Dual Cultivation

Chapter 337 Wang Family's Young Master

Chapter 337 Wang Family's Young Master

After the Profound Blossom Sect found their seats, people continued to flow into the auction house.

Unlike the one in Swift Feather City, this Burning Lotus Sect Auction House had enough seats for over a thousand people. But despite having so many seats, the room still filled rather quickly.

And because the Profound Blossom Sect occupied 30 seats for themselves, 25 over the limit for each party, there will ultimately be people without a seat at the auction.

"What the hell? Why are there no seats? The Burning Lotus Sect had sent out just enough invitations to barely fill this room, yet there are no seats available? Did they miscalculate the seats, or did give out too many invitations?"

A group of young men and women suddenly entered the auction house, and the one leading them looked around the auction house with an overbearing atmosphere around him, almost like he owned the place.

"Young Master Wang, look over there. Do you recognize them? They have occupied 30 seats for themselves!" One of the people in that group noticed the Profound Blossom Sect and pointed at them.

"Which blind idiot allowed so many people that are clearly from the same group here? The limit is 5 people per group! Not even Elite Sects will be exempted from this rule!"

"Right? Even Young Master Wang, who is Senior Wang's cousin, only brought 7 people with him!"

"Not only did they occupy 30 seats, but they are also at the very front of the auction house! Those are the best seats!"

"Now that I take a closer look, aren't the majority of them children?! When did this place become a playground for children?!"

Young Master Wang, you should say something to them before Senior Wang finds out. Maybe she might even reward you with her valuable pills!"

Young Master Wang nodded with a prideful face. "Very well. Let this Young Master deal with them."

As Young Master Wang's group approached the Profound Blossom Sect, the other people there noticed their movements and easily guessed their intentions.

They began whispering to each other.

"Shouldn't we stop them? What if they offend Senior Wang?"

"You don't know the young man leading them? He's Wang Shichong, the Eldest Son of the Wang Family and one of Senior Wang's cousins."

"Even if he's her cousin, arrogant people like him who cannot grasp the situation should be left alone."

"There are so many people here with a powerful background, yet nobody dares to approach that group. If he can't even figure that out, then he's either really stupid or blinded by arrogance."

"You are right. I also want to see how this will pan out!"

The people there silently watched Wang Shichong's group approach the Profound Blossom Sect with grins on their faces and anticipation in their eyes.

"Hey! Where the hell do you think this is, your house?" Wang Shichong stood before the Profound Blossom Sect and spoke loudly.

"Each group is only allowed to bring 5 people, yet you brought 30 people, even occupying most of the front seats! Even if others cannot be bothered with you, I will not let you do as you please in my place!"

Zhang Xiu Ying immediately frowned at the situation. However, before she could even speak, Su Yang opened his mouth and spoke, "Oh? So you own this place? This is my first time hearing that."

"Watch your tone! Do you even know who you are speaking to?! He's Young Master Wang, the Eldest Son of the Wang Family and also Senior Wang's cousin!"

"The person in charge of this auction house is Senior Wang, so it's only natural that it also belongs to the Wang Family!" The people standing behind Wang Shichong said.

"There you have it." Wang Shichong smirked. "Now that you understand my standing, you people may scram from this place!"

"Hoh? So you are Shuren's cousin, too? Do you know someone called Wang Ming?" Su Yang suddenly asked with a mysterious smile on his face.

Wang Shichong felt an ominous feeling from Su Yang's expression and frowned. "You knew Wang Ming, my little brother?" he asked.

"Of course. How could I forget someone like him? We were best friends."

"Su Yang..." Zhang Xiu Ying looked at him with slightly wide eyes.

"So you were a friend of Wang Ming?" Wang Shichong nodded. "Then to save some face for him, who has passed, I will allow you — and you alone — to stay. Everyone else can scram."

"Hahaha..." Su Yang suddenly laughed.

"What's so funny?" Wang Shichong frowned.

"Do you want to know how Wang Ming, your little brother died?" Su Yang asked.

"W-What do you mean? You know something about Wang Ming's dead?!" The frown on Wang Shichong's face burrowed deeper.

"Forget it." Su Yang nonchalantly waved his hands. "I doubt you'll be interested."

"Speak! I command you to tell me everything!" Wang Shichong roared.

The smile on Su Yang's face immediately disappeared, and his gaze narrowed at Wang Shichong.

Command me...? Who the fuck do you think you are to order me around?" Su Yang suddenly stood up from his seat

and slapped his hand across Wang Shichong's unsuspected face.


Wang Shichong, who was unable to react to the slap, flew across the auction house like a ragdoll, before crashing into the wall on the other side of the room.

Meanwhile, everyone else stared at Su Yang with their eyes popping out of its sockets. None of them could have imagined that he would hit Wang Shichong without any hesitation.

"Oh my god! He actually hit Wang Shichong!"

"He can't be here alone! His parents must also be here! Once they learn of this, that young man will definitely suffer dearly for his actions!"

"Even if he has some relationship with Senior Wang, hitting her cousin will surely destroy it!"

"He's just too young and hotheaded!"

The people shook their heads at Su Yang's actions.

"S-Su Yang, what have you done?!" Liu Lanzhi cried out loud. "Even if he had offended you, did you have to hit him that hard?! How will we explain this to Wang Shuren, who has been so generous to us — more than we deserve?"

"Ah?" Su Yang managed to keep a calm face and spoke, "Don't worry. Even if I kill him, she won't blame me."

Liu Lanzhi quickly became speechless.

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