Dual Cultivation

Chapter 297 Last Lecture

Chapter 297 Last Lecture

Another two weeks passed since Liu Lanzhi observed Su Yang's lecture with the Junior Disciples.

However, even at the end of the 6th lecture, none of the Junior Disciples managed to awaken Su Yang's vital spot.

"There's only one week left, huh…"

The Junior Disciples felt that such an accomplishment was impossible.

"What do you think, Sister Qi? You are the most experienced with the technique out of all of us. Do you think you have a chance to awaken senior apprentice-brother's vital spot?"

The Junior Disciples turned to look at Qi Yue, their only hopes in defeating Su Yang.

Qi Yue did not immediately answer and pondered for a moment before speaking, "Although I cannot be certain, I feel as though I almost awakened senior apprentice-brother's vital spot today, like a hair width away."

"Then you'll surely awaken it by next week and earn this special reward!"

"I hope so…" Qi Yue sighed, thinking to herself that if she had another month of practice, then she will surely awaken Su Yang's vital spot. However, time was limited and she only has one week before Su Yang's lectures come to an end.

With that being said, despite the slim chances, Qi Yue practiced around the clock for the entire week until it was time for the 7th and final lecture.

One week later.

"Today's lecture will be the last one," said Su Yang as he appeared in the lecture hall.


The Junior Disciples today did not seem excited about this lecture, as this would be their last one.

"Senior apprentice-brother, do you have to stop after today? I want you to continue being our instructor."

One of the Junior Disciples expressed her desire, and other Junior Disciples agreed with her.

Su Yang smiled and said, "To tell you the truth, the only reason I became an instructor in the first place is because the Sect Master had decided to punish me for a mistake I had made. However, even before the punishment, I wanted to leave behind some of my knowledge to you, Junior  Disciples, who will be the future of this place."

Su Yang revealed to them the truth.

However, the Junior Disciples did not seem to care about the circumstances of how he became their instructor. All they wanted right now was for him to continue being one.

"Although I won't be your instructor after today, if you have any questions, feel free to find me. As long as I am still in this place, I will help you."

Su Yang made it sound like he will not be in this place forever, and the Junior Disciples noticed it. However, they did not ask any questions and only nodded.

"Since today is the last day, I will not accept any challenges until the very end of the lecture. And even if you are confident that you won't be able to awaken my vital spot, I want everybody to challenge me."

Su Yang started the lecture a few moments later.

And for the next few hours, Su Yang would give advice to every Junior Disciple individually. After watching them for nearly two months, he has grasped their strengths and weakness as an individual and with the technique, so he knew how to help them improve their techniques along with other things that were not related to cultivation.

After giving all 70 Junior Disciples advice, each with their unique guidance, Su Yang clapped his hand and said, "I want everybody to line up and challenge me."

A few moments later, the Junior Disciples lined up and began using Fingers of Fulfillment on Su Yang. However, knowing that the lecture will end after this last event, none of the Junior Disciples were happy.

A few more hours later, once all but one Junior Disciple has challenged Su Yang, the final disciple to challenge him, Qi Yue, stepped onto the stage.

Of course, none of the Junior Disciples that went before Qi Yue were able to awaken Su Yang's vital spot. However, after seven weeks of practice, all of them managed to at least to see Su Yang's vital spot.

"Are you ready?"

Su Yang asked Qi Yue, who stood behind him with a serious expression.


Su Yang began the timer after seeing Qi Yue nod.

"You may begin."

A second after Su Yang said those words, Qi Yue already found his vital spot and prepared to awaken it.

However, Qi Yue did not immediately try to awaken his vital spot and stood there silently, quietly preparing herself.

After standing still for a few minutes, when her five minutes was almost up, Qi Yue's eyes flickered with a profound light, and she poked Su Yang's vital spot with her finger in a swift and precise movement.


The entire place turned silent, and everybody was watching Su Yang's reaction with wide eyes at this moment.

However, when Su Yang did not show any reaction even many moments later, the Junior Disciples sighed in defeat.

"So we were unable to awaken senior apprentice-brother's vital spot in the end…"

"What a pity…"

"There's nothing we can do about it."

Qi Yue removed her finger from Su Yang's back a moment later, her face filled with disappointment.

She thought that she would surely be able to awaken Su Yang's vital spot after all of her training, but alas, it seems like she has underestimated Su Yang.

As Qi Yue began walking off the stage with a dejected look, Su Yang smiled and spoke, "Although it was only slightly, I felt a tingling sensation in my body."


Qi Yue immediately turned around and stared at him with wide eyes.

"Congratulations on awakening my vital spot."

Su Yang said to her, and continued, "For your reward, as long as I can fulfill it, you may request anything from me."

Slightly dazed by the unexpected result, Qi Yue stood there silently for a moment.

"Umm… then… if it's not too much to ask, can I ask senior apprentice-brother to continue giving us lectures? It doesn't have to be once a week! Even if it's just once a month, I will be happy!"

Su Yang chuckled and said, "Of course, you will request something like that. Not that it's something I did not expect, though. Very well, I will continue giving you guys lectures every week."

Upon hearing this news, the Junior Disciples erupted with excitement and joy.

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