Dual Cultivation

Chapter 330 Hellfire Seed

Chapter 330 Hellfire Seed

\"Are you two finished?\" Liu Lanzhi asked Su Yang after he left the room with Su Yin.

\"Yeah. And if you don't mind, she wants to stay with us for a while. She can use my room.\"

\"That's fine.\" Liu Lanzhi nodded. \"By the way, what do you plan on doing now until the tournament?\"

\"Besides cultivation, nothing else, really.\" Su Yang shrugged.

\"Then would you be willing to escort the Junior Disciples? They want to participate in this upcoming auction and have asked me if you could go with them.\"

\"Auction?\" Su Yang raised an eyebrow. \"Why would they want to participate in an auction?\"

\"Apparently this auction house is owned by the Burning Lotus Sect, and they have some incredibly rare treasures up for auction this year. Just like the Reginal Tournament, it solemnly opens for business, and these disciples want to experience such a rare occasion for themselves.\"

\"The Burning Lotus Sect? They also have an auction house in this city?\"

\"Not just a few cities, they own an auction house in almost every city on this continent. Of course, the one in this city is their largest one,\" said Liu Lanzhi. \"Here's a list of the most interesting items they will be selling this year.\"

She then handed him a fancy-piece of paper.

\"This is an official invitation to the auction house; it was delivered by Alchemy Master Wang Shuren herself. She came through when we were out for the examination.\"

Su Yang took a quick look at the menu.

\"Hellfire Seeds?\" Su Yang was slightly surprised to see this kind of item in this world.

\"Did something pique your interest?\" Liu Lanzhi noticed a hint of desire from his gaze.

\"Yes… a little.\"

He nodded. \"I will participate in this auction with the disciples.\"

\"Good. I will tell them later. It will open three days from now, so take this time to prepare.\"

\"Elder Brother, what piqued your interest?\" Su Yin asked him while peaking at the menu from the side.

\"Hellfire Seeds, it's an incredibly potent medicine that enhances one's Yang Qi.\"

\"Did you just say Hellfire Seeds? Why would you want such a dangerous thing?!\" Liu Lanzhi expressed shock upon hearing that.

\"Is it that dangerous?\" Su Yin asked.

\"Of course! Compared to the Pure Yang Flower, it's at least ten times more potent and dangerous! In fact, it's so dangerous that even Heavenly Spirit Realm partitioners do not dare touch it!\"

\"If it's such a dangerous thing, why would anyone want to buy it?\" Su Yin showed a puzzled face.

\"Although it cannot be consumed directly, it still has other uses, such as enhancing the Profound Qi in its vicinity,\" said Liu Lanzhi. \"If you put a Hellfire Seed in one room and leave the other empty, the Profound Qi in the room with the Hellfire Seed will become at least two-fold denser than the room without it, allowing you to cultivate much quicker.\"

\"But of course, because of its violent Yang Element, only those that cultivate with Yang Qi can cultivate in such an environment without any backlashes.\"

Liu Lanzhi then turned to look at Su Yang and continued, \"It's best if you give up on the Hellfire Seeds, as they are incredibly expensive. The last one sold for over 100,000 thousand Spirit Stones!\"

\"100,000 Spirit Stones!\" Su Yin gasped at that astronomical amount of money. Even the Su Family would not be able to take out that amount of money without hurting the family's financial state for a few years!

\"100,000 Spirit Stones, huh?\" Su Yang did not react at all, as such an amount was like a drop of water in the ocean in his eyes.

After looting the treasure room inside the Immortal's Treasury, other than techniques and Spiritual Treasures, he has obtained millions of Spirit Stones. This kind of wealth would be enough to fund an entire Elite Sect for many years!

\"I will keep that in mind,\" said Su Yang a moment later.

Sometime later, Yao Ning and the other disciples appeared.

\"Junior sister, have you finished speaking with your elder brother?\" Yao Ning approached her.

\"En. And I apologize for dragging you here with me,\" said Su Yin.

\"Don't worry about it, I came here on my own accord. I am also a little bit interested in this brother of your's.\" Yao Ning turned to look at Su Yang with a smile on her face, \"Su Yang, right? Once again, I apologize for the misunderstanding.\"

\"Just a minor issue,\" he responded with a nonchalant expression.

\"Anyway, I have been speaking with your fellow disciples for some time now, and I must say, you are nothing like how your sister describes.\" Yao Ning suddenly chuckled.

\"Hoh? What do you mean by that?\" Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

\"That's right! What do you mean?! Explain properly! I will not tolerate any insults towards my Elder Brother even if it's you!\" said Su Yin.

\"It's nothing of that sort,\" she waved her hands. \"In fact, I can't help but admire him even more now

! To be able to handle this many people at once and so frequently, your body must be really special.\"

\"I still don't understand what you're trying to say, Sister Ning.\" Su Yin frowned.

\"Hehe… you are still too young.\" Yao Ning shook her head. \"Wait till your birthday next month before you ask me any more questions!\"

Hearing her words, the Profound Blossom Sect disciples behind her chuckled.

During Su Yin's conversation with Su Yang, they were revealing information about Su Yang after Yao Ning requested to know more about him. Of course, due to their nature and experience, the only thing they could only mention was Su Yang's skills in bed and how he conquered their bodies with his mere hands!

Yao Ning was overwhelmed and shocked by such information at first, as she is still a maiden, but after learning more about the Profound Blossom Sect and their nature, she became more and more intrigued about them. And before she was aware, her mind was captivated by the conversation!

\"Fine! If you don't want to tell me, I will ask them myself!\" Su Yin snorted and approached the Profound Blossom Sect disciples.

\"Please tell me about my Elder Brother's time at the Profound Blossom Sect in detail! Due to circumstances, I was not able to see him for an entire year, and I will be eternally grateful if you could share your experience with him with me!\"


Seeing Su Yin's sincerity, the disciples couldn't help but show warm smiles on their faces.

\"Come with us! We will tell you everything you want to know!\" One of the disciples said.

\"Okay!\" Su Yin immediately became joyful.

\"Elder Brother, I will be right back!\" she said to him before following the disciples to another room.

\"You are not going to stop them?\" Yao Ning asked him. \"Your innocent little sister will learn the truth about you in a few minutes, you know? Who knows how she will react once she learns that her beloved Elder Brother have already become a real man and with so many women?\"

\"Why would I? She will learn about it sooner or later anyway.\" Su Yang shrugged.

\"Hahaha! How daring! I like it!\" Yao Ning laughed.

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