Dual Cultivation

Chapter 293 Cheating

Chapter 293 Cheating

A week has passed since Su Yang's first lecture, and the Junior Disciples returned for the second lecture without a single one of them missing.

"I want everyone to have a different partner this time," said Su Yang.

The Junior Disciples immediately began looking for a new partner.

Sometime later, once everyone has a partner, Su Yang spoke, "Good. Now repeat what we did last week and prove to me that you have been studying properly."

One minute later, when Su Yang saw that everybody there had their fingers pointed to a specific spot on their partner's back, he nodded in approval.

"Although half of you took longer than half a minute to find your partner's vital spot, I am glad to see this big of an improvement from all of you. With that being said, none of you managed to awaken the vital spot, so you still have much to learn."

A few moments later, the roles switched, and those who poked are now being poked by their partner.

And just like the first group, everybody there managed to find their partner's vital spot.

What's more, there was someone who even managed to awaken their partner's vital spot, causing the Junior Disciple to fall to his knees.

"Senior apprentice-brother, I would like to try and find your vital spot now!"

The Junior Disciple who awakened her partner's vital spot immediately raised her hand after the test ended.

"Very well." Su Yang smiled when he saw the confident expression on Qi Yue's face.

He then proceeded to sit down and continued speaking, "I will give you three minutes to find my vital spot. If you manage to find it within these three minutes, I will give you an additional five minutes to try and awaken it."

"So much time!"

The Junior Disciples gasped.

However, Qi Yue knew that Su Yang had given her this much time only because he's confident that she won't be able to obtain his special reward today.

A few moments later, Qi Yue stood behind Su Yang and focused her eyes on his back.

Fingers of Fulfillment consisted of two techniques — one to see these vital spots and the other to awaken it.




The time limit of three minutes have passed, yet Qi Yue had stood there the entire time without moving a single muscle.

"Why can't I see it? Even though I can see all of my partner's vital spots with ease..." Qi Yue asked him in a mumbling voice, experiencing the taste of defeat in her mouth.

Su Yang smiled and said, "Like cultivation bases and Profound Qi, one can hide it from the view of others if they desire."

Qi Yue's mouth dropped after hearing his explanation.

"B-But that's cheating! How am I supposed to find your vital spot if you purposefully hide it from me?!" Qi Yue expressed this injustice.

Su Yang burst out laughing and said, "Did you think that I would let you find my vital spot and earn my special reward so easily? You are too naive!"


After a moment of silence, Su Yang continued, "However, with that being said, it's not like I am going all out trying to hide my vital spots. As long as you are proficient with the technique to a certain point, you will see it."

After all, if he truly wanted to conceal his vital spots, then nobody on this planet would be able to find them.

"I-Is that so…"

Qi Yue was no longer as depressed after hearing his words, as there was still a chance for them to find his vital spot.

Su Yang then looked at the class and said, "If you want to challenge me, you will have to at least be able to find your partner's vital spots at first glance."

"Anyway, there won't be anything new for today's lecture, so just keep practicing on each other. If you want to challenge me during any time, just say so."

Su Yang sat down on the stage and closed his eyes, removing his presence from the class, and the Junior Disciples proceeded to practice their Fingers of Fulfillment on each other while constantly switching partners for the next hour.

During this hour, a few Junior Disciples have challenged Su Yang, but alas, none of them were able to see his vital spots at the end.

After a few more minutes, Su Yang opened his eyes and dismissed the class until next week.




Time passed quickly, and before they even realized it, it was already time for Su Yang's third lecture to begin.

"Senior apprentice-brother, I would like to try finding your vital spot again!" Qi Yue challenged him the moment he arrived at the lecture hall.

Su Yang did not say anything and only nodded before sitting down.

Qi Yue proceeded to stand behind him and focused her eyes on his back again.

One second, two seconds, ten seconds…

Thirty seconds… one minute… two minutes…

In the last few seconds, before the three minutes were up, Qi Yue's eyes flickered with a profound light, and in the next second, she raised one of her fingers to point at a certain spot on Su Yang's back that was near the center of his lower back.

"I found it! I found your vital spot, senior apprentice-brother!" Qi Yue announced with excitement and a bright smile that was filled with joy on her face.


The Junior Disciples began cheering in excitement for her after witnessing Qi Yue's tremendous growth with the technique.

Su Yang also smiled, and he spoke, "Very good. Now you have five minutes to awaken it."

Qi Yue nodded and returned to her serious face.

She then focused some of her Profound Qi onto the tip of her finger before poking Su Yang's vital spot with her little finger.

One minute… two minutes… three minutes…

Five minutes later, Qi Yue stood there with her body and face full of sweat while taking deep breathes.

"Haaa… Haaa… Haaa…"

No matter how much she tried awakening Su Yang's vital spot, it remained perfectly intact, and it felt like she was trying to break open a steel safe with a wooden hammer.

"Nice try."

Su Yang said to her before standing up to look at her with a mysterious smile on his handsome face.

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