Dual Cultivation

Chapter 315 Kneel Before His Majesty!

Chapter 315 Kneel Before His Majesty!

"Sect Master, I will be gone for a bit." Su Yang said to Liu Lanzhi, who was waiting outside for them.

"Eh? Where are you going?" she asked him, finding this too sudden.

Su Yang merely pointed at Senior Zhong in response to her question.

"I will be borrowing him for a bit," said Senior Zhong.

Since the Divine Sword Master will be by his side, Liu Lanzhi did not have to worry about Su Yang's safety and easily accepted his departure.

"Will you return by tomorrow, when we register for the tournament?" Liu Lanzhi asked.

Senior Zhong remained silent, as he was not certain what Lord Xie wanted to do with Su Yang. Even if he did not kill the sect elder from the Golden Altar Sect, it seems like Lord Xie had other intentions with him.

"Of course," said Su Yang with a confident smile.

A few moments later, Su Yang and Senior Zhong left the Crystal Snow Hotel.

"If you don't do or say anything stupid, you might be able to return by tomorrow," said Senior Zhong after they left.

"If I want to leave, who can stop me?" Su Yang said calmly.

"I dare you to continue acting so haughty before Lord Xie." Senior Zhong coldly snorted. 

After their short conversation, they traveled to the Xie Family's household in complete silence.

Sometime later, Su Yang stood before the Xie Family's land that was as large as an entire Sect.

Noticing Su Yang's stare at the grand scene before him, Senior Zhong spoke, "We are only at the entrance and you are already in awe? Such a reaction does not fit your demeanor."

Su Yang merely shrugged his shoulders. He did not feel like wasting any breath with Senior Zhong.

"Open the gates and notify Lord Xie that I have returned with 'Xiao Yang'."

Senior Zhong said to one of the guards.

After the guards opened the gates, Senior Zhong brought Su Yang into one of the hundreds of guests' rooms within this huge manor.

"We will wait here until Lord Xie calls for us," said Senior Zhong.

"And I should warn you right now. Lord Xie is someone that holds the most authority in this Eastern Continent beside the Ancestor. He is, in other words, the Emperor of this place. You can disrespect me all you want, but he is not someone you can offend. If you value your life, it will be in your best interest to put aside your arrogance when before his presence."

"An Emperor, you say? Hahaha!" Su Yang suddenly burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Senior Zhong frowned.

"I should really bring you to the Holy Continent one of these days to broaden your views!"

"What?! You have been to the Holy Continent?! No… more importantly… you know how to get there?!" Senior Zhong was greatly shocked, looking like he'd just seen a ghost.

However, before Su Yang could even answer, a servant from the Xie Family knocked on their door.

"Senior Zhong, His Majesty has been notified of your return and is currently waiting for your presence in the main hall."

"Looks like it's time to meet this 'Emperor'," said Su Yang as he walked towards the door.

"Wait! You have not answered my question! What do you know about the Holy Continent?!"

But alas, Su Yang completely ignored him and said to the servant waiting outside, "Bring me to this main hall."

"Su Yang… you bastard…" Senior Zhong gnashed his teeth in anger when Su Yang ignored him.

However, as much as he wanted to tie Su Yang to a chair and continue questioning him right now, he could not keep Lord Xie waiting for them for too long.

"You can ignore me now, but I will surely get my answer from you before you leave this place!"

Senior Zhong said inwardly before following the servant and Su Yang to meet Lord Xie.

A few minutes later, Su Yang arrived at the main hall with Senior Zhong by his side.

"Your Majesty, Senior Zhong, and Xiao Yang have arrived."

The servant knocked on the door.

"Allow them inside."

A strong voice resounded from behind the large doors.

A few seconds later, the doors opened, and Su Yang casually walked into the room, where a dozen figures were present.

At the end of this room was a middle-aged man with sharp features and an intimidating aura.

As for the other figures, they were all clad in powerful armor and standing at each side of the room with Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasures in their grasps and a fierce expression, looking like they were prepared for war.

"Your Majesty." Senior Zhong immediately kneeled before the middle-aged man sitting at the end of the room the moment he entered the room.

As for Su Yang, he merely continued standing there with a calm expression.

"Kneel before His Majesty!"

The guards standing on the sides all shouted simultaneously, their voice carrying an oppressing aura that bore down on Su Yang's figure.

Each of these guards was at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm, and some of them were even at the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

However, despite bearing the auras of a dozen experts that are considered to be at the top of this world, Su Yang remained standing there with a nonchalant expression, looking like he could not even feel the pressure.

Seeing this, Senior Zhong could only sigh inwardly.

"Interesting…" Lord Xie smiled inwardly when he saw Su Yang's resistance.

"Did you not hear us, you scoundrel?! Kneel before His Majesty!"

The guards, however, were not pleased by his reaction and immediately readied their weapons and pointed it at Su Yang.

A few seconds later, Su Yang finally opened his mouth to speak.

"If you brought me here just to have these dogs yell in my ears, I will turn around and leave right now."

"You… you son of a bitch!"

The guards roared in anger after being called dogs by Su Yang, and a few of them even rushed at Su Yang with killing intent.

"Alas… what have you done? Are you really trying to court death today?" Senior Zhong, who remained in the kneeling position, sighed inwardly, as he did not plan on saving Su Yang, who he'd warned right before coming here.

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