Dual Cultivation

Chapter 338 Unexpected Guest at the Auction House

Chapter 338 Unexpected Guest at the Auction House

After Su Yang slapped Wang Shichong, the people following Wang Shichong laughed nervously.

"Y-You are courting death! The Wang Family's Patriarch must have witnessed your actions just now from the VIP Room! It will only be a matter of time before he arrives!"

They pointed to the strip of black glass above them on the wall that surrounded the room, where the people behind could see everything happening in the regular room.

Meanwhile, inside the VIP Room, a middle-aged man had his hands tightly gripped into a fist as his gaze narrowed on Su Yang's face.

"T-That bastard actually dared to hit my son!" he mumbled while gnashing his teeth in anger.

"Hahaha! Patriarch Wang, what are you going to do about that boy? He slapped your Wang Family's face without hesitation!"

The other VIPs in the room began enticing him to punish Su Yang.

"I don't need you to remind me!" Wang Chen, the head of the Wang Family and Wang Shichong's father coldly snorted. "But I won't do anything right now! He only managed to connect the hit because my son wasn't paying attention! Now that he has slapped Shichong's face, my son will deal with that boy himself!"

Just as he spoke those words, Wang Shichong could be seen getting up from the floor.

"You son of a bitch! How dare you hit my face?! I will fucking skin you alive even if you are Wang Ming's friend!"

Roared Wang Shichong as he retrieved a sword from his storage ring that emitted the aura of an Earth-grade Spiritual Treasure.

"You want to kill me? Have you forgotten where we are? In case you forgot, let me remind you that this is Snowfall City, where murder is prohibited! If not for it, you would not be standing right now, much less continue barking like a dog!" Su Yang said to him in a mocking tone.

"Hahaha! That kind of rule is something only people without any background would follow! Who am I?! I am Wang Shichong, Eldest Son of the great Wang Family! My cousin is Wang Shuren, an Alchemy Master highly regarded by even the Xie Family! Even if I kill someone like you, I will not be punished!" Wang Shichong laughed like a maniac.

Su Yang shook his head and mumbled, "As expected of Wang Ming's elder brother."

Meanwhile, inside the VIP room.

"Hahaha! What did I just say, Patriarch Wu? My son will handle this even without my help!" Wang Chen proudly announced.

However, the room remained dead silent. In fact, it was so unnaturally silent that Wang Chen unconsciously turned around to see why nobody responded to his words.

After he turned around, Wang Chen realized why the room was so quiet.

It was simply because they were all focused on something else.

"Hoh? Since when did the Wang Family suddenly become so powerful that they are even above the law enforced by my Xie Family?"

A middle-aged man with sharp facial features and a domineering aura spoke in a calm voice as he walked into the VIP room.

"I-Impossible... W-What is he doing here?!" Wang Chen's eyes widened with shock and terror when he realized who had spoken just now.

"We greet His Majesty!"

Everybody in the VIP room immediately took a knee and greeted Lord Xie's presence, who showed up unannounced. Following behind Lord Xie was Wang Shuren, her expression pale and filled with worry.

"What have you done, you stupid brother?!" she cried inwardly.

Y-Your Majesty! It's a misunderstanding! Please do not take to heart what my foolish son just said! I will properly educate him afterward!" Wang Chen kowtowed on the floor and begged.

However, Lord Xie walked past him and looked at the situation behind the glass wall, or more specifically, at Su Yang's figure.

"What is he doing? To be toying with someone like Wang Shichong, does he have no shame?"

Since he was aware of Su Yang’s real strength, he couldn't help but see this situation as the strong bullying the weak while disguised as a weakling, making him question Su Yang's motives.

"Patriarch of the Wang Family, if you don't want your eldest son to die a pointless death, I suggest you to quickly stop his foolishness right now." Lord Xie suddenly said.

"As His Majesty commands!" Wang Chen immediately rushed outside of the room.

Your Majesty, about that worthless Wang Shichong, I beg your pardon for his unruly mouth just now." Wang Shuren bowed to him.

Although she couldn't care less about Wang Shichong's life, the entire Wang Family might be punished because of his words that could be considered treason.

You don't have to worry, Alchemy Master Wang. I am not an unreasonable man. I won't punish your family because of some child's rambling. But, it would be for the best if you educate him properly so this doesn't happen again in the future."

"The Wang Family will not disappoint His Majesty. This will not happen again." Wang Shuren said with her head still lowered.

"I will take your word for it." Lord Xie nodded, and he continued, "By the way, I know I said that I will leave after obtaining the Three Seasons Snake's Blood, but I have just decided to stay around for a little bit longer. You also don't have to announce my presence here. I don't want to affect the atmosphere down there."

His only reason for coming to this place initially was for the Three Seasons Snake's Blood, one of the poisons listed on the paper Su Yang gave him. He even came in person because he did not want to risk losing the item that was required to heal his daughter's condition. But learning that Su Yang is also in the auction house, he could no longer leave so quickly.

"As His Majesty wishes." Wang Shuren nodded.

Although the Burning Lotus Sect also delivered an invitation to the Xie Family about the auction, nobody there could have expected for Lord Xie to appear in person, as they have only sent servants to participate in the auction before.

The rest of you should also relax. I did not come here just to make you all so tense." Lord Xie said to the other people in the room.

"Yes, His Majesty!"

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