Dual Cultivation

Chapter 298 Preparing for the Regional Tournamen

Chapter 298 Preparing for the Regional Tournamen

After he dismissed the Junior Disciples, Su Yang returned to his living quarters, where he would spend the next few weeks cultivating, until there was only one month left before the Regional Tournament's opening ceremony.

One day, Liu Lanzhi called for Su Yang and all of the disciples that would be participating in the Regional Tournament.

A few minutes later, ten disciples, including Su Yang, gathered in front of the Yin Yang Pavilion, where Liu Lanzhi and a few other sect elders have been waiting for them.

"The reason I gathered all of you here today is simple — the Regional Tournament is exactly one month away, and we have to register our Profound Blossom Sect as a participant," said Liu Lanzhi after they all arrived.

"However, before we can even register our names, we have to ensure that we actually qualify to participate, or we will only look like fools when we get there. Therefore, I want to see whether or not you qualify."

Liu Lanzhi then looked at Su Yang and spoke, "Although I did not check on them because I had faith in you, do you have anything to say before we start?"

Su Yang calmly shook his head.

"Very well… show me your cultivation bases!"

Upon hearing her words, the six Outer Court disciples that have been in Su Yang's care released their cultivation base, causing a profound aura to surround them.

"T-T-True Spirit Realm!"

Not just Liu Lanzhi but Elder Zhao and Elder Sun were also shocked speechless by their tremendous growth.

"In less than half a year, all six of them managed to reach the True Spirit Realm from the Elementary Spirit Realm! This far exceeds my expectations!"

Liu Lanzhi trembled in excitement when she saw her disciples' growth. Out of the blue, the Profound Blossom Sect has gained six more individuals that qualify to be Core disciples!

"W-What on earth did you do for them to grow so quickly, Su Yang?" Elder Sun asked him with a dazed look.

"What? I only cultivated with them normally." Su Yang shrugged.

"B-Bullshit! Even if you continuously feed them precious resources every day for the last few months, they shouldn't have grown so quick!" Elder Zhao refuted, as even he couldn't believe it.

"Whether you believe it or not does not matter, as all that matter is the result. And what's the result? They are now qualified to participate in the Regional Tournament."

"Su Yang is right…"

Although she didn't want to admit it, Liu Lanzhi had to agree with Su Yang in this case. No matter how he managed such a miracle, all the matters are the result.

Suddenly, while Liu Lanzhi and the sect elders were dumbfounded by the six disciples' growth, Sun Jingjing released her own cultivation base, causing a powerful presence to appear.

"E-E-Earth Spirit Realm?!"

Elder Sun's jaw dropped to the ground when Sun Jingjing revealed her cultivation base.

"How could this be possible! She was only at the second level of the True Spirit Realm just a few weeks ago!"

Elder Sun thought to himself.

To think his granddaughter would surpass his own cultivation base so easily… her future is limitless!

When Sun Jingjing saw the shocked gazes staring at her, she showed them a prideful smile, clearly proud of her achievements.

In fact, after giving Su Yang her purity, Sun Jingjing has been cultivating with Su Yang almost every day. And with the help of some Euphoric Oil and other cultivation resources provided by Su Yang, Sun Jingjing barely managed to reach the Earth Spirit Realm just a few days ago.

Liu Lanzhi stood there with a blank face at this moment, as she was unsure of how she should react to this situation.

The previous six disciples' growth was already more than enough to shock her speechless, yet Sun Jingjing actually managed to reach the Earth Spirit Realm at such a young age! At this rate, Sun Jingjing will surely surpass even herself within a few more months!

Liu Lanzhi proceeded to turn to look at Fang Zhelan, who was standing there with a calm expression on her face, looking as though she was not even slightly surprised by their growth one bit.

"What cultivation base is she at right now? Since she was already at the peak of the True Spirit Realm way before this… maybe she is already above me, the sect master, in cultivation?"

Liu Lanzhi pondered inwardly.

However, because she did not want to confirm it, even feeling slightly afraid of the result, Liu Lanzhi decided to end the inspection early and said, "O-Okay, I understand… you are all qualified for the Regional Tournament…"

"Now we just have to register for the tournament. Therefore, we will be heading to the place where the tournament will take place — Snowfall City."

"Eh? We are going there now?"

Finding this quite sudden, Sun Jingjing asked.

"No, we will leave in three days, so use this time to prepare." Liu Lanzhi responded.

Elder Zhao chimed in on the conversation and explained it with more details.

"The registration for the Regional Tournament has already started, and it will end two weeks before the start of the tournament. It will take us approximately seven days to reach Snowfall City, leaving us with just a few days to register."

"What's more, once we arrive at Snowfall City, we will remain there until the entire thing is over, so prepare accordingly."

"Do you have any questions for us?"

"Who will be coming with us to Snowfall City?" Fang Zhelan asked.

"Everybody here except Elder Zhao will be going to Snowfall City. Furthermore, if there are any disciple that wish to follow us so they can watch the tournament, we will also bring them along," said Liu Lanzhi.

Besides Liu Lanzhi and Elder Sun, there were three other sect elders there. Because of security reasons and due to their lack of personnel, Liu Lanzhi had to limit her choices in who to bring, as she did not want to leave the Profound Blossom Sect vulnerable during their travel.

"Anyway, we will meet at this exact place three days from now."

Liu Lanzhi dismissed them before leaving to prepare for the Regional Tournament.

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