Dual Cultivation

Chapter 314 Morals

Chapter 314 Morals

In a fit of rage from his disappointment, Senior Zhong approached Su Yang's door and prepared to knock. However, he managed to resist his urges the last second and stood there with a frozen expression.

"Senior…" Liu Lanzhi shook her head while sighing.

"Su Yang, you have a guest. The Divine Sword Master is here to see you."

Although she'd rather allow Su Yang to finish his cultivation, Liu Lanzhi decided to have the initiative and knocked on his door, as she did not want to offend this Divine Sword Master, who was more terrifying than the entire Million Snakes Sect as an individual.

A few minutes later, the door opened, and two beautiful ladies walked out of Su Yang's room with loose robes and glittering skin.


Senior Zhong's jaw dropped when he saw these two ladies.

"What does the Young Lady see in this kind of man?!" he sighed inwardly.

"Senior Zhong, I didn't think that we'd meet again so soon." Su Yang appeared afterward.

"Come inside."

Senior Zhong did not say anything and followed him into the room, which was lingering with Yin Qi and the sweet aroma from the two ladies just now.

Once the door closed, Senior Zhong spoke, "I thought you were joking when said that you were from the Profound Blossom Sect, but alas, little did I know! Truly shameless!"

"Shameless? What's so shameless about cuddling beauties as a man?" Su Yang responded in a calm voice.

"There's no shame in such acts, but to think that a Sword Master such as yourself would touch these young girls without a care in the world! Let me find out that you are actually oppressing the Profound Blossom Sect with your status just to fulfill that lustful nature of yours! I will quickly deal with you even if the Young Lady begs me to stop!"

After hearing those words, Su Yang narrowed his eyes at Senior Zhong and spoke in a cold voice, "You dare accuse me of oppressing these girls to cultivate with me? If not for the Young Lady, I would have killed you ten times by now!"

Killing intent suddenly filled the room, causing Senior Zhong to sweat profusely.

Su Yang then continued, "What does it matter if they are twenty years old or two hundred years old? This small age gap, they are still nothing but children in my eyes! As long as they are a woman and they accept me, I will embrace them without shame!"

Although it might be different for Senior Zhong, who has lived for a measly 300 years, because Su Yang has lived for tens of thousands of years as an Immortal, there was not much difference in such a small gap his mind. In fact, if he has to consider their age for his cultivation, then even the oldest individual in this world is but a mere child in his eyes!

In this kind of situation, how will he ever increase his cultivation base and return to the Divine Heavens? Therefore, as much as he'd rather not touch these young girls, he really has no other choices, hence why he hesitated to cultivate with the disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect when he first regained his memories.

"Surnamed Zhong, we are both Cultivators. Something like age is but a mere number to scale talent in our world. Of course, I'm not saying one's age does not matter entirely, but as long as they are an adult, who cares, really?"

Su Yang tossed his act as a young disciple and began acting more like a senior, something that greatly dumbfounded Senior Zhong.


Senior Zhong turned silent for the next few minutes. As much as he wanted to dispute Su Yang's claims, he couldn't find any fault in Su Yang's words.

Unlike Mortals, the relevance of one's age is different in the eyes of a Cultivator, and this is even more true for those that have lived long enough, especially Immortals that live eternally.

"Anyway, why don't you start telling me why you have come here? Don't tell me that you came all the way here just to call me shameless, right?"

"You… where have you been after we separated at the entrance gate?" Senior Zhong decided to put his opinions behind his head and questioned Su Yang.

"Where have I been? I have been in this room the entire time with those two girls, obviously," said Su Yang.

"So he had nothing to do with the Sword Intent?" Senior Zhong frowned inwardly.

If the Sword Intent did not belong to Su Yang, who did it belong to? And why did it feel so familiar to Su Yang's Sword Intent?

"Are you sure about that?" Senior Zhong continued pressing him.

"If you are still doubting me, then you can ask the two ladies just now what we have been doing since we arrived at this place," said Su Yang with a smile.

Senior Zhong shook his head.

"Forget it."

A few moments later, Senior Zhong retrieved something from his robes and tossed it to Su Yang.

"A communication jade slip? From whom?" asked Su Yang.

"The Young Lady," responded Senior Zhong.

"But let me warn you that if you dare have any funny ideas about the Young Lady, the entire Xie Family will be after your head, and I will be at the first to look for you!"

"How scary…" Su Yang casually said.

"If this is all, then you may leave. I have some unfinished business with those two ladies that you had interrupted," he continued.

Senior Zhong stood up from his seat and said, "Then I have some unfortunate news for you. Lord Xie of the Xie Family has summoned you, so I will be bringing you back to the Xie Family with me now."

"You want me to go to the Xie Family? Are you not afraid that I might do something to your Young Lady while I am there?" Su Yang laughed.

"If you dare touch the Young Lady, you can forget about leaving the Xie Family forever!" Senior Zhong looked at him with a dangerous expression.

Su Yang merely shrugged. Although he has no intention of touching the Xie Xingfang right now, he was interested in her progression with the technique he'd given her, so he did not refuse to go to the Xie Family.

"Very well, show me the way."

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