Dual Cultivation

Chapter 332 I Want to Join the Profound Blossom Sec

Chapter 332 I Want to Join the Profound Blossom Sec

"You shouldn't joke like that, little sister. Aren't you already a disciple of the prestigious Heavenly Swan Sect? That's very disrespectful to them," said one of the disciples.

"You even became the Sect Master's personal disciple just recently, too."

"Eh? How do you know that I am the Sect Master's Disciple?" Su Yin asked.

"The other sister told us a little bit about you when we asked before."

"I see... However, what makes you think that I am joking? I am very serious right now! If I can express my love for Elder Brother freely, I will not hesitate to leave the Heavenly Swan Sect to join the Profound Blossom Sect!" Su Yin spoke with a serious expression on her face.

Seeing Su Yin's resolution to join the Profound Blossom Sect, the disciples exchanged perplexed glances.

"As this is a topic that is beyond our capabilities, I think you should speak to our Sect Master about that," said one of the disciples.

"Okay! I will speak to her now!"

Su Yin immediately began heading towards the door, leaving the disciples dumbfounded.

"Does she really plan on leaving the Heavenly Swan Sect to join the Profound Blossom Sect? Although she's senior apprentice-brother's little sister, I don't think that would be a good idea, especially when our Sect is in its current state."

"Right? It will seem like we are stealing their disciple, and we cannot afford to offend another Elite Sect…"

The Profound Blossom Sect disciples shook their heads.

After leaving the room, Su Yin went to look for Liu Lanzhi, who was speaking with Yao Ning in another room at the time.

"So? Did you learn anything?" Yao Ning asked her with a mysterious smile.

"Hmph!" Su Yin coldly snorted.

"I will take that as a yes," said Yao Ning while chuckling.

"Excuse me, you are the Sect Master for the Profound Blossom Sect, correct?" Su Yin approached Liu Lanzhi.

"That's correct."

"I have a request for you, Sect Master."

"Hm? What can I do for Su Yang's little sister?"

"I would like to join the Profound Blossom Sect!" Su Yin loudly declared.

"You what?!"

Yao Ning exclaimed in shock.

"You shouldn't make jokes like this! You are already a Prime Disciple for the Heavenly Swan Sect!"

"I am not joking, Sister Ning. I will leave the Heavenly Swan Sect to join the Profound Blossom Sect." Su Yin's expression remained firm and resolute.

"You—! Once the Sect Master — your Master, hears of this, she will go crazy!"

"Wait." Liu Lanzhi suddenly interrupted, remaining relatively calm in this situation.

"What is your reason for wanting to join my Profound Blossom Sect? What about the Heavenly Swan Sect that nurtured you to where you are today? Are you really going to abandon them?"

Su Yin remained a serious face and spoke, "Although I am grateful to the Heavenly Swan Sect for everything that they have done for me, I will do anything to remain by my Elder Brother's side."

"So Su Yang is the reason for your decision?" Liu Lanzhi looked at Su Yin in the eyes.

"Yes." Su Yin answered without the slightest hesitation.

Yao Ning couldn't help but tremble after seeing Su Yin's resolute face. She did not expect her love for Su Yang to be this extreme — to the point where she's willing to abandon everything for him. Did being separated from him for so long damage her head?

"Does your Elder Brother, Su Yang, know about this?" Liu Lanzhi then asked.

Su Yin shook her head. "No, this is something I had just decided."

"Then are you aware of what kind of place the Profound Blossom Sect is?"

"I am aware. However, my only purpose there is to be with my Elder Brother. I have no desire for anything else."

Liu Lanzhi turned silent and closed her eyes for the next few moments.

Sometime later, she spoke, "I would love to have someone as talented as you join my Profound Blossom Sect. However, I cannot accept your request."

Hearing Liu Lanzhi's rejection, Su Yin bit on her lips and asked, "Is it because I am his sibling?"

Liu Lanzhi shook her head and continued, "My decision has nothing to do with your relationship with Su Yang. Think about it from my position. If I accept you, how will the Heavenly Swan Sect react? They will think that I have stolen one of their most talented disciples. As much as I hate to say it, the Profound Blossom Sect is in a rough state right now. We cannot afford to offend them. If not for Su Yang, we wouldn't even be here for the Regional Tournament."

Su Yin turned silent after hearing Liu Lanzhi's reasonable response.

A few moments later, Su Yin spoke, "So you are saying that as long as the Heavenly Swan Sect does not cause any trouble with the Profound Blossom Sect over my decision, you will allow me to join?"

"That's right." Liu Lanzhi nodded after pondering for a moment.

"Okay. Then I will convince my Master to let me leave without any trouble," said Su Yin.

"That's impossible!" Yao Ning suddenly said.

"Sister Su, you are one of if not the most talented disciples within our Heavenly Swan Sect this generation! The Sect Master will never allow you to leave even if it kills her! What about your father, Lord Su? He will never allow his daughter to join a place such as the Profound Blossom Sect!"

"My father?" Su Yin's expression suddenly turned dark. "Because of what he did, I still have a bone to pick with him! If he refuses, then I will simply leave the Su Family, just like my Elder Brother!"


Yao Ning was speechless. Just how deep are Su Yin's feelings for her Elder Brother? For her to go to such lengths, it's almost like she was chasing after her lover!

Even Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but admire Su Yin's resolution and desire to be with Su Yang. 

"Don't even bother trying to convince me, Sister Ning. I have already made up my mind! After I spend enough time with my Elder Brother here, I will speak to Master about leaving the Sect!"

"Good heavens…" Yao Ning was very familiar with Su Yin's stubbornness, hence why she feels nothing but fear at this moment for what's about to happen in the near future. "The Sect Master will flip the entire Sect upside-down once she hears of this!"

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