Dual Cultivation

Chapter 343 Generous Boyfriend

Chapter 343 Generous Boyfriend

"The starting bid for this Shapeless Cauldron will be 7,000 Spirit Stones!" Wang Shuren announced before the Alchemy Masters in the room battled for it.

The Huo Family bids 10,000 Spirit Stones!"

This Old Man Lai bids 15,000 Spirit Stones!"

The price increased at a much faster rate than the Spiritual Treasures. Although Spiritual Cauldrons are not as valuable as Spiritual Treasures in general, most Alchemy Masters would rather have a good cauldron than a good Spiritual Treasure and would not hesitate to spend money for a good Spiritual Cauldon, as most successful Alchemy Masters are sitting on a huge amount of wealth from selling pills or services.

In mere minutes, the price for the Shapeless Cauldron has increased to 40,000 Spirit Stones.

"The Huo Family has bid 40,000 Spirit Stones! Are there any more bidders?" Wang Shuren asked.

"Going once! Going twice!"

"50,000 Spirit Stones." Su Yang suddenly raised his hands, dumbfounding everybody there.

Because the majority of the people that have been bidding were Alchemy Masters, none of them expected Su Yang to also join the bidding.

"Why is he bidding? Even the Million Snakes Sect did not bid this time..."

The people there were puzzled.

"Young man, are you trying to buy out the entire auction today? This Shapeless Cauldron has no use for you. Even if you are an Alchemy Master, who knows if you can even use the Spiritual Cauldron properly," said one of the Alchemy Masters there.

After the first one spoke out, another one gave his own thoughts.

"Spiritual Cauldrons are not normal cauldrons and cannot be used by ordinary Alchemy Masters. You are still young, so just let the Seniors here take it off your hands."

"You have heard the Seniors, young man. Just take our advice and sit this one out. The Huo Family bids 51,000 Spirit Stones!"

However, Su Yang raised his hand and raised the price by another 9,000 Spirit Stones, acting as though he did not even hear the other people.


The people from the Huo Family gritted their teeth after Su Yang's rebellion.

You have already offended the Wang Family and the Million Snakes Sect! Are you sure that you want to offend more people?!" The Huo Family spoke loudly.

In response to the Huo Family's threat, Su Yang merely shook his head, "This is an auction house, not your house. If I want something, why can't I buy it? Threatening me with childish tactics, and you dare call yourself a Senior?"

Wang Shuren couldn't help but chuckle after hearing his words.

"This young man is correct. This is the auction house, where one can obtain anything as long as they have the money. I shouldn't have to say this but please refrain from pressuring others with your background or threatening others while we are here."

The place turned quiet after Wang Shuren spoke up for the first time.

"Are there any more bidders? The current bid is 60,000 Spirit Stones."

"80,000 Spirit Stones!"

Someone quickly shouted, dumbfounding the people there.

Who was rich enough to offer 80,000 Spirit Stones for a Spiritual Cauldron? Even rich Alchemy Masters would not be so wasteful. After all, there are better Spiritual Cauldrons out there that could be bought at a similar price.

"That's the Chen Family! They are the number one Alchemist family within the Southern Region!"

The people quickly recognized their background.

"What's the matter, the arrogant brat sitting at the front? Why aren't you bidding anymore? Weren't you so haughty just now with your wealth?" A young lady from the Chen Family stood up and pointed at Su Yang while speaking provocative words.

Su Yang smiled at her efforts and responded, "It's only 80,000 Spirit Stones."

He then raised his hand, and with a calm expression, continued to speak, "I bid 100,000 Spirit Stones."

"100,000 Spirit Stones!"

The people there were baffled. Where did he obtain such wealth?

"What the fuck! How is this kid so filthy rich?!"

"He must have robbed an entire Sect or something..."

"Su Yang... you...'

Liu Lanzhi and the Junior Disciples stared at him with wide eyes, as none of them would have imagined that he was so wealthy.

The young lady from the Chen Family trembled while gnashing her teeth.

"Then I bid 110-"

"What are you doing?! Even we cannot afford to spend so much on a mere Spiritual Cauldron!"

One of the Seniors from the Chen Family grabbed her and made her return to her seat.

"But he's too arrogant! If I don't put him in his place, who else is going to do it?!"

"He clearly has the ability to be so arrogant! Just sit down and shut up! Did you forget what we came here for today? If you use all of our money before that and fail to secure it, how are you going to face your father afterward?!"

A moment later, the young lady from the Chen Family reluctantly nodded.

"Let that young man bid all he wants on these early items and waste his money. The real battle has not yet even begun. Everyone else is patiently waiting for the more valuable items to show up before going all out!"

Because more valuable items are never shown too early and always revealed towards the end of the auction, it is common sense to not waste too much money before reaching that point. What's more, the most valuable treasures are more often than not kept as a secret until it was time for the reveal, so there may be items for auction that were not listed for the casual guests.

"100,000 Spirit Stones going once... going twice... and sold!"

After Su Yang retrieved the Shapeless Cauldron, everybody in the room quietly watched his actions. They were all wondering if he was also going to give it away.

And as most of them had expected, Su Yang immediately turned to look at Zhang Xiu Ying with a mysterious smile after accepting the Shapeless Cauldron.

"S-Su Yang... you can't..." Zhang Xiu Ying covered her mouth, not daring to believe her imaginations.

"You are studying Alchemy under Wang Shuren, right? I can smell the aroma of medicine off your body. This Shapeless Cauldron will be of great use to you. Don't say anything and just take it." Su Yang held the black cauldron before her.


Zhang Xiu Ying was speechless — even crying — as she accepted the Shapeless Cauldron with trembling hands.

"Th...Thank you…"

Zhang Xiu Ying felt that there wasn't any need for her to say more than those two words.

Meanwhile, the Alchemy Masters were all staring at Zhang Xiu Ying and the Shapeless Cauldron in her hands with envious gazes.

"He actually offended the Chen Family and many Alchemy Masters, even spent 100,000 Spirit Stones just to please that Young Lady! What a man! I cannot hate him for that even if I tried!"

"Is that young lady his lover? She's a Core Disciple from the Burning Lotus Sect, right? What a lucky girl..."

However, it was not just the Alchemy Masters that were envious towards Zhang Xiu Ying. Many girls in the room were also jealous of her. Not only does she have such a generous boyfriend but he's also incredibly handsome and wealthy! If they also had such a man as their husband, even as a mere boyfriend, what else would they need in life?

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