Dual Cultivation

Chapter 333 Supporting Her Decision

Chapter 333 Supporting Her Decision

After Su Yin's conversation with Liu Lanzhi, they went to Su Yang to let him know the situation.

"Is that so?" Su Yang calmly responded to Su Yin's desire to enter the Profound Blossom Sect.

"You don't object to it?" Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow.

"Why should I? If she wants to become a disciple of the Sect, then let her." He casually shrugged.

"But the Heavenly Swan Sect…"

"How strong are they compared to the Million Snakes Sect?" He suddenly asked.

"They should be more or less than as powerful as the Million Snakes Sect," said Liu Lanzhi.

"Then what's there to be worried about? If the Million Snakes Sect can't harm us, what can they do?"

"Elder Brother, you really don't mind me joining the Profound Blossom Sect?" Su Yin was slightly surprised by his support for her decision, as she'd expected him to do the opposite.

"If that's your decision, of course not. However, what that being said, you should still speak to your Master about this. If you want, I can go with you. After all, you are neither a tool or a slave for them."

"Brother…" Su Yin could feel her tears returning after hearing his words.

Meanwhile, in another hotel, where the Heavenly Swan Sect is currently staying.

"Su Yin went away with her brother?" The Sect Master of the Heavenly Swan Sect looked at the Sect Elder standing before her with a calm face.

"Not only that! She even publicly slapped my face by threatening me! The Sect Master should tell her to return and punish her for disrespecting her seniors!" The Sect Elder said.

The Sect Master turned silent for a moment to ponder.

"If I recall correctly, her brother has been missing for the last year. She must be overwhelmed with joy to finally reunite with him. Not to mention how depressed she has been as of lately. Let her spend some time with her brother; it won't do any harm."

The Sect Master spoke after pondering.

"But Sect Master! Even if she's your disciple, she cannot have zero respect for her seniors! We must strictly discipline her now, or else her behavior will only worsen in the future!"

The Sect Elder refused to let this matter be resolved so easily. The embarrassment she'd received was just too much for her to let it go.

"Then you can go ahead and drag her back yourself. I will take no part in this, and if she comes to hate us for it, I will hold you accountable."

The Sect Master was fully aware of how much Su Yin treasures her brother. If they separate them now, she will surely come to hate the Heavenly Swan Sect.

"Su Yin is only 15 years old, yet she has already reached the peak of the True Spirit Realm at such a young age. If nurtured properly, she will definitely replace me as the Sect Master within ten years. We cannot afford to lose a disciple like her," she continued. "As for her behavior, I will naturally discipline her properly once she returns."

After listening to the Sect Master's words, the Sect Elder recalled the dangerous feeling Su Yin emitted back then.

"This disciple understands…"




"Elder Brother, which room are we going to be using tonight?" Su Yin asked him after the sky turned dark.

"You can sleep in my room with your friend," he replied.

"You want me to share the same room with a man I just met?" Yao Ning looked at him with a weird face.

"Are you worried that I will do something to you?" Su Yang asked with a smile.

"You won't?"

"Hahaha! I should be the one worrying about being assaulted while I sleep! How do I know that you won't succumb to your lust after seeing my sleeping face?" Su Yang burst out laughing.

"You… You little rascal! Although I admit that you have one of if not the best faces I have ever seen, don't overestimate yourself!" Yao Ning blushed.

"Don't worry, Sister Ning. My brother is not the type of person to take advantage of others like that. Not to mention I will also be there, too." Su Yin ensured her safety with Su Yang.

"I was only joking, junior sister. I trust your brother." Yao Ning sighed.

A few minutes later, Su Yang brought the two girls to his room, where two more girls were waiting for them.

"They will be staying with us in this room until they leave," he said to them, who looked a bit disappointed after hearing his words.

"Ehhh? What about our cultivation? You promised to cultivate with all of us as a group tonight!" Sun Jingjing shamelessly asked him.

"Of course, I will still cultivate with you girls tonight. They can sleep in this room while we go to the other room." Su Yang chuckled.

"With that being said, let's go to the other room right now." Su Yang turned to look at his stunned sister and continued, "Good night. I will return in a bit."


Although it felt awkward, both Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan followed Su Yang to the other room, where the other disciples were staying, leaving Su Yin and Yao Ning behind and completely dazed.

"Your brother is truly bold and shameless! To dare say such words in front of his younger sister! He doesn't care for your feelings at all!" Yao Ning began cursing at him after they left.

However, Su Yin remained silent.

"Why are you staying silent? Say something…"

"Haaaa…" Su Yin sighed loudly a moment later and spoke, "Even though I hate to see other girls touching my beloved brother, I cannot find myself telling him to stop, as this is the nature of the Profound Blossom Sect. If I am going to be their disciple, I will have to get used to this feeling sooner or later." Although she was filled with envy, she comforted herself by believing that she will also be able to do such things with Su Yang if she joined the Profound Blossom Sect.

"You really are serious about leaving us to join them?" Yao Ning couldn't help but express sadness over her decision.

"Of course!" she immediately responded.

"Whatever. I will have a headache if I think about this any further. I will let the Sect Master handle this…" Yao Ning shook her head and picked one of the beds to sleep in.

"You're not going to sleep?" she asked Su Yin a few minutes later.

"I will wait for my brother to return. After all, I want to sleep beside him."


Yao Ning did not know how to respond to her and remained silent, falling asleep sometime later.

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