Dual Cultivation

Chapter 313 New Techniques 18+

Chapter 313 New Techniques 18+

After killing the sect elder from the Golden Altar Sect, Su Yang directly returned to the Profound Blossom Sect without anyone noticing his shadow.

Before he entered his room through the window, Su Yang removed his mask and sword.

"Senior apprentice-brother!" Sun Jingjing breathed with relief upon seeing his return in just a few minutes.

"What's the matter? Did something happen while I was away?" he asked after noticing her reaction.

"The Sect Master knocked on the door looking for you literally moments after you left! I nearly got a heart attack from that!"

"The Sect Master? What did she want from me?"

"I don't know, but she said it wasn't that important and to forget for now it after we lied about cultivating at that time. Anyway, you have returned much faster than I'd expected."

Su Yang nodded.

However, before he could even relax, he noticed an expert at the Heavenly Spirit Realm approaching their location from many miles away.

"That old man… what does he want from me now?" he wondered.

After a moment of pondering, Su Yang looked at Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan and spoke, "We have been cultivating almost every day for the past few months now, and I am thinking of showing you a new technique or two. What do you think? If you can last even one minute, I'll do any one thing you request from me."


The two beauties looked at him with surprised looks, as they did not expect such a sudden situation.

Su Yang nodded and continued, "Your bodies would not have been able to handle it before, but it should be fine now. You'll experience a whole new world of experience."

"A… A whole new world of experience…?"

The two girls forcefully swallowed their saliva, as they cannot imagine a pleasure that is more intensive than what they are already experiencing.

"I am up for the challenge."

Surprisingly, it was Fang Zhelan who responded first.

"Me, too! One minute? Hah! You are underestimating us too much, senior apprentice-brother!" Sun Jingjing immediately agreed after Fang Zhelan.

After cultivating with him for so long, their bodies have become fully accustomed to the pleasure that Su Yang brings to their body, allowing them to cultivate without any breaks for half an hour. With that being said, even though they are used to his techniques, it was not as though they are getting bored with it, nor are Su Yang's techniques losing its effect.

In fact, because they have built such resilience, they are now able to enjoy his techniques for a much longer time without any pauses, allowing them to fully indulge themselves in cultivation.

"I am underestimating you?"

Su Yang showed a mysterious smile and continued, "30 seconds. I will be your slave for a whole day if you can last this long without releasing your Yin Qi!"

The two girls became excited upon hearing his words, and they can already imagine what it would be like to have Su Yang listen to their orders for an entire day!

"You have said it now! There's no going back on your words!" Sun Jingjing said loudly.

"I am a man of my words."

Without sparing any time or show hesitation, both Fang Zhelan and Sun Jingjing stripped their clothes.

"Who wants to go first?" Su Yang pulled his pants down and asked with his dragon already awakened and staring towards the heavens.


"I will go first."

Fang Zhelan managed to finish her sentence before Sun Jingjing, who was the first to open her mouth.

Su Yang nodded and walked in front of Fang Zhelan, who was already on the bed with her legs spread and petals wet, and he pressed his raging dragon against her entrance.

"No foreplay at all? He must be quite confident!" Sun Jingjing thought to herself as he watched Su Yang penetrate Fang Zhelan.


Fang Zhelan gasped in shock not even a second after being penetrated by Su Yang, startling Sun Jingjing.

"W-What is this feeling?! Ahhhhh!!! I… I can't!"

Not even twenty seconds after they began, Fang Zhelan released her Yin Qi all over Su Yang.

"What?!" Sun Jingjign stared at the Yin Qi that was spraying out of Fang Zhelan's lower part with a dazed look.

How could Fang Zhelan, the most experienced and resilient out of all of the disciples, possibly release her Yin Qi after just a few seconds of cultivation? What had changed? Sun Jingjing couldn't tell!

In fact, from her standpoint, Su Yang didn't do anything special, only thrusting his rod into her normally!

"18 seconds… huh."

Su Yang smiled and looked at Sun Jingjing with wolf-like eyes.


Sun Jingjing looked at Fang Zhelan's blissful face and then at Su Yang's praying smile and smiled bitterly. If Fang Zhelan cannot even resist for 20 seconds, she will surely lose her control within 10 seconds!

"What's the matter? I no longer see any confidence in your eyes. You can still back out of this now."

Sun Jingjing merely sighed and said, "Although I have given up on winning this challenge, I will not back out from this challenge!"

"Good words!"

Su Yang pulled his thick rod from Fang Zhelan and approached Sun Jingjing, who was trying to swallow her nervousness away.

A few seconds later, Su Yang penetrated Sun Jingjing, and a sharp moan resounded in the halls once again. And unlike her fake moan, this one was sharp like a phoenix's cry and filled with emotion and delight.

"Aaaaaaaaaah! Senior apprentice-brother!"

Meanwhile, when Senior Zhong, who just finished speaking to Liu Lanzhi suddenly heard this moan, his facial expression dropped, looking like he'd just witnessed someone spit on his food.

"T-This bastard is really cultivating with the young disciples of this Profound Blossom Sect! Does he have no shame?!" Senior Zhong cursed Su Yang in his heart, as he still believed Su Yang to be someone as old if not older than him due to his astonishing Sword Intent, which is around 300 years old.

And for someone his age to be playing with these disciples that could easily qualify as their granddaughters, it made Senior Zhong feel disappointed in him.

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