voice. "You are such a cunning snake, Great Elder Ren."

"Thank you for the compliment, Sect Elder."

"I'll let you handle this, Great Elder. Don't screw it up." Fu Kuan said to him.

"Rest assured, Sect Master. They'll disappear from this world and nobody will ever have a clue..."

While the Million Snakes Sect looked forward to the Profound Blossom Sect's demise, in another corner inside the VIP room, four beautiful women were also in a conversation regarding the Profound Blossom Sect.

"So that's Su Yang, Su Yin's elder brother..."

The Sect Master of the Heavenly Swan Sect, Bai Lihua, looked at Su Yang with piqued interest.

"Su Yin wasn't exaggerating at all when she said that he's the most handsome man in the world... At least I haven't seen anyone with better looks at him."

The Elders beside Bai Lihua chuckled.

"Indeed. If the Heavenly Swan Sect wasn't a female-only Sect, I would've gladly invited him to join us," said Bai Lihua.

"Is that the Sect Master of the Profound Blossom Sect behind him? I must admire her talent. It's not easy to remain so young and beautiful at her age. She looks no different than someone still in their twenties."

"Are you jealous?"

You aren't?"

"Maybe we should ask her for advice after the auction when we finally bring Su Yin back to our side."

"Okay, quiet down. The auction is starting now."

At this moment, Wang Shuren appeared on the stage with hundreds of people instantly charmed by her alluring figure and beautiful face.

"I apologize for the delay, so without ado, let us begin this year's auction in Snowfall City!"

The room instantly exploded with excitement from the crowd.

"I have been waiting for this!"

"You are looking very beautiful today, Senior Wang!"

"I love you, Fairy Wang!!!"

People seemed to be more excited about seeing Wang Shuren than the auction itself.

Wang Shuren kept the bright smile on her face and signaled two other beauties to enter the stage.

The two beautiful assistants also pushed a red cart covered by a thick veil onto the stage.

"Before I announce the first item, I would like to explain a few ground rules for today's auction."

Wang Shuren raised three fingers and began counting them.

"Firstly, if you want to bid on an item, you must bid at least 100 Spirit Stones of the item's current price. If that item exceeds 100,000 Spirit Stones, then the minimum bid will be increased to 1,000 Spirit Stones! If it exceeds one million Spirit Stones, then it will be increased to 10,000 Spirit Stones!"

"Secondly, the money must be paid in full after winning the bid and given to you immediately after the payment. If you wish to pick up the item after the auction, that can also be arranged."

"And finally, you may use treasures to replace Spirit Stones, but the Burning Lotus Sect will auction it on the spot for Spirit Stones, and its value will be based on the final results. As for those bidding on that treasure, you may only use Spirit Stones."

"With that being said, I will now present the first item for today's auction — An Earth-grade Spiritual Treasure with defensive properties — the Purple Poison Bell!"

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