Dual Cultivation

Chapter 331 Learning the Truth

Chapter 331 Learning the Truth

After the disciples brought Su Yin back to their room and sat down, they asked her, "So what do you want to know about your Elder Brother, little sister?"

"Umm… for starters, can you tell me about my Elder Brother's life in the sect as a disciple?" What's his position like? Is there anyone bullying him?"

The disciples exchanged glances after hearing Su Yin's question before laughing out loud.

"Hahaha! You think your Elder Brother is someone easily bullied? Although he was mocked by others in the beginning when he first joined the sect due to a certain rumor, senior apprentice-brother quickly proved to everyone that he is not a man to be trifled with, shocking the Outer Court with his profound strength with the sword!"

"Now that you mention it, that rumor called senior-apprentice-brother a cripple."

Su Yin raised an eyebrow. "A cripple? Although Elder Brother would always refuse to cultivate back at home, he is most certainly not a cripple!"

The disciples looked at her with slightly wide eyes.

"We're not talking about that kind of 'cripple'," said one of the disciples, who pointed at her own nether region. "It's a condition that can only happen to a man. If a man cannot even raise his little brother, can he even be considered a man?"

"?!?!" Su Yin's eyes widened with shock. "That's even more nonsense! There's no way that he's crippled down there! After all, I have witnessed it for my—"

Realizing what she was about to say, Su Yin quickly covered her mouth, dumbfounding the disciples there.

"Um… what I am trying to say is… I accidentally saw Elder Brother naked one time… and it was clearly very vigorous at that time…" Su Yin swiftly came up with an excuse.

The disciples exchanged glances before bursting out with laughter once again.

"Anyway, let's continue with your Elder Brother."

They returned to the topic after a good moment of laughing.

"Even as an Outer Court Disciple, senior apprentice-brother had great influence amongst the disciples, especially with the females. When he became an Inner Court disciple, he became even more popular with disciples seeking him every day."

"Wow… my Elder Brother is that powerful?" Su Yin couldn't help but express admiration.

"Powerful? Although he was known for his talent with the sword, that is not why he was popular," said one of the disciples.

"Eh? What do you mean by that?" Su Yin tilted her head.

"Senior apprentice-brother became popular mainly because of his techniques, especially his hand techniques."

"H-Hand techniques? Elder Brother is also talented in fighting with bare fists?"

Because Su Yin is not aware of the Profound Blossom Sect's true nature, she was not able to comprehend these disciples' words, even misunderstanding them.


The Profound Blossom Sect disciples looked at Su Yin with suspicious eyes. They have begun to feel that there was something wrong about this situation.

After a moment of silence, one of the disciples spoke, "Umm… little sister… do you know what kind of place the Profound Blossom Sect is? Have you ever heard of it before?"

Su Yin quickly shook her head and said, "No, I have never heard of the Profound Blossom Sect until today. What kind of techniques do you guys specialize in?"

Once Su Yin revealed to the disciples her ignorance, the disciples all facepalmed.

"Aiya! How could this be!"

"To think we had to start from there!"

"What's the matter, sisters?" Su Yin showed a puzzled expression at the disciples' weird reactions.

"Don't be too shocked when you hear this but… the Profound Blossom Sect practices dual cultivation…"

After speaking those words, the entire room turned silent, and the disciples anxiously waited for Su Yin's reaction.

"Dual cultivation? What kind of practice is that?"

Su Yin's innocence and pureness shocked the disciples.

"S-She's too pure… I don't think we should let her know…" One of the disciples suddenly whispered to the others.

"I think it's already too late for that. Even if we don't say anything today, she will learn the truth sooner or later."

"I also think we should tell her the truth. She's senior apprentice-brother's little sister, after all."

"Right? Senior apprentice-brother would've stopped us back there if he didn't want this to happen!"

After a short conversation amongst themselves, the disciples have finally decided to tell Su Yin the truth.

"Little sister, try not to be too shocked when you hear this but... dual cultivation is when a man and woman come together and share their Yin and Yang… In other words, they have sex."

The place suddenly turned silent, and Su Yin remained still, her expression frozen and stiff, looking like a statue.




After a very long and awkward moment of silence, Su Yin's still body suddenly trembled violently, and in the next moment, she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

"Little sister?! Are you okay?!"

The disciples were greatly shocked by Su Yin's reaction. None of them could've expected her to receive such a big shock.

"Y-Y-Y-You are lying! You are lying to me! There's no way that my Elder Brother would do such a thing!" Su Yin ignored the blood on her lips and denied everything they just said.

The disciples shook their heads upon seeing Su Yin in denial.

"Why would we lie to you? We gain nothing by doing that. You can ask around if you'd like. That's just the type of place the Profound Blossom Sect is."

The disciples shrugged.

"No way… then you girls… and Elder Brother…" Su Yin couldn't stop trembling upon realizing that fact.

"That's right, all of us have already cultivated with senior apprentice-brother — and more than just a few times."

When the disciples said those words, there was a smug expression on their faces, almost like they were proud of such an achievement.


Su Yin suddenly started crying her eyes out.

"Even I haven't gone that far with Elder Brother! I wanted to be his first time, too! Waaaaaa!"

As her heart was overwhelmed with sorrow, Su Yin no longer cared about hiding her feelings for Su Yang.


The disciples' jaws dropped to the floor when they heard Su Yin's words.

"Y-You really love your brother, huh…"

"Is it wrong for me to love him?! Am I not allowed to love him because we are blood siblings?!"


The disciples exchanged glances before saying, "Who do you think we are? So what if you harbor feelings for your brother? If we cared about what society thinks, we wouldn't have become disciples for the Profound Blossom Sect in the first place!"

"Eh? You aren't disgusted with me?" Su Yin looked at these disciples with wide eyes.

"Hahaha! You are underestimating us, disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect! Do you have any idea how many siblings there used to be in the Profound Blossom Sect that were cultivation partners? Our shamelessness knows no bounds!"

"Used to be…? What happened to them?" Su Yin asked with a trembling voice.

"Ah, don't worry, it's not like we abandoned them or anything like that. Something happened to our sect awhile ago, causing most of our disciples to leave, so we are currently in a complicated position."


After a moment of silence, Su Yin wiped the tears from her face and looked at the disciples with a serious expression.

"So are you saying that if I were to join the Profound Blossom Sect that I would be able to love my brother pubically without being humiliated by others?" she asked them.

The disciples did not expect her to ask such a question and could only stare at her with a dazed face.

"Uhh… I guess?" One of them finally said.

"Good! Then I will join the Profound Blossom Sect!" Su Yin suddenly declared.

"You will what?!"

Hearing Su Yin's words, the disciples couldn't help but exclaim loudly.

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