Dual Cultivation

Chapter 324 Shocking Results

Chapter 324 Shocking Results

Upon entering the stadium, two tall totems gazed upon the Profound Blossom Sect like two overbearing guardians.

\"Spiritual Totem and the Bone Age Totem. One to examine your age through your bones and the other for your cultivation base. It's impossible to lie before these two Spiritual Treasures.\"

Liu Lanzhi explained to them.


Su Yang looked at the Spiritual Totem with a pondering gaze.

\"I don't have to worry about revealing my age, nor am I really trying to hide my cultivation base, but revealing my true cultivation base here will cause too much of a commotion, not to mention my plans. I'll keep it hidden it for now.\"

Although these Spiritual Treasures are known to be 100% accurate and cannot be fooled, such inferior Spiritual Treasures are akin to toys in the face of an Immortal like Su Yang, who has plenty of concealment techniques to deceive these toys.

\"One at a time, you will place your hands on these two totems to be examined. We will be testing your age first, so place your hands on the Bone Age Totem that is the left totem.\" The examiner suddenly spoke to them.

\"Go ahead.\" Liu Lanzhi urged the disciples.

One of the disciples nodded her head and approached the Bone Age Totem and placed her hands on it.

A few seconds later, twenty green orbs of light appeared around the Bone Age Totem. Obviously, each green orb signified a single year for the disciple.

\"Eighteen years old. You pass the age exam. Now, place your hands onto this Spiritual Totem and circulate your Profound Qi into it to activate it,\" said the examiner.

The disciple followed the instructions and injected some of her Profound Qi into the Spiritual Totem as though she was activating a Spiritual Treasure.

A few moments later, the entire Spiritual Totem emitted a dark green light.

\"Fifth Level True Spirit Realm. You are qualified to participate in the tournament. Give me the top of your hand,\" said the examiner.

When the disciple raised her hands, the examiner retrieved a stamp and stamped the top of the disciple's hand. A yellow mark appeared at the spot that was stamped a few seconds later, before disappearing into her skin after some time.

\"This is…?\" The disciple looked at the examiner with a puzzled expression.

\"That mark is proof that you are an official participant. Without it, you will not be able to enter the stage.\"

\"I see…\"

After the first disciple passed the exam which took less than a minute, the next disciple stepped forward.

\"Eighteen years old. Sixth Level True Spirit Realm. Pass.\"

\"Seventeen years old. Fifth Level True Spirit Realm. Pass.\"

\"Twenty years old. Eighth Level True Spirit Realm. Pass.\"

\"Nineteen years old. Ninth Level True Spirit Realm. Pass.\"

As the exam went on, the examiner became more and more surprised by the Profound Blossom Sect's disciple and the result of their examination.

\"Despite their low ages, they have all achieved high cultivation bases that are not any less inferior than those from the Elite Sects. The Profound Blossom Sect, huh? Did they find a spiritual mine or something and became rich? It must have cost them an atrocious amount of resources to cultivate these disciples. This year's tournament region will be fun.\"

Because more than half of the disciples from that are here today were only Outer Court disciples half a year ago, their ages are all within low ranges.


\"It's finally my turn!\" Sun Jingjing stepped forward with an excited expression.

\"Twenty-one years old… Second Level... E-E-Earth Spirit Realm?!\"

The examiner nearly screamed when he saw the Spiritual Totem emit a red glow, something that only those at the Earth Spirit Realm can invoke.

\"To be at the Earth Spirit Realm at such a young age! What tremendous talent! Her future will be limitless!\"

The examiner wiped the sweat off his forehead and bowed the Liu Lanzhi, \"Congratulations to the Profound Blossom Sect for having such excellent disciples!\"

Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but smile after hearing the examiner's praising words, feeling extremely proud to have a disciple like Sun Jingjing.

But of course, all of this wouldn't have been possible without Su Yang.

After Sun Jingjing went, the only ones that have yet to be tested were Fang Zhelan and Su Yang.

\"Disciple Fang, go ahead.\" Liu Lanzhi looked at her with a grin.

Fang Zhelan nodded and approached the Bone Age Totem.

\"Twenty-four years old.\"

After passing the age test, Fang Zhelan placed her hands onto the Spiritual Totem.

A few moments later, the totem emitted a dark red color, one that surpassed Sun Jingjing in brightness.

\"I-I-Impossible!\" The examiner fell onto his butt after seeing Fang Zhelan's cultivation base.

\"S-S-Seventh Level Earth Spirit Realm!\" The examiner exclaimed with a shocked voice.

\"N...No way…\" Even Liu Lanzhi couldn't believe the results and stared at Fang Zhelan with a dazed expression. She finally understood why she wasn't able to see Fang Zhelan's cultivation base, unlike the other disciples besides Su Yang.

In fact, Liu Lanzhi herself was only at the Fifth Level Earth Spirit Realm.

Liu Lanzhi then turned to look at Su Yang, who was the person responsible for this.

If he could help Fang Zhelan achieve such a high cultivation base in such a short time, he must be even stronger than Fang Zhelan, right?

\"As… As expected from senior apprentice-sister… Her talent alone is better than all of us combined...\"

The other disciples sighed inwardly.

\"I'd like to be stamped now,\" Fang Zhelan said to the fallen examiner.


However, the examiner did not reply and showed hesitation. Although Fang Zhelan's age was within the qualified range, her cultivation base was simply too abnormal. If she goes onto the stage, won't she dominate everybody else with ease?

Hell, they might as well give her the rewards for first place before the tournament even begins!

\"Is there a problem, examiner? Why haven't you stamped her hands, yet?\" Liu Lanzhi asked with a frown.

\"Well… there's nothing wrong with her age, but her cultivation base is a bit…\"

\"What? There are no restrictions regarding the limit of one's cultivation to be qualified as a participant if I recall correctly! Even if she's at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, my disciple qualifies to be a participant!\" Liu Lanzhi quickly responded.

The examiner turned silent after hearing Liu Lanzhi's rebuke, and after many minutes of pondering, the examiner finally stamped Fang Zhelan's hands.

\"You are right, there are no rules that prevent one at the Seventh Level Earth Spirit Realm from qualifying. As long as they are above the Profound Spirit Realm, they quality. Excuse me for my hesitation just now.\"

Liu Lanzhi sighed in relief after seeing the yellow mark on Fang Zhelan's hand. As long as there's Fang Zhelan on the stage, it's almost impossible for the Profound Blossom Sect to take any place lower than 3rd for the tournament.

\"Disciple Fang… seeing how you have already surpassed me, I might as well call you Sect Master starting now, right?\" Liu Lanzhi smiled bitterly.

However, Fang Zhelan calmly shook her head and said, \"In terms of experience, this disciple is still far behind the Sect Master. I do not dare become the Sect Master even ten years from now.\"

\"You are being too humble…\" Liu Lanzhi sighed. \"Anyway, we can talk about this once we return to the hotel. There's still one more person here that needs to be tested.\"

At that moment, everyone turned to look at Su Yang, who was already approaching the two totems.

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