Dual Cultivation

Chapter 336 Young People Should Stay Together

Chapter 336 Young People Should Stay Together

When the Sect Elder from the Burning Lotus Sect saw Zhang Xiu Ying embrace Su Yang in front of everybody, his eyes popped out from its sockets due to shock.

But it was not just him. Everyone there was baffled by their intimate relationship, especially Su Yin, who didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Although she could excuse the disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect for sleeping with him due to their Sect's practices, what excuse does this new girl have as an outsider?

"What's going on here, Elder Zou?" Zhang Xiu Ying looked at him with narrowed eyes.

After taking a moment to calm down, Elder Zou explained the situation to her.

"Not only did they come here with 30 people but they even tried to trick a worker here with a fake invitation. He then disrespected Senior Wang. After I tried to correct his behavior, he even threatened me — the Burning Lotus Sect. I have witnesses."

"This Senior is not lying. That young man over there had threatened the senior that he will get inside the auction house one way or another!"

The witnesses gave their side of the story.

"Where is this fake invitation? I want to take a look at it!" Zhang Xiu Ying demanded.

"It's over here!" The worker quickly went to pick up the invitation that he'd tossed like trash and showed it to her.

Zhang Xiu Ying took a moment to look at the invitation.

"Do you see now, Disciple Zhang? Even if he's one of your friends, we must punish him for—"

"Shut up!" Zhang Xiu Ying quickly interrupted him.

"Are you blind?! Are your eyes only meant for decoration?! If this isn't Senior Wang's handwriting, then I am willing to run around the city naked!" Zhang Xiu Ying shoved the invitation letter at Elder Zou's face.

"What? How is that possible?" Since he did not look at the invitation letter, he couldn't have known who wrote it!

"Xiu Ying, he didn't even look at the invitation letter before accusing us of bringing a fake invitation." Su Yang suddenly said, causing Elder Zou's face to pale.

"What?! How could you do something so stupid as an Elder?" Zhang Xiu Ying frowned.

"Ah, that servant over there even tossed the invitation letter written by Wang Shuren herself on the floor."

Since he already snitched on one, it would be a waste if he didn't do it to the other one.

"Oh? Which brave hero dared to throw this lady's invitation letter on the floor?"

Another familiar voice suddenly resounded, and Wang Shuren's graceful figure appeared before them out of thin air. "Senior Wang!"

Everybody there bowed to her the moment she arrived.

Wang Shuren ignored the people and took the invitation letter from Zhang Xiu Ying and glanced at it.

This is an invitation letter that I had written myself... and delivered to the Profound Blossom Sect myself. And you threw it away as though it was trash?"

Wang Shuren approached the male worker with an angry expression.

The worker she was looking at immediately fainted from shock after sensing the killing intent in her eyes.

Even Elder Zou was trembling like crazy.

"Shuren, since you are here now, there is no reason to keep standing us around. You can deal with them later." Su Yang said to her.

"You are right. I shouldn't waste my precious time on garbage like them. Please, follow me."

"I will deal with you later, Elder Zou." She said to him in a low voice before leaving him alone.

"By the way, I brought 30 people with me, if you don't mind." Su Yang pointed to the Junior Disciples behind him.

"Thirty people...? There are not enough seats in the VIP room for that many people even if I kicked everyone else out," she said with a pondering voice.

"We don't need the VIP room. Just the regular one will do."

"Well, if you say so." Wang Shuren nodded.

She then led the Profound Blossom Sect into the auction house and gave them most of the seats in the front, where they could see the auction stage the clearest. As for the people that were already sitting there, Wang Shuren kindly asked them to change seats and told them that they will be compensated later.

Of course, even though they were people with powerful backgrounds, none of them dared to argue with Wang Shuren, who even their ancestors wouldn't dare to offend.

"Who are those people? To have Senior Wang show them their seats personally, even making other guests change their seats for them, they must have come from a powerful background!"

"They even brought 30 people with them, whilst the rest of us were limited to five!"

After taking their seats, Liu Lanzhi asked Wang Shuren with a worried face, "Are you sure that this is okay? Aren't we causing you trouble by taking up other people's seat?"

"Don't worry about it. If they dare cause trouble, I will just refuse to sell them pills! Hahaha!" Wang Shuren purposefully laughed loud enough for everybody in the room to hear her words.

"Disciple Zhang, why don't you accompany them while I return to work?" Wang Shuren suddenly said to her.

"Eh? But what about my work?"

The others will handle it. You have been working very hard lately, so I'm giving you this break."

Thank you, Senior Wang!" Zhang Xiu Ying bowed to her.

After Wang Shuren left, Zhang Xiu Ying looked at the seats beside Su Yang, but alas, they were taken by Liu Lanzhi and SuYin.

"Forget it, I won't give you my seat even if you beg!" Su Yin knew what she was thinking and spoke first.

Zhang Xiu Ying smiled bitterly and said, "Don't worry, I won't steal your seat."

Liu Lanzhi noticed the bitterness in Zhang Xiu Ying's smile and smiled inwardly.

"Young people should stay together. You can take my seat," she said as she stood up and sat somewhere else.

"T-Thank you!" Zhang Xiu Ying quickly bowed to her before taking the seat.

"I have missed you very much, Su Yang." Zhang Xiu Ying said to him with a reddened face.

"Since you miss me, you can find me at my hotel when you are free. We will have more private conversations like last time then." Su Yang said with a smile.

"En..." Zhang Xiu Ying sheepishly nodded.

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