Dual Cultivation

Chapter 325 Puzzling Results

Chapter 325 Puzzling Results

As he approached the Bone Age Totem, Su Yang raised his hands.

A few moments later, a total of seventeen orbs of light floated around the totem.

\"Seventeen years old…\"

The examiner couldn't help but prepare himself for this young man, who emitted a mysterious aura that felt more profound than Fang Zhenlan.

\"He's really only seventeen years old…\" Fang Zhelan was dumbfounded by the results. She had initially believed that he was an expert in disguise.

With that being said, reaching the Heavenly Spirit Realm at such a young age made her seem as insignificant as an ant.

\"What cultivation base do you think senior apprentice-brother have achieved?\" One of the disciples asked.

\"He must be at least the peak of Earth Spirit Realm, right?\"

\"He could very well have already entered the Heavenly Spirit Realm.\"

\"But he's only seventeen years old. Being a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert at that age is a little bit overboard even if it's senior apprentice-brother…\"

\"Then how do you explain our growth?\"

\"That's true, but at the same time, we wouldn't have been able to cultivate with his Yang Qi if he was so far ahead of us. All of us would have died long ago!\"

Normally, one would not be able to cultivate Qi that far exceeds their realm. However, Su Yang has a profound technique that defies this heavenly law to a certain extent, allowing his partners to cultivate his Yang Qi despite having a lower cultivation base than him.

With that being said, this heaven-defying technique only works for those within the Seven Mortal Realm.

In other words, as long as the disparity is not too immense, Su Yang can cultivate with anyone he wants while disregarding their cultivation base. But of course, this kind of technique only assist those with lower cultivation than Su Yang and will not work if they are superior to him.

After finishing with the Bone Age Totem, Su Yang approached the Spirit Totem.


The place turned completely silent, as everyone there was anticipating the reveal of his cultivation base.

A few moments later, the examiner spoke with a dumbfounded voice, \"Ninth level… Profound Spirit Realm…\"


Everybody there exclaimed loudly.

\"Did senior apprentice-sister break the Spirit Totem?\"

\"Profound Spirit Realm? How is that possible? He's clearly at the Heavenly Spirit Realm…\" Fang Zhelan, who was the only one there aware of Su Yang's real cultivation base pondered.

\"Did he mess with the Spirit Totem? What about the Bone Age Totem? Did he mess with that as well?\"

Not just Fang Zhelan, but even Liu Lanzhi was suspicious of the results, especially seeing how calm Su Yang is right now.

\"Stamp.\" Su Yang casually said to the examiner.


The examiner stamped Su Yang's hand without thinking much about it.

Once everyone from the Profound Blossom Sect received their mark of qualification, they exited the stadium from the back.

\"Su Yang, are you really only at the Profound Spirit Realm?\" Liu Lanzhi asked him after they left.

\"That's what the Spirit Totem evaluated, no?\"

\"If you are only at the Profound Spirit Realm, how did you manage to help others achieve their cultivation base? That is not something someone at the mere Profound Spirit Realm can manage.\"

\"Does it matter what cultivation base I have? As long as there's result…\"

Liu Lanzhi sighed. \"Fine, if you don't want to say anything now, just wait until after I win our bet!\"

Su Yang merely nodded with a smile.

However, a little bit later, Fang Zhelan used her Spiritual Senses to speak inside Su Yang's mind, \"It's fine if you want to keep quiet, but what had happened just now? You are clearly at the Heavenly Spirit Realm.\"

\"I rigged it a bit, that's all.\" Su Yang calmly responded.

\"You rigged it?! But that Spiritual Treasure is known to be… forget it. It won't be any more surprising than a seventeen-year-old reaching the Heavenly Spirit Realm.\"

\"Do you believe senior apprentice-brother is only at the Profound Spirit Realm?\" The other disciples whispered with each other.

\"No way… he probably used some mysterious technique to hide his cultivation base.\"

\"Right? Just the quality of his Yang Qi alone is already at least Earth Spirit Realm.\"

Meanwhile, a few meters away from the Profound Blossom Sect, a dozen people were circling around a young lady, seemingly in high spirits.

\"As expected of junior apprentice-sister! Reaching the peak of True Spirit Realm at such a young age! Your future is limitless!\"

\"What junior sister? She will become our senior apprentice-sister in the blink of an eye! We might as well start treating her as one!\"

However, despite being praised by almost everyone around her, this young lady remained silent.

\"Disciple Su, as much as I want to praise your efforts, I also cannot ignore your health. In fact, I forbid you to cultivate for the next forty-eight hours! Take this time to rest.\" The sect elder of the Heavenly Sawn Sect said to the young girl.

\"Yes, Elder…\" Su Yin nodded slowly.

\"Did something happen to junior apprentice-sister? She's been down before we even arrived.\"

\"How am I supposed to know that? The one here closest to her is senior apprentice-sister Yao…\"

The other disciples looked at the beautiful lady standing beside Su Yin with urging gazes.


The girl surnamed Yao rolled her eyes at her fellow disciples before speaking to Su Yin.

\"Sister Yin, if there's anything you want to get off your chest, elder sister is always here for you…\"


\"Sister Yin? What are you looking at? It's almost like you are staring at a ghost or something.\" Noticing Su Yin stare at a certain direction with wide eyes, Yao Ning, her best friend, also looked at that direction.

However, besides a group of exceedingly beautiful young ladies, there was nothing worth mentioning in that direction.

\"B-Brother?\" Su Yin's entire body trembled when she noticed Su Yang's handsome face among a group of beauties.

And without thinking about anything else, Su Yin began running towards Su Yang, pushing everyone else aside.

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