Dual Cultivation

Chapter 326 Misunderstanding

Chapter 326 Misunderstanding


\"Hey, watch where you are going!\"

\"Fuck! Which bastard dared to push this young master?!\"

Without a care in the world for the people or her surroundings, as long as it closed their distance, Su Yin pushed everyone aside. In her eyes, there was only Su Yang.

\"Elder Brother!\"

Once she was close enough, Su Yin pounced at Su Yang with open arms like a tiger, catching him in her embrace.

\"What the?\"

Su Yin's sudden appearance and actions dumbfounded the girls from the Profound Blossom Sect, causing them to look at her with odd faces.

\"Senior apprentice-brother, who is this little girl?\" Sun Jingjing was the first to ask this question.

\"She could be one of senior apprentice-brother's partners in the outside world,\" one of the disciples joked.

\"That can't be... she's too young...\"

\"That's…\" Liu Lanzhi looked at Su Yin with a frown on her face, feeling as though she'd seen her somewhere before.

\"Wait! You… you are Su Yin!\" Liu Lanzhi finally recalled her identity as the daughter of the Su Family and Su Yang's little sister.

\"W-What is she doing here?! What will happen to our agreement now?!\" Liu Lanzhi pondered inwardly.

One of her agreement with Su Yang's father, Su Xun, was to keep Su Yang away from the Su Family, but now that the little sister approached them on her own accord, would it be considered a violation of their agreement?

Of course, Liu Lanzhi did not know that Su Yin was oblivious to her agreement with the Su Family.

\"The Sect Master knows this little girl? Su Yin? Could she be senior apprentice-brother's little sister?\" One of the disciples asked.

\"She did call him Elder Brother just now…\"

The disciples' interest in this Su Yin immediately soared. None of them had expected Su Yang to have siblings.

\"Elder Brother! I have missed you! Waaaaa!\"

Su Yin suddenly began crying out loud, dumbfounding the people there.

Su Yang looked at the little girl clinging to his robes and crying like a baby. However, just as he opened his mouth, the people from the Heavenly Swan Sect finally caught up with Su Yin and began pointing fingers at Su Yang.

\"Who the hell are you?! Get away from our junior apprentice-sister!\"

\"She… She's crying! That bastard must have made her cry!\"

The Heavenly Swan Sect disciples quickly misunderstood the situation and began blaming Su Yang for Su Yin's tears, which isn't too far from the truth.

\"Who are these people? Appearing out of nowhere and badmouthing our senior apprentice-brother. How dare they!\"

The Profound Blossom Sect watched these people with unfriendly gazes.

\"What is going on here?!\"

Finally, the sect elders from the Heavenly Swan Sect arrived.

\"Elder! That bastard over there made junior apprentice-sister cry! He's even clinging onto her like a pervert!\"

\"What?!\" The Elder quickly became enraged, as Su Yin was one of their most talented and precious disciples.

To make her cry was akin to offending their entire Heavenly Swan Sect, much less touching her inappropriately!

\"Get your dirty hands off her right this moment!\"

Without any warnings, the sect elder from the Heavenly Swan Sect attacked Su Yang with a palm strike.

\"How dare you attack my disciple right before my eyes!\" Liu Lanzhi also activated her Profound Qi and struck back, defending Su Yang from the sect elder's attack and pushing the sect elder many meters away.

The Profound Blossom Sect disciples immediately began cursing at the Heavenly Swan Sect.

\"Attacking a junior out of the blue, and you call yourself a Sect Elder?!\"

\"It was this little girl who appeared out of the blue and hugged our senior apprentice-brother, not the other way around!\"

After the first clash, the entire place got rowdy and made room for them.

\"It's a fight!\"

\"Are they crazy? To fight in Snowfall City? Or did they forget which city they are in right now?\"

\"Get out of the way if you don't want to get dragged in! The guards are coming over!\"

A few guards could be seen approaching them from a distance.

\"What's going on here? Who started this fight?\"

The guards asked them when they arrived.

\"They started it!\"

The Profound Blossom Sect wasted to time pointing fingers.

The guards turned to look at the Heavenly Swan Sect.

\"H-Heavenly Swan Sect?\"

The guards were surprised to see this Elite Sect getting into trouble.

\"Guards! They are lying! He's the one who started this! That bastard made our junior apprentice-sister cry! He even touched her inappropriately!\"

The Heavenly Swan Sect disciples rebuked.


The guards looked at the Profound Blossom Sect, but they did not recognize their robes.

\"Who are you guys?\" One of the guards asked. He did not want to offend the Heavenly Swan Sect, but he also didn't want to offend an unknown background.

\"Profound Blossom Sect. I am the Sect Master.\" Liu Lanzhi stepped forward.

The guards looked at each other. None of them have heard of the Profound Blossom Sect before.

\"It does not matter who they are! They have made one of our disciples cry! I will let the Sect Master know of this matter afterward!\" The Sect Elder that attacked Su Yang suddenly spoke.

Liu Lanzhi frowned and said, \"You were the one who struck first. Do you have no shame?\"

\"I say…\" Su Yang, who has been quiet this entire time, suddenly spoke, \"Did you even see what happened? Do you know why she's crying?\"

\"N-N-No…\" The Sect Elder hesitantly spoke.

\"So you attacked me without any reason? I must say, the Heavenly Swan Sect is pretty overbearing.\" Su Yang said with a nonchalant expression.

\"Watch your mouth, you little brat! And hurry up and let my disciple go!\"

Su Yang shook his head and continued, \"Are you blind or what? Look at us and tell me who's clinging onto who, again!\"

The Heavenly Swan Sect's disciple looked at him and Su Yin again, but this time with more attention.

\"T-This is…\"

They were baffled when they realized that it was Su Yin who was clinging onto him!

\"So this is the kind of place that is taking care of my little sister, huh? How worrying.\" Su Yang sighed, pretending to be a caring brother.

\"W-What did you just say? She is your little sister?\"

Not just the Heavenly Swan Sect but even Liu Lanzhi looked at him with wide eyes.

\"He knows that Su Yin is his sister?! But that's impossible! He shouldn't have any memories of the Su Family! Then has he regained his memories? Since when?\" Liu Lanzhi pondered.

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