Dual Cultivation

Chapter 339 Are You Trying to Bring Down the Entire Wang Family With You?

Chapter 339 Are You Trying to Bring Down the Entire Wang Family With You?

"Hey, watch where you swing that toy. There are children here, and you are scaring them." Su Yang pointed to the Junior Disciples that were all trembling in their seats.

"Even if Senior Wang is his aunt, there is a limit to his behavior. How can he be brazen enough to claim that he will kill someone in this city before so many people? What's more, the Wang Family is not even that influential. If not for Senior Wang, they wouldn't be invited to this auction house in the first place."

The people shook their heads after hearing Wang Shichong's words. There are plenty of experts with profound backgrounds in this place that wouldn't dare to say such arrogant words, yet some junior from a small family had the guts to claim that his Wang Family is above the law.

"If someone from the Xie Family hears of this, the Wang Family will have to answer to them later."

However, despite disagreeing with him, nobody there actually bothered to stop Wang Shichong from trying to kill Su Yang, as none of them wanted to get involved with either side.

"Die for me, you bastard!" Wang Shichong loudly roared.


Just as Wang Shichong was prepared to swing his sword, a shadowy figure rushed into the room and grabbed his arm, restricting his movements.

"F-Father!" A wide smile appeared on Wang Shichong's face once he realized who'd just arrived.

"You came at the right time, father! That bastard over there dared to hit my face and disgrace the Wang Family's reputation before so many people! I want him dead!" Wang Shichong pointed to Su Yang with his sword.

However, Wang Fuzhi, his father, suddenly raised his hand and slapped Wang Shichong in the face, shouting in a voice filled with anger afterward, "The one disgracing the Wang Family here is none other than you! How dare you claim that you are above the law! Are you trying to bring down the entire Wang Family with you?! Just you wait! Once we return home, I will educate you properly so that you won't follow the same path as Wang Ming!"

"What?!" Wang Shichong nearly choked from shock after seeing the fuming expression on his father's face. "B-But he struck me first! And he even knows something about Wang Ming's death!"

Wang Fuzhi frowned upon hearing that, and his gaze turned to look at Su Yang, who was casually standing there like he was not involved with any of this.

"We can deal with him afterward! His Majesty, Lord Xie, is currently here! We cannot do anything stupid before him!"

He spoke to Wang Shichong using Profound Qi.

"His Majesty is here?!" Wang Shichong was greatly shocked by this news. He finally realized why his father stopped him from killing Su Yang, even scolding him in public.

"I'm sorry, father. I will reflect on my behavior." Wang Shichong said with his head lowered.

"You can return to the hotel for now. I will deal with you later." Wang Fuzhi said to him.

Wang Shichong nodded and quickly left the auction house, followed by his friends.

After Wang Shichong left, Wang Fuzhi approached Su Yang and stared at him narrowed eyes.

"I will punish my son for his actions today, but I will also have you bear responsibility for causing trouble for my Wang Family. Don't think that there will be no consequences for offending the Wang Family! As for what you know about Wang Ming's death, I will have you spew everything!"

Su Yang chuckled and said, "The Wang Family? Without Wang Shuren, what status do you even have? You can't even educate your own son properly, yet you want to deal with me? That’s a good joke."

Y-You insolent little bastard!" Wang Fuzhi did not expect some random junior to speak back to him, much less scold him, and his face immediately flushed red. "Although I cannot kill you, I can still cripple you right now!"

"You want to cripple me? Based on what qualifications? Your laughable cultivation base that is only at the 3rd level Earth Spirit Realm?" Su Yang said.

Wang Fuzhi's eyes widened with shock. "He can see my cultivation base?"

However, when he tried to look at Su Yang's cultivation base, he was unable to sense anything. It was almost like standing before a Mortal who has yet to cultivate. But someone who hasn't cultivated wouldn't have had the ability or strength to send Wang Shichong across the room with a single slap!

"This young man... he's a formidable one!"

It was not only Wang Fuzhi who realized this. Even the other experts in the room noticed something about Su Yang was amiss, almost like he was shrouded in mysteries.

"Since that person is watching, I will not raise my hands today. However, once you leave this city, don't even think about running away from me! I will have you reveal all of your secrets!"

Wang Fuzhi coldly snorted and left the room.

"Are you okay, Su Yang?" Liu Lanzhi approached him with a worried face. "Why did you have to go and offend the Wang Family? Not only did you slap their eldest son but you also scolded the head of the Wang Family before the presence of so many experts! How will we explain this to Wang Shuren, now?"

She was more worried about Wang Shuren than the entirety of the Wang Family. Although Liu Lanzhi was confident that she could protect Su Yang from Wang Fuzhi, if Wang Shuren also decides to go after him, she will no longer be able to protect him.

"Senior apprentice-brother, this is all because we wanted to come here and occupied so many seats..."

The Junior Disciples felt the urge to cry. In their eyes, Su Yang only acted because he wanted to preserve their seats.

"Brother, you don't have to worry about the Wang Family! I will speak to our father and force him to use some connections to drive them away!" Su Yin said to him with a reassuring face.

"Su Yang, I will also speak with Senior Wang. You are her guest, and she personally gave you these seats. Since it was Wang Shichong who started everything, I'm sure that she will understand." Zhang Xiu Ying also tried to lessen his worries.

"Hahaha..." Su Yang couldn't help but burst out laughing. "Why are you guys more worried than me? Nothing will happen to me even if you don't do anything."

Su Yang casually returned to his seat and continued, "The auction should be starting soon. Just forget about the small commotion just now and enjoy the occasion. And don't blame yourselves, little ones, as there is nothing wrong with wanting to come here."

The Junior Disciples exchanged glances with each other. Since Su Yang did not seem to be worried even the slightest, they were also influenced by his carefree attitude.

"If senior apprentice-brother is not worried, why should we?"

"Right? Even senior apprentice-brother said it himself — the Wang Family is nothing! What can they do to him, who has the power to eradicate a thousand bandits alone?"

With the Junior Disciples now free of worry, Liu Lanzhi and the others could only shake their heads and also try to not think too much about them. They can worry about the Wang Family after the auction.

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