Dual Cultivation

Chapter 294 A World of Pleasure

Chapter 294 A World of Pleasure

Although Qi Yue was unable to awaken his vital spot, Su Yang was slightly impressed by her progress with the Fingers of Fulfillment technique. If he had to compare her to her fellow disciples, she would be a dozen steps ahead of them.

"How do you feel?" he asked her.

"E-Exhausted…" Qi Yue spoke in a low voice.

"That's because you tried to awaken my vital spot forcefully with your Profound Qi." Su Yang shook his head. "That will only drain your energy without any results."

"So who else wants to try?" Su Yang turned to the Junior Disciples and asked with a provoking smile on his face.

"M-Me! I want to try!"

The Junior Disciples there began raising their hands one by one.

Su Yang nodded and allowed these Junior Disciples to challenge him.

However, half an hour later, nobody else besides Qi Yue was able to locate his vital spot, much less awaken it.

That being said, it was not as though they didn't know the location, as Qi Yue had pointed it out before them. However, despite knowing the exact location, they were unable to see the vital spot.

"Even if you know its exact location, if you cannot see it yourself, then there's zero chance of you awakening the vital spot."

Su Yang said to them afterward.

"Anyway, now that everyone here has grasped the basics, I have a question for you. Who here has seen more than one vital spot on a single individual? Raise your hand."

A few moments later, more than half of these Junior Disciples raised their hands.

"Good. Now keep your hands up if you saw more than two vital spots at once."

After he said those words, more than half of those with their hands raised lowered their hands.

"What about three?"

By this point, only three Junior Disciples had their hands in the air.


Upon hearing those words, two of these three Junior Disciples lowered their hands, and only Qi Yue remained with her hands still in the air, something Su Yang had expected before this even started.

"What's the most vital spot you have seen on one person?" he asked her.

"Seven!" Qi Yue answered with a proud voice.

"Good. Then do you know why I am asking you this?"

Qi Yue nodded and said, "I realized that more I understood this technique the more vital spots I was able to see from my partners."

Su Yang nodded and said, "Every human has at least one vital spot, but some people have only one. However, one little secret this technique comes with is that you can 'create' more of these vital spots."

"In fact, if you can master this technique, you will be able to awaken your partner from touching anywhere on their body — even places that are not their vital spots."

Despite saying such words, Su Yang did not have any expectations for any of them to reach such mastery with his Fingers of Fulfillment technique.

"Anyway, we will be doing something different today."

Su Yang retrieved a paper scroll from his storage ring and continued, "Although all of you have already familiarized yourself with the Fingers of Fulfillment technique, it is in fact, only half of the full technique."


The Junior Disciples expressed shock upon hearing his words. They have been cultivating an incomplete technique for the last three weeks?!

"The reason I only gave you half of the technique is simple — the second half is too profound for you to comprehend by yourselves, and it would only overwhelm you — perhaps even make a mess inside of your mind."

The Junior Disciples trembled in fear. They did not expect this technique to be so frightening and profound, as it was neither a combat technique nor anything complicated.

"However, after watching you guys grow for the last month, I can say for certain that you are ready for the second part of the technique — A World of Pleasure!"

"A World of Pleasure…?"

The Junior Disciples unconsciously mumbled the technique's name that carried a mysterious feeling.

"The first part, Fingers of Pleasure, will allow you to pleasure your partner with ease. The second part, A World of Pleasure, will allow you to experience a whole new world with your partner! However, you guys are still too young to use this technique in practice, so I will only give you a taste of this technique in your mind."

Su Yang released the seal on the scroll and opened it.

"All of you sit down in the lotus position and cultivate right now," said Su Yang.

The Junior Disciples immediately sat down and closed their eyes to cultivate.

A few moments later, Su Yang began reading the scroll in his hands, and a mysterious atmosphere quickly appeared around the lecture hall.

As Su Yang continued to read this scroll, images began appearing inside the head of these Junior Disciples.

These images grew more realistic as time passed, and before they were aware, it had become these Junior Disciples' reality, something akin to a realistic dream.

As for what kind of dreams they were having, only the individual dreaming would know, as everyone there was having a dream that was unique to them.

Time passed quickly, and by the time these Junior Disciples began opening their eyes, there were already starry stars flickering in the night sky.

"S-Senior apprentice-brother… that was…"

All of the Junior Disciples looked at him with a flushed face, looking like they'd just experienced something otherworldly and exhausting at the same time.

"Did you enjoy it?" Su Yang asked them with a mysterious smile.

They slowly nodded their heads with a weird expression on their faces.

"That is the kind of world you will be living in once you become an adult, so until then, study hard so that you will not disappoint your partners."

"One more thing…" Su Yang suddenly narrowed his eyes, emitting a menacing aura.

"I forbid all of you to use A World of Pleasure before becoming an adult. If you disobey this rule, I will curse your life so that you will never be able to experience pleasure again. Do you understand?"

The Junior Disciples immediately nod their heads with sweat flying off their faces, as they were terrified by Su Yang's expression.

After seeing them agree, Su Yang's expression returned to normal, and he spoke with a smile, "Then I will see you all again in a week."

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