Dual Cultivation

Chapter 328 The Sibling's Secre

Chapter 328 The Sibling's Secre

Once they returned to the hotel, Su Yang brought Su Yin to an empty room.

\"Sect Master, I want you to be in the room with us, too.\" Su Yang said to her before entering the room.


Liu Lanzhi did not say anything and followed him into the room.

Once everyone was inside the room and seated, Su Yin spoke, \"So… Elder Brother, can you tell me what happened? Why did you suddenly lose your memories? And where have you been for an entire year? What happened at the Divine Doors after you entered the portal? Who was that woman following you?\"

Barraged with countless questions, Su Yang raised his hands and said, \"Wait. Before I answer your questions… Sect Master, how are you related to the Su Family?\"

He looked at her with a calm yet piercing gaze, sending chills down her back.

\"Haaa… there's no point in hiding it now that your memories have returned,\" she sighed.

\"One year ago, your father, the head of the Su Family, came to me with an offer. That offering being — if I accept you as a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect and prevent you from returning to the Northern Region or meeting with anyone from the Su Family, the Su Family will provide our Sect with resources every month. Of course, there was no reason for me to refuse, as I only considered it babysitting at that time.\" Liu Lanzhi revealed the truth to him.

\"What?! That's impossible! Why would my father…\"

Filled with disbelief, Su Yin stood up.

\"Calm down,\" said Su Yang.

\"Is that all?\" he looked at Liu Lanzhi, who quickly nodded.

\"Your memories were already gone by the time you arrived at the Profound Blossom Sect,\" she added.

Su Yang nodded and turned to look at Su Yin, who remained standing there with a dazed face.

\"There you have it, Su Yin. I never 'went' missing. It was all a lie — one made by our father for whatever reason. In fact, he was the one who sealed my memories in the first place.\"

\"But… why would he do that? We have always been very close! There's no reason for him to do such a thing to you!\"

\"Perhaps that is exactly the reason why he tossed me aside. From what I recall, we have always been together — to the point where it even influenced your cultivation.\" Su Yang casually shrugged. \"I was without talent while you were the most talented the family has ever seen. And for someone like me to affect your cultivation, that must have made him furious — furious enough to seal my memories and toss me out the door.\"

\"No way…\"

\"Of course, there is another reason why he'd do something that extreme.\" Su Yang continued.

\"What else?\"

\"He found out our secret,\" he said with a smile on his face.

\"!!!\" Su Yin's eyes suddenly widened, and her face began turning red.

\"Secret? What kind of secret would cause a father to abandon his son?\" Liu Lanzhi pondered inwardly.

After a moment of silence, Su Yin spoke, \"If he really learned of that… then it all makes sense… ha…\" she sighed afterward.

\"Sect Master, if you don't mind, I would like to speak with my sister privately now. Thank you for the information just now.\" Su Yang suddenly said.

\"I understand. Take your time.\"

Liu Lanzhi quickly left the room.

\"Now that we are alone, you can speak freely,\" he said.

\"Our father… do you really think he knows of our relationship?\" she asked with a worried tone.

\"It's highly possible, but it's not confirmed.\"


Su Yin turned silent.

\"To tell you the truth, I am telling you all of this because I figured that you should know the truth. As for myself, I could not care less about my past or the family. In fact, I no longer consider myself a part of the Su Family. Like I told you before — I am no longer the brother you once knew, even if I have regained my memories.\"

\"Then our relationship from before…\"

\"It will naturally have to stop, too.\"

After hearing his words, Su Yin began crying.

Su Yang silently watched her cry.

He had reincarnated into this world without his memories as an Immortal. However, his nature and instinct as a godly playboy in his previous life were embedded deeply in his soul, affecting his character unknowingly.

And because of his natural playboy characteristics, he'd created an intimate relationship that normal siblings would not even dare imagine with Su Yin, his own sister.

Of course, they have never crossed the line that was intercourse, as that was a serious taboo in the eyes of the normal of this world. With that being said, they have done many things together in secret that would shock the world if known.

\"What… what should we do now, brother?\" Su Yin suppressed her tears to ask him.

\"Isn't that obvious? We will continue our lives. You will continue being the genius of the Su Family and I will continue living life as someone that has no relationship with the Su Family. It'd be for the best if you forget me... and everything else.\"

\"I cannot accept that outcome! Even if you do not care about the Su Family, I cannot forget you! It's simply impossible!\" Su Yin quickly rejected.

\"I will try to convince our father to let you return! And if he still refuses, I will leave the family to follow you!\"

After seeing her passion and obsession for him, Su Yang sighed inwardly. He couldn't help but feel guilty and responsible for her, as he might've potentially ruined this child's future.

\"As for our relationship… I also cannot just stop loving you…\"

Su Yin suddenly approached Su Yang and hugged him intimately.

\"Please, brother… even if the world rejects it, even if they find it disgusting, I want to continue loving you…\"


Su Yang became speechless. Even after living for thousands of years, he has never encountered such a perplexing situation before. Although he has been in similar situations, none of them was his actual sister.

While Su Yang pondered for a response, Su Yin suddenly made a movement, swiftly kissing Su Yang in the lips.

Although he was surprised, Su Yang did not immediately push her away.

A moment later, after kissing Su Yang passionately, Su Yin asked him.

\"Brother… what do you think? Compared to before, have I improved?\"

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