Dual Cultivation

Chapter 299 Heavenly Swan Sec

Chapter 299 Heavenly Swan Sec

After the disciples left, the strength in Liu Lanzhi's legs disappeared, causing her to fall on her butt.

"S-Sect Master!"

The sect elders were startled by her sudden fall.

"I-I'm fine…" Liu Lanzhi waved her hands. "I am just a little bit too shocked…"

The sect elders exchanged glanced. They were also feeling similar emotions, albeit not as profound as Liu Lanzhi.

"I understand your feelings, Sect Master, as I still cannot believe it…"

Elder Zhao sighed.

They left these disciples alone for the last few months in hopes of a surprise, but little did they expect a shock at this magnitude.

"Just how did Su Yang manage this miracle? Even though dual cultivation is much faster in terms of growth than normal cultivation, this kind of growth is simply ridiculous. I cannot imagine how he did it…" Elder Sun also sighed.

"I have a feeling that it would be for the best if we didn't find out," said Liu Lanzhi as she stood back up.

"What do you mean by that, Sect Master? If we can figure out how Su Yang is helping these disciples' cultivation bases soar, we can use it to our advantage in the future for all of our disciples. At that time, it won't be a dream to be at the top!" Elder Zhao said.

Liu Lanzhi shook her head.

"If you think it's that easy to make Su Yang talk, you can go ahead and try. However, if you offend him and force him to leave this place, how will you take responsibility? Although I do not want to make it sound so exaggerated, the entire Profound Blossom Sect's future is resting on his shoulders at this moment."

Elder Zhao immediately turned quiet, as he did not think this through. Su Yang is the only male disciple that is capable of dual cultivating with the female disciples currently, and if he were to leave, who else will be these female disciples' partner? And this is not even mentioning the contribution Su Yang is giving to the sect.

"How Su Yang is helping these disciples are none of our business or concern. In fact, don't even think about it. All we need to know is the contribution is he putting in for our Profound Blossom Sect."

"Yes, Sect Master…"

The sect elders there nodded.


Despite saying such words, Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but sigh in her heart, as she knew that Su Yang will have to leave someday when the Su Family finally decides to take him back.

Meanwhile, inside Su Yang's living quarters.

"Xiao Rong, I will be gone for one month. I need you to stay here just in case something happens."

Su Yang said to Xiao Rong, who was casually sleeping on the bed.

"If there are intruders or people who have malicious intentions towards this place, you may kill them."

"Yes, Master."

For an Immortal beast such as Xiao Rong, one month's worth of time was akin to a few minutes, so she didn't have any problem staying here for that long.

After news of the Regional Tournament began to spread within the sect, pretty much every Junior Disciple and a few regular disciples asked for permission to follow them so that they can watch.

And because these disciples would not affect their security at the Profound Blossom Sect, even if they all left, as their low cultivation bases would not make any difference whether they were there or not, Liu Lanzhi agreed to bring them along.

For the next three days, the disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect prepared for their travel.

However, it was not just the Profound Blossom Sect that was preparing for the Regional Tournament, as dozens of Sects all over the Eastern Continent were preparing for this humongous event that may affect the future of their Sect at this moment.

Meanwhile, at the Su Family.

"Su Yin! Please come out! The Heavenly Swan Sect has sent someone here to pick you up for the Regional Tournament!"

Su Xun stood outside Su Yin's room, shouting for her to come out.

Ever since Su Yang's visit, Su Yin has holed herself inside her room. And fueled by her hatred towards Qiuyue, who she still believes to be the cause of Su Yang's change in character, she cultivated like a madman, hoping to attain the power to rescue her beloved elder brother from her.

Sometime later, the door finally opened, and Su Yin slowly walked out of the room.

"Su Yin…"

Su Xun was shocked to see Su Yin's appearance, who looked as though she's been deprived of sleep for many days.

"A-Are you okay?" he unconsciously asked her.

However, when Su Xun suddenly noticed her profound aura, his eyes widened with shock.

"Peak True Spirit Realm!"

Su Xun nearly fell on his butt.

After six months of closed cultivation, Su Yin's cultivation base has skyrocketed from the third level of the True Spirit Realm to the Peak of the True Spirit Realm! The speed at which she progressed was shocking, to say the least!

However, as ecstatic as he was for his daughter's growth, Su Xun couldn't help but worry if Su Yin may have been pushing herself too hard.

"S-Su Yin… Elder Chen is waiting for you in the living room. The Regional Tournament is less than a month away, and she's here to take you to Snowfall City to register."

Su Yin nodded and went to meet up with this Elder Chen.

"Peak True Spirit Realm!"

When Elder Chen saw Su Yin's cultivation base, just like Su Xun, her eyes widened with shock.

Su Yin is only 15 years old, yet she's managed to reach the peak of the True Spirit Realm. Such talent is incredibly rare even within the largest Sects in this continent, and if nurtured properly, her future will be limitless.

"What are we waiting for, Elder Chen? Let's hurry to Snowfall City." Su Yin spoke to her, who was in a daze.


"W-Wait! I am coming, too!"

Just as they were leaving, Su Xun and a few servants appeared behind them, as they planned to be at the Regional Tournament to cheer on Su Yin.

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