Dual Cultivation

Chapter 295 Sect Master's Observation

Chapter 295 Sect Master's Observation

Once the Junior Disciples left the lecture hall, they began speaking to each other about their experiences during the lecture.

\"Hey… Sister Qi, you also experienced 'that' during the lecture, right?\"


Qi Yue blushed when her fellow disciple asked.

\"Who was your partner? Was it senior apprentice-brother, too?\"

Qi Yue looked at her with wide eyes and spoke, \"You mean you also did 'that' with senior apprentice-brother in your dream?\"

The disciple nodded, \"It was amazing! I cannot wait to grow up and experience the real thing now!\"

Qi Yue then looked at one of the male disciples and asked them, \"Hey, who was your partner during your dream?\"

The male disciple blushed and did not say a word for a good moment.

Qi Yue frowned and asked another male disciple.

However, it was the same result, as the male disciple refused to answer her question.

This baffled Qi Yue. Why would they refuse to answer such a simple question? Would it shame them for letting people know?

After press the same question to a few more male disciples, Qi Yue finally got an answer.

\"My partner was my childhood friend back at home… I was really surprised to see her in my dream, even doing 'that' with me...\"

Qi Yue decided to ask a few more male disciples the same question and received similar answers.

\"Maybe the partner in our dream is someone we admire…\" Qi Yue came to this conclusion after speaking with many disciples.

The Junior Disciples all went home and continued to cultivate Fingers of Pleasure, as they were forbid to practice A World of Pleasure.




Another week has passed, and it's been a month since Su Yang became an instructor for the Junior Disciples.

\"It's been a month since then, huh… I wonder how they are doing.\"

Liu Lanzhi looked out the window and mumbled to herself.

A moment later, she decided to give Su Yang a visit during his lecture.

Although she does not know what he's been teaching these Junior Disciples, she knew that he would hold a lecture once a week, and today will be his 4th lecture.

Sometime later. Liu Lanzhi left the Yin Yang Pavilion and headed to the lecture hall within the Inner Court.

When the Junior Disciples noticed Liu Lanzhi's presence, they immediately greeted her.

\"Is your instructor not here yet?\" Liu Lanzhi asked them.

\"Senior apprentice-brother should be here any minute now.\"

\"Hmmm…\" Liu Lanzhi pondered for a second before asking them, \"What do you guys think of him as an instructor?\"

The Junior Disciples exchanged glances before speaking simultaneously, \"We love him!\"

Liu Lanzhi was slightly taken aback by their words and said, \"You don't have to lie about it, you know. If you're scared to talk bad about him, I can guarantee you that you will not be in trouble.\"

The Junior Disciples exchanged glances again, looking slightly puzzled. Was the Sect Master hoping that Su Yang would be a bad instructor?

\"We are not lying, Sect Master.\" Qi Yue stepped forward and spoke, \"We really love senior apprentice-brother as an instructor. In fact, he's better than any instructor I have had before!\"

\"Me too! I have learned more from senior apprentice-brother than any other instructors before him!\"

Liu Lanzhi became speechless, as she did not expect these Junior Disciples to hold Su Yang with such high regard. If their previous instructors were here to hear their words, they would surely cry.

\"I… I understand.\"

Liu Lanzhi gave up on trying to find something to complain to Su Yang about and walked to the back of the lecture hall.

\"Do not mind me, I am only here to spectate,\" she said to the Junior Disciples.

A few minutes later, Su Yang appeared in the lecture hall.

\"Sect Master.\"

Su Yang greeted her the moment he saw her slender figure leaning on the wall at the back of the lecture hall.

\"Don't mind me, I am only here to watch. Just carry on like you usually do.\"

Su Yang nodded and continued, \"Before class starts, do I have any challengers?\"

Liu Lanzhi immediately raised an eyebrow. What is he talking about?

\"I want to try again!\"

Qi Yue and a few more Junior Disciples immediately raised their hand.

A few moments later, Qi Yue stood behind Su Yang and stared at his back, which puzzled Liu Lanzhi, who is completely unaware of the situation.

A few moments later, Qi Yue raised her hand to poke Su Yang in the lower back.

Liu Lanzhi, who was very interested in what they were doing, walked next to them and closely inspected their every movement.

However, even after watching for many minutes, Liu Lanzhi did not learn anything and only became even more confused.

\"What on earth are they doing?\"

Liu Lanzhi could see that Qi Yue was focusing her Profound Qi on the finger she was using to poke Su Yang's back, but what purpose does such action serve? She cannot comprehend it.

Five minutes later, Qi Yue removed her finger from Su Yang's back and sighed with a defeated expression.

\"I give up…\"

After Qi Yue left the stage, the next disciple began staring at Su Yang's back, almost like she was obsessed with his back.

However, unlike Qi Yue, this Junior Disciple did not poke Su Yang's back with her finger and left the stage three minutes later.

This situation repeated itself until all of the Junior Disciples on the stage left with a defeated expression.

After all of the Junior Disciples left the stage, Liu Lanzhi asked Su Yang, \"What were you guys doing just now?\"

Su Yang smiled and replied, \"If you cannot figure it out by the end of the lecture, I will tell you.\"

 Liu Lanzhi frowned and said, \"Good! I will accept your challenge!\"

Liu Lanzhi then returned to standing at the back of the lecture hall. However, her gaze was much sharper than before, almost like she was glaring at the entire class, which made the Junior Disciples feel somewhat unpleasant.

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