Dual Cultivation

Chapter 329 If You Are Not Satisfied With Just a Kiss, I Can...

Chapter 329 If You Are Not Satisfied With Just a Kiss, I Can...

After waiting for a moment and seeing no response from Su Yang, Su Yin decided to go even further by reaching for his groin.

\"Brother, if you are not satisfied with just a kiss, I can use my mouth to suck…\"

\"Su Yin, control your urges.\" Su Yang suddenly said. \"How can my little sister act without any grace or elegance? You are acting no different than a low-grade whore right now.\"

\"!!!\" Su Yin's body trembled when she heard his cold words, and her body froze.

\"Sit back down,\" he continued.

\"I am sorry…\" Su Yin apologized before returning to her seat.

\"You wanted to know where I have been, right? I will tell you.\"

Su Yang then proceeded to explain how he has been a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect since he lost his memories.

Of course, he did not say anything that would be too shocking for her to hear such as traveling to the Holy Central Continent.

In fact, he only vaguely told her about how he lived a carefree life as a disciple and nothing else — just enough information to erase Su Yin's worries and doubts.

\"As for that woman you saw and tried attacking, she's a powerful Cultivator that came from a distant land, and she also helped me regain my memories.\"


After learning that Qiuyue was not who she'd imagined, Su Yin expressed deep guilt for treating her as though she was some devil that had seduced Su Yang and removed his memories.

\"Ummm… where is this benefactor now? I would like to apologize to her for many things… as well as thank her for returning your memories...\"

\"She's busy right now, so you won't get to see her. But I will relay your feelings to her in the future,\" he said.

\"Now that I have told you what you wanted to know, let us return to the other topic, shall we?\"

Su Yang looked at Su Yin with a calm yet serious expression and asked, \"You won't forget me no matter what?\"

\"That's right! Even if I have to face the whole world, I want to stay with you!\" she answered without the slightest hesitation.

A moment of silence later, Su Yang nodded, \"Give me some time to think about it. I will tell you my answer later.\"

Although he didn't show it, he admired Su Yin's bravery and resolution.

\"In the end, even if I was not myself, I am responsible for making her this way.\" He thought.

\"I understand…\" While not satisfied with the result, as she wanted to know his answer right now, Su Yin felt relief at the same time that he did not outright reject her.

\"As long as there's a chance, I will not give up!\" she thought.

\"By the way, Elder Brother, I want to stay with your Sect for the next few days. That should be fine, right?\" she then asked.

\"That should be fine.\" He nodded.

\"One more thing, Elder Brother. This Profound Blossom Sect, what kind of place is it? I have never heard of such a place before.\"

\"You should ask the other disciples,\" he said with a mysterious smile.

Meanwhile, in the room beside Su Yang, Liu Lanzhi and Fang Zhelan were having their own conversation.

\"Are you sure that you don't want to become the next Sect Master? You have already surpassed me in cultivation.\" Liu Lanzhi said.

\"What will happen to you if I take that role?\" Fang Zhelan asked.

\"I will, of course, retire and become a Supreme Elder or something akin to one for the Profound Blossom Sect,\" she said.

When a Sect Master relinquishes their position to the next generation, the Sect Master will not just leave the Sect alone and will become something akin to an ancestor or in other words, a Supreme Elder. 

Once one becomes a Supreme Elder, they will no longer partake in the Sect's affairs, and they will be spending the rest of their life focused on cultivation, something like secluded cultivation — unless the Sect is facing extermination and they are forced to emerge.

After pondering for a moment, Fang Zhelan shook her head, \"After thinking about it, I still cannot accept the position of Sect Master. If anyone should take that position, it would be Su Yang…\"

\"Su Yang, huh. Of course, I also have that in mind. But did you forget that the Profound Blossom Sect has two seats for Sect Master? One male and one female.\"

\"Sect Master, I think we should talk about this once the Profound Blossom Sect can be called a 'Sect' again…\" Fang Zhelan sighed.

\"Aiya… Su Yang already promised to do something about it, so it will most definitely happen.\"

\"The Sect Master has a lot of faith in him; it's not a feeling I don't understand,\" Fang Zhelan smiled.

\"I haven't seen you smile like this in years,\" Liu Lanzhi also smiled. \"Speaking of Su Yang, do you really believe the result from the examination today? Knowing how he always has something up his sleeves, I won't be surprised if he messed with the Spiritual Totem.\"

\"That… the Sect Master will learn the truth very soon.\" Fang Zhelan did not want to spoil the surprise for her.

\"Hmph! That Su Yang is really a bad influence! Now even you are keeping secrets from me?\" Liu Lanzhi puffed her cheeks.

Fang Zhelan chuckled at her childish expression. It's been a very long time since they last spoke in such a relaxing and carefree manner. In fact, ever since she became a Core Disciple, they have rarely spoken to each other.

\"Don't worry, Sect Master. It'll be worth the wait, I promise.\"

A few moments later, Liu Lanzhi's eyebrows lifted slightly.

\"It seems like the siblings are finally done,\" she said. \"Let's go see them.\"

\"The Su Family, huh… I still cannot believe that he's someone from one of the Great Families…\" Fang Zhelan said inwardly.

For a member of a Great Family to enter a place like the Profound Blossom Sect, what was on Su Yang's mind when he made that decision? 

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