Dual Cultivation

Chapter 327 You Have Crossed a Line That You Shouldn’t Have

Chapter 327 You Have Crossed a Line That You Shouldn’t Have

\"Brother… you... did your memories finally return?!\" Su Yin looked at him with teary eyes, her arms still wrapped around Su Yang like a koala hugging a tree.

\"En.\" Su Yang calmly nodded.

Although he'd rather not deal with his life before he'd regained his memories as an Immortal, it seems like it was no longer avoidable at this point.

\"Waaaa! Elder Brother! I have missed you!\" Su Yin began crying even louder.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Swan Sect stared at them with baffled expressions.

\"No way… he's really Junior Sister's elder brother…\"

\"But I thought he was dead!\"

\"No, he was never confirmed dead, only missing,\" said Yao Ning, who has listened to Su Yin talk about Su Yang more often than she'd like.

\"I thought she was only exaggerating when she called her brother the 'most handsome man in the world'...\" Yao Ning couldn't help but silently admire Su Yang's facial appearance.

\"Excuse me…\"

The guards suddenly called out to them.

\"I'm sorry, but this is all a misunderstanding. I would appreciate it if you could turn a blind eye to this small conflict. Nobody was harmed, too.\"

Yao Ning bowed to the guards.


The guards exchanged looks, and a moment later, they continued, \"Since nobody was harmed and it's the Heavenly Swan Sect, we won't pursue this any further and leave now.\"

They did not want to offend an Elite Sect over something so minor, after all.

Once the guards left, Yao Ning stepped forward and bowed again.

\"I apologize for this misunderstanding on my fellow disciples' behalf. They acted too rashly and mistakenly offended this junior brother. I am Yao Ning, Core Disciple of the Heavenly Swan Sect and Junior Sister Su's best friend. Is there anything I can do to make up for our actions today?\"

Yao Ning sincerely apologized to Su Yang. Although she was one of the few that did not curse Su Yang, she still felt responsible for the outcome, as she was the next most senior after the sect elder.

\"I would normally overlook a minor misunderstanding like this one, especially when a pretty girl such as yourself bows before me. However, I nearly lost my life just now when that old hag tried to assassinate me. Tell me, how are you going to compensate me?\"

\"Nonsense! I only wanted to separate you from Su Yin! Even if my attack had connected, it would not have killed you! And to call it an assassination — do you have no shame?!\"

The Sect Elder that tried to attack Su Yang immediately rebuked.

\"Accusing me of being shameless when you, a peak Earth Spirit Realm practitioner, just tried to attack a junior that's not even at the True Spirit Realm, your skin must be as thick as cowhide.\"

The Sect Elder's face flushed red after hearing Su Yang's words.

\"You little brat! How dare you insult me—\"

\"Elder, if you do not stop this at once, I will tell my Master what happened here later.\"

Su Yin suddenly interrupted with a cold voice.

\"S-Su Yin… you…\"

The Sect Elder was in disbelief. This is her first time receiving such a cold attitude from Su Yin, who is normally a kind and gentle girl.

Su Yin then continued, \"All of you can return to the hotel without me; I will be with my Elder Brother for some time.\"

\"What?! That cannot do! Your Master, the Sect Leader, is expecting your return!\" The Sect Elder quickly rejected.

\"I am not asking for permission,\" Su Yin replied.

\"Junior sister… don't make this hard on us…\"

\"The Sect Leader will be furious if anything happens to you…\"

\"That's right! Our lives will be at stake at that time!\"

Her disciples also conveyed their worries.

\"Hmph!\" Su Yin coldly snorted, \"Although we may be fellow disciples, you have crossed a line that you shouldn't have today when you mocked my Elder Brother! I will remember this!\"


All of the disciples that had opened their mouth to blame Su Yang just a moment ago lowered their heads in shame, their hearts filled with regret.

They all knew that Su Yin loved her brother very dearly, as that's all she would ever talk about at the Sect, but none of them could've expected that it would be to this extent.

\"If you are going with them, then I will also be coming with you,\" said Yao Ning a moment later. \"If I am with you, the Sect Leader will not be as worried. I'm sure that you wouldn't want the Sect Leader to interrupt your reunion with your brother, right?\"

Su Yin pondered silently for a moment before nodding.

\"Okay. Sister Ning can follow me.\"

Su Yin then turned to Su Yang.

\"Let's go, brother! I have lots to talk to you about!\" she said with a bright smile on her face.


Su Yang turned to look at Liu Lanzhi, who nodded with a bitter smile. \"Your sister can follow us back to the hotel.\"

After everything was settled, Su Yin and Yao Ning followed the Profound Blossom Sect back to their hotel, leaving the Sect Elder from the Heavenly Swan Sect fuming in anger.

\"I will talk with the Sect Leader once we return. None of you will speak a word about today, do you understand me?!\"

\"Yes, Elder!\"

The Heavenly Swan Sect left shortly later.





Su Yin tightly hugged Su Yang's arm as they walked back to the hotel while making funny noises.

\"This little sister… is a bit weird…\"

The Profound Blossom Sect disciples watched Su Yin's actions with the corner of their eyes.

\"How old are you, little sister?\" Sun Jingjing decided to start a conversation with her.

\"I will turn 16 next month,\" she quickly responded.

\"So she's only one year younger than senior apprentice-brother, huh.\"

The disciples began mumbling to each other.

\"To have reached the peak True Spirit Realm at such a young age, what a monster…\" Liu Lanzhi sighed inwardly.

\"As expected of Su Yang's little sister. Both your appearance and talent are abnormal.\" Sun Jingjing chuckled.


Su Yin looked at Sun Jingjing and the rest of these beautiful girls with a pondering gaze.

\"Elder Brother, I have to ask, what happened to that bitch?\" Su Yin asked him with a serious expression.

\"Who?\" Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

\"The one who was with you at the Divine Doors and the Su Household!\"

Realizing that Su Yin was talking about Qiuyue, Su Yang didn't know whether to laugh or cry that she'd just been called a bitch by a little girl.

\"I will tell you everything at the hotel. As for that girl, unlike what you think, she has nothing to do with my memory loss.\"

\"What? Then…\"

\"Just like today, it's all a misunderstanding.\"

\"No way…\" Su Yin turned silent and started feeling guilty for her previous actions and thoughts.

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